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  1. aardvark101

    105e front spoiler

    Looking for a front spoiler for Keith, is such a thing available these days apart from that awful looking thing from Tom Dribbel ?
  2. aardvark101

    Essex old skool ford meet

    Im in Mark, nice and close for me. I would also like to do some breakfast run outs at the weekends if peeps fancy it
  3. aardvark101

    Cruel Idiots Everywhere

    Not an attack Magpie nest then ?
  4. aardvark101

    Wheel arch roller required

    Cheers dude, can you pm me his number. Thanks Jayne,will take a look
  5. aardvark101

    Photo bucket o' Crap!

    I just deleted my account, F*ck em
  6. aardvark101

    Wheel arch roller required

    Anyone in the Essex area got /can roll a wheel arch lip for me ? Cheers pk
  7. aardvark101

    Wheel arch roller required

    Anyone in the Essex area got /can roll a wheel arch lip for me ? Cheers pk
  8. aardvark101

    Car events - European

    Lol, your not married are you fella
  9. aardvark101

    Car events - European

    Both the Rembrandt and Van Gogh museums have some very nice pieces on show, as does the Red Light area
  10. aardvark101

    Car events - European

    So a stop over in Amsterdam to pick up "spare parts" then on to sunny ? Belgium 2018 Tour de Belgium then ?
  11. aardvark101

    C,mon convince ME

    You are gonna need a lot of dollar to get 200bhp+ na from a zetec, and then it will be nervous as fook. Oh btw ST-170 ENGINES ONLY PUT OUT 150 ISH BRAKE AS STANDARD not 170
  12. aardvark101


    Watched a couple of vids on pootoob, seems like a good idea, its a de carboniser ,only downside i can see is if it removes all that lovely carbon from your pistons you may loose compression. The Rotary guys use it as the coke knackers the tip seals
  13. aardvark101

    Couldn't beat them so I joined them

    Support vehicle for when OSF invades the continent
  14. aardvark101

    Car events - European

    We could have a dry run to the Isle of Wight first
  15. aardvark101

    Car events - European

    "ROAD TRIP" ................................reaches for ear plugs I have relatives in Hungary, they make sick moonshine on the farm, not a word of English tho, probs wouldn't like to breakdown out there