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  1. no its about 50% bigger than a quantum 3.0 v6 rwd
  2. looks ok to me
  3. eeb43


  4. eeb43


    is it ok to moan about col and poxall engines though????????????
  5. nice never been cracked or welded £200
  6. ok just a thought! its just something that does happen
  7. his ebay seller name is hurnleft
  8. i had 1 here that i had taken the flywheel off of and screwed the bolts back in to stop the oil coming out! engine only turns a bit when you do that! have you taken the flywheel off?
  9. before you go any further take the flywheel bolts out!
  10. bob pike had some on fb hes at norwich
  11. eeb43

    wheres col?

    not seen him on here for a while is he ok?
  12. whatever else you do dont mention the v word on here as it gets col all hot and bothered!
  13. not worth the agro it will mean passing an iva test at nearly £500 and its not at all straight forward
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