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  1. Thanks everyone for your advice - will give these a try and let you know. Keeping fingers crossed.
  2. I have a 1989 Escort Ghia which has been running beautifully for the past 7 years, then suddenly it died !!! It has had a new carb, coil, plugs leads. It starts up great and goes lovely for the journey, but stop and leave it for 15-20 mins then it has trouble starting and then stalls at every stop. At a loss as to what to try next. Many thanks if you can help.
  3. Hi can anyone help point me in the right direction ? I Urgently need Ford Escort Mk4 speedo drive gear - grateful for any help to get one. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone I Know that this is not one of your real oldies on here but I don't know who else to ask. I have a 1989 Ford Escort Mk.4 1.4 ghia that has been running great for the past 8 years with just the odd but fixable thing going wrong but now seem have a big problem. It suddenly 'died' whilst driving along, left it for an hour or so went back and it started but after 15 mins or so same thing happened and kept happening. Have changed coil, carburettor etc but no joy, does anyone have any suggestions as to the fault, have tried a few carburettors and they seem to have the same fault (is this possible ?) Have run out of ideas and now not able to find another carburettor to try again. It has been in the local garage for 5 weeks and they seem stumped too.
  5. Hi I have just got Insurance with Footman James, apart from the usual questions regarding offenses etc, as long as I or my other drivers were over 25 with clean licenses they were put on for free (changes later incurred an admin fee of £20). You had to belong to a car club though for the cheaper price - Old Skool Ford unfortunately is not one of them. There are a few out there for a small fee of £10 per year up to £73 per year for the Porsche owners club. So which ever one you choose to make it worth your while. Jan.
  6. Hi, I am a New Essex Girl Member, and have just become a proud owner of a lovely Aged 1989 Ford Escort Ghia. The Previous owner/ 's had changed the battery at some time etc, but the code for the radio had been lost in the mists of time... Is there a 'computer bank' somewhere that keeps lists of such codes that old - and what would they charge to give the information ? Any help greatly appreciated. Jan Loves Fords X
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