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  1. ok my be able to get away next weekend for a look where in essex is it?
  2. eeb43

    Just plain wrong!

    perfection destroyed! perfection destroyed!
  3. has some small dents £300
  4. I have 2 but neither is just bare casting, both are flat not pocketed..

    One is a big Valve Head complete with valves that has been ported and polished.

    The other is off a 1600 sport and that is complete with valves, springs rockershaft, rocker cover & pushrods.

  5. escort shell on an unaltered tvr chassis and running should use the tvr id
  6. conversion plate clutch arm etc are available someone on the fenland old skool site on fb does them alex butcher i believe
  7. ok price? i didnt realise the woody version was made that late?
  8. not concours!!!!
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