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  1. Hi can anyone help point me in the right direction ? I Urgently need Ford Escort Mk4 speedo drive gear - grateful for any help to get one. Thanks.
  2. Hi I have just got Insurance with Footman James, apart from the usual questions regarding offenses etc, as long as I or my other drivers were over 25 with clean licenses they were put on for free (changes later incurred an admin fee of £20). You had to belong to a car club though for the cheaper price - Old Skool Ford unfortunately is not one of them. There are a few out there for a small fee of £10 per year up to £73 per year for the Porsche owners club. So which ever one you choose to make it worth your while. Jan.
  3. Hi, I am a New Essex Girl Member, and have just become a proud owner of a lovely Aged 1989 Ford Escort Ghia. The Previous owner/ 's had changed the battery at some time etc, but the code for the radio had been lost in the mists of time... Is there a 'computer bank' somewhere that keeps lists of such codes that old - and what would they charge to give the information ? Any help greatly appreciated. Jan Loves Fords X
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