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  1. eeb43


    up to yet none have moved on 4 wheels apart from a beetle back vanguard and that come out on its rims with the tyres fallen off
  2. eeb43


    bit late they already full! not much there worth keeping unfortunately
  3. eeb43


    no helping someone clear a yard 2 miles away nothing fresh been put in there for at least 30 years! i had 7 0r 8 from there about 6 years ago
  4. eeb43

    Hands Up!

    what about your car lights??????
  5. eeb43

    Hands Up!

    have you tried getting calcium carbide recently???????? lol
  6. eeb43

    Hands Up!

    a sandwich with bicarbonate of soda thrown to a seagull is also quite effective!
  7. eeb43

    Corona virus

    my thoughts exactly its going to hit sooner or later so get it over and done with
  8. mk3 did have metal bumpers!
  9. eeb43

    Corona virus

    glad im retired
  10. bought this during the week anyone know how old it is? im assuming 60s
  11. lots of good stuff there quite alot overpriced but i hopefully got a few bargains
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