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  1. eeb43


    dont listen to col he will have you believing in fairy tales and v auxhall engines!
  2. eeb43

    ??????? 711m 1600 crossflow block

    it does to me but i have never seen it before
  3. acquired a 711m engine with lots of fancy stuff dry sump etc but on the drivers side where the mount goes its got this? never seen anything like it before? any cluse as to what it signifies?
  4. eeb43

    Ford parts price surprise !!!!

    well if you will buy french shit!
  5. eeb43


    normal mot tester confusion then! clear as mud! lol
  6. eeb43


    think the hid? are now banned as retro fitment?
  7. eeb43

    Rear discs

    i will try but granada cosworth rear discs are no longer available at all i had to get granada mk3 estate vented rears to use on a mustang axle conversion a few months ago and they are now no longer available so i doubt the escort drums are unless someone has had a batch made recently
  8. eeb43

    Rear discs

    your middle 1 is the same as mk2 lotus/1600e/gt
  9. eeb43

    Rear discs

    cant find them on ebay only 1 9" drum on there
  10. eeb43

    Rear discs

    yes mk2 nos will need cleaning/dipping whatever £50 the pair you need to measuer the width of your shoes though as these maybe capri only i can try them on an escort axle with big brakes
  11. eeb43

    Rear discs

  12. eeb43

    1600 711m crossflow

    just a standard escort box i think i will check the ratios though
  13. just removed from a kitcar good standard engine with rear bowl sump £500
  14. been blasted and painted has all new 9" brakes arb is poly bushed to axle and new wheel bearings complete apart from diff £300 ono
  15. eeb43

    for marcel anglia 58

    ok no problem thought i would offer you it before i advertise it