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  1. Guys are we next to the grandstand again tomorrow ? Thanks Paul
  2. Tickets and stand pass sorted . Can't wait. Not camping though. I need sleep .
  3. Wanted rear diff for english axle. Running st170 not sure whats best ratio. Must be good condition. Thanks Paul
  4. Interested. Will this fit my mk2 escort no servo? Thanks Paul
  5. Wanted mk2 escort 4dr b & c pillar trims in black please. Anybody got anything hidden away. Thanks Paul
  6. Wanted mk2 escort rear seat for 4 door car if that makes a difference. Black vinyl prefered. Thanks Paul
  7. Cant see anything about this years drag challenge. Am i missing something. Thanks Paul
  8. No specific budget. Totally dependant on car.
  9. Looking to get back into the escorts . Part ex my 107e plus cash or cash only. Sorted 4 door prefered as budget wont stretch to a 2 door but who knows. What you got.
  10. Wanted Shorrock Supercharger and ancillary parts. For pre crossflow engine. Thanks Paul
  11. I'm sure Roy Nunn sells all these on line (ebay) new or refurb ed.
  12. Wanted pre crossflow 1500 engine, or complete bottom end. Need all head components but not nessesarrily head. Thanks Paul
  13. As above rear leaf springs for 100e 107e any condition considered. As close to Dudley West Midlands as possible. All I need is the top two longest leafs. Thanks Paul
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