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  1. eeb43

    Struttin' what model?

    easy to change though
  2. eeb43

    Struttin' what model?

    yes the early disc and drum mk1 bolt on arm has the hole centres closer together
  3. eeb43

    Struttin' what model?

    early mk1 escort had bolt on arms but different bolt pattern to capri type so they are mk1 or 2 escort the mk2 has a bigger hole for the tre taper to go through
  4. eeb43

    wheres col?

    did wonder if you had a vauxhall leaking water!!!
  5. eeb43

    wheres col?

    has someone upset him???????
  6. eeb43

    Four door to two door mk1 escort

    only 10 years out of date col!!!!!!!!! anyone would think you had a vauxhall engine!
  7. eeb43

    Four door to two door mk1 escort

    nope! 90% of them would be broken for bits as they have no hope of passing iva to get a q plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. eeb43

    Four door to two door mk1 escort

    dont have to be road legal then?
  9. eeb43

    Four door to two door mk1 escort

    good luck getting that on the road!
  10. eeb43

    1300 OR 1600 Gearbox?

    2nd gear is the easiest way to check mark both ends standard is about 2.3-1 close ratio is a bit less
  11. eeb43


    built another 1 23x25 thats got just about enough room to work in and am in the process of building another 1 30x30 feet not metres!
  12. eeb43


    yes 5.5 x 13
  13. eeb43


    bought a set of these last weekend
  14. eeb43


    garage is a bit full!!!!!!!
  15. eeb43


    a few sets yes