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  1. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    ok! lol
  2. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    dont start on col! its my turn to
  3. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    will have alloy wheels and a cat!
  4. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    hes a scrapman he pays whatever the retail price of scrap is at the time! about £65 a tonne at the moment!
  5. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    i know a man that would buy that and pay full retail money for it
  6. eeb43

    Anglia Van for restoration

    have been asked if i would like to view the van tomorrow
  7. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    got a few airguns and air pistols! well about a 100!!!!!!!! lol
  8. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    shotguns???? me too
  9. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    they are a gentlemans car for when he goes out shooting grouse on the estate just sit in the rear with shotgun ready
  10. eeb43

    Pinto Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

    lots didnt have them from new
  11. eeb43

    Pinto Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

    gaskets on a pinto exhaust manifold!!!!!!!!!!
  12. eeb43


    dont listen to col he will have you believing in fairy tales and v auxhall engines!
  13. eeb43

    ??????? 711m 1600 crossflow block

    it does to me but i have never seen it before
  14. acquired a 711m engine with lots of fancy stuff dry sump etc but on the drivers side where the mount goes its got this? never seen anything like it before? any cluse as to what it signifies?