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  1. everytime i get rid of anything i see something else i want!
  2. i dont have a problem! i like being a collector!
  3. all that wasted space! you need to buy more cars!
  4. that must have looked strange!
  5. thought so lol hes not far from me i sell him a few bits
  6. that building is an old eastern counties bus garage built to take 6 double deckers and someone has filled it up with a collection! not a hoard!
  7. looks good just 1 question! you have solid mounted the rear of the diff but the front is in the cradle which is poly bushed any reason why the rear is solid?
  8. shp sonny howard preperations at littleport they make the rsr bodies
  9. never could get the hang of pedaling it without someone pushing it to start
  10. some stuff is for sale but not everything! pedal car is my first car and it was old when i got it! michelin sign is from my grandads garage ive got a pic of that from the 50s
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