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  1. rocket box as in 2 litre cortina or cast iron 3 litre box?
  2. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    several of them were built not just 1
  3. looks like im going to have to try buying it! lol
  4. thats basically what i told him i offered 5k on his description without wanting to see it he nearly fell over and he honestly didnt realise it was worth much
  5. from my mates description pretty much perfect everywhere! he can buy it right! lol but how rare are black ones? he may want to keep it but its not my cup of tea
  6. ok just been told about this its a barnfind still in the barn got 38k on the speedo been stored since the early 80s when the owner died his mum is now having the place cleared and the asbestos sheds taken away and this is in 1 of them its as good as it should be with that mileage ball park figure whats it worth realistically? how many were black? thanks
  7. xj220 was supposed to be a 4wd supercar but ended up with a metro engine in it!
  8. its pretending to be a vauxhall
  9. they had to make something that works after the crap engines they produce!
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