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  1. my blue gm vehicle was made at the defiance of poxall!!!!!
  2. just need to make sure its got a big hole in the roof ant that the doors stay firmly shut!
  3. its bluecol coolant col its what vauxhall engines have in their sumps!
  4. eeb43

    Ford KA problem

    if you buy a fiat you should expect problems!
  5. a set sold on ebay last week for nearly a grand
  6. looks the same its from a swedish lefty mk1 cortina
  7. the switch bit should be generic to other fords? if not i may have 1
  8. what part/year code is on it?
  9. must be fitted to more than 1 thing col?
  10. i have got a 691m never seen a 691f? but i have got some 681f
  11. what about the 2733 and the 2737 blocks! also most stuff built as a lotus engine from the factory had the first 4 digits ground off and the engine number stamped there
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