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  1. yeah right. Whose the guru Seems to me osf has turned into a religion where "the lower the better" is a hymn.
  2. Genius,why didnt anyone else think of that.Put so much thought into building a car that you dont actually modify it at all.Then sit back with a smug grin & criticise all the "wanabees " because you apparently know better oooo silly me, you need to slam it to show off how much time you spent
  3. I did the silly mistake of buying gasless. They are good when its windy coz then you wont breate the carcinogenic smoke from them. But otherwise its crap coz you cant see the weld and it burns holes in the metal a lot easier. And as mentioned it costs three times more than normal wlding wire. (and you need a lot more of it coz you waste a lot more coz its more difficult to use)
  4. am i the only one pragmatic enough to keep the standard height? Dont have to worry about pot holes, tram rails poking out of the cobblestones, frozen snow banks, speedbumps. Or least but not last avoid to be laughed at by people who associate slammed cars with wannabe hotrodders
  5. little old laydies usually manage without too many chavtastic mods
  6. gearbox from any 5 speed ohc or cvh sierra (not mk3 granada which has electric speedo) escort auto propshaft and clutch disc with splines that sut the box and diam that suits the fly wheel
  7. does the 1300 have enogh torque to turn the cogs in 5th?
  8. youll have to buy one sooner or later anyway.
  9. your swedish knowledge impresses me. "billiga lortbilar" means literally "cheap shit cars"
  10. wonder which of todays mods we will laugh at in 25 years
  11. you can get magnets to stick to the end of the oil filter as well
  12. http://www.siipicossu.com/manuaaleja/Mk ... MANUAL.pdf
  13. dont the escorts sold in france come with the export shell? Then all you need is the two link on the rear axle and the bulk head gusset boxes. The strut top strengthening is already there
  14. and tell all the posts to stay away from the capper?
  15. yank engines from the 80s are usually sluggish coz they had stricter emission laws than on our side of the pond. I think they had to make them low compression to keep the NOx down, so a standard 2.3 had about 80 hp
  16. Guess you need the bumper if you live in a neighbourhood with aggressive lamp posts. When the bumper is satin black and made of steel there wont be much downside in welding it? Unless you heat it too much so it warps
  17. the german and english v4 engines are not the same. Germans are four cyl versions of the cologne up to 1700 cc and the english are 4 cyl versions of the essex up to 2000cc. The 2 litre cologne is v6
  18. guess 19 is their offset and 11 79 is the month they were casted
  19. worried higher prices will tempt the pikeys to steal old skool fords and flog them in bits on ebay. good thing with higher osf prices if it motivates people to take better care of them
  20. its possible to mod an of the shelf system for a sedan to fit an estate. All you need is to weld in a bend behind the rear axle and turn the back box on its side. If you are less lazy than me you straighten out the end that will point downwards after you have turned it so it looks better
  21. a bitt odd that the 1600 ghia is heavier than an rs2000 when the pinto weighs a tonne
  22. that makes sense, 5 kg more than the four door and 35 more than the 2 door for both the 11 and 1300
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