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  1. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    got a noose in my van if you need it????????????
  2. i need a falcon sports or caribbean ive already got an ashley a couple of rochdales and an eb60
  3. pair of quarter bumpers here £75 tomorrow if i remember
  4. builds some race cars and the escort rsr some with v8 bike engines some cozzy he sells the escort glass shells dont know if he makes them though hes at littleport
  5. pair of quarter bumpers here £75
  6. however! colin chapman said on a lotus the glass body holds the 5 point id not the chassis thats how people have go round using aftermarket spyder chassis
  7. but what the hell are they going to register it as? cant use the lotus id!
  8. didnt see col but did see the steam engine going round!
  9. ive got 2 or 3 sets of cosmics and they all have cosmic cast onto them
  10. you missed the mondeo????????? lol
  11. dont know about now but you were allowed 1 refurbished item engine gearbox diff but only 1 of them and could get a brand new reg
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