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  1. ok can you measure the inlets please for an accurate length and a side shot to give us an idea of angle please? and pics of the engine without head
  2. how long are they? and did you sell the engine?
  3. trev

    dont suppose you still have the air planishing kit you had up for sale last year .. cheers trev 

    1. eeb43


      no sorry gone

    2. trev


      ah cheers for reply 

  4. how can you tell from that pic that its a 4 not a 2 seater?
  5. can i have the lotus elite and the mk3 please???
  6. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    it wont be going on the road legally so is track use only!
  7. school playmats are better and sparks dont set light to them!
  8. eeb43


    the rusty black thing to the right is!
  9. eeb43


    lol floor is mostly done front chassis halfway there worst bits are where other people have put patches on over everything
  10. eeb43


    bought it off ebay last year was supposed to be reasonably good
  11. eeb43


    definately an anglia
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