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  1. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    you just leave a poxhall ticking over so the anti freeze melts it!
  2. plastic/composite spacer between the carb and inlet manifold helps stop the petrol in the carb evaporating/getting hot when the engine is stopped
  3. down on compression and it would be a low compression engine anyway
  4. i live in the fens a high flood risk area so no floods here we have ditches and rivers to take it away and a lack of poxhalls helps
  5. need a ditch for all the water to run away though!
  6. for zetec conversion has side rails but no oil pick up, bolt holes have been enlarged ready £100
  7. their best 1 iis pull the wings off a dove!
  8. what you mean like take it out the back of my car!!!!!
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