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  1. Cash reward for anyone who tells me where the car is. No money paid until I get the car back as I know there will be lots of chancers out there. 07949494606 mike
  2. Need a GOOD mk3 capri shell with doors and bonnet and tailgate. Doesn't have to be rolling. As close to aveley Essex as possible
  3. Need a solid mk3 capri shell, doesn't have to be rolling but needs good doors and bonnet and tailgate. As close to aveley Essex as possible to save on collection fees thanks
  4. Don't care who owned it, wouldn't pay that much.. But it is rather sexy.
  5. Why do they have a stand there, are they claiming money for charity or anything?
  6. Getting a 10" revotec electric fan. I have enough room for both the slimline and the thicker version. Which would you go for? The thicker is supposed to be more powerful but will it be noticeable?
  7. As if a skeleton key is readily available. You really think fords would sell such a thing??
  8. What are the black ones they look great but could be a part of super flex
  9. Sierra, got one of those ends in my garden
  10. Not sure what they are off, black plastic rectangle shape grilled with ford stocked in centre, bought as nos for capri but changed my mind. Aveley Essex £50
  11. If its for a carb engine I have a laser tank sitting waiting to be exchanged for money's. £20 and you have the lot Aveley essex
  12. http://www.capripower.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/34093-atlas-fitted-with-3j-lsd-and-new-41-cwp/page__pid__332928&do=findComment&comment=332928 Could be completely wrong, is atb an lsd?
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