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  1. no idea it came from france a couple of years ago and not used it was on ebay a couple of weeks ago and it was sensible money so i bought it! its got 2 sunroofs in it as well
  2. its a turd throw it away and fit a weber
  3. target practice for the royal navy
  4. have heard of ax blocks at 1k
  5. 831c would suggest 1983 onwards
  6. lovechild of kermit and miss piggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. biggest problem is mounting the rear axle without cutting and altering the chassis
  8. thats ok as pistons are oval so hopefully will be the right shape overall!!!!!!!!!!
  9. transit pinto has a conversion plate on it to bolt it to a much bigger bellhousing
  10. easy they have a big plate bolted to the bock as a conversion plate for either mt75 box or skeleton type 9 bellhousing
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