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  1. Guys im building a st170 head keeping the vvt with throttle bodies headwork and cat cams. Can i assembly myself? Cams supposedly work with the oem springs and followers. Was told i need to do a dry build. Anybody talk me through it please? Thanks Paul Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. Hi guys Im running a standard st170 on bike carbs with Nodiz pro and vvt. Would anybody be willing to send me any maps they may have. Thanks Paul Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. My car came with the droopy aftermarket wing mirrors. So have been looking for some origins. Managed to pick up a nos drivers side and a good used passenger side from classic ford show last week. Got Some correct spacers from escort tech and waa ready to go. Fitted the drivers side one today and its bloody droopy too. Not got a clue what to do next any suggestions. Drivers side nos / passenger side reproduction.
  4. Guys just bought this off ebay. Specifically advertised as Rs / Mexico gearstick. Just been told its standard. How can i tell either way? Thanks Paul
  5. Guys are we next to the grandstand again tomorrow ? Thanks Paul
  6. Does anybody know who supplies the best front and rear screen rubbers ?
  7. Solid ones it is then lol. Thanks for the information.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Are the rs solid ones better? Harder to fit? Etc... Thanks Paul
  9. Guys What windscreen rubbers do i need ? Are 2 dr the same as 4 door? And can i use solid Rs type? Thanks Paul
  10. Tickets and stand pass sorted . Can't wait. Not camping though. I need sleep .
  11. Guys ive taken the axle off . Its got single leaf springs and 40mm lowering blocks as the axle seemed to roll under heavy acceleration/ deceleration.
  12. Guys Im removing my rear axle and fitting a new diff. Any tips for half shaft removal and axle positioning when refitting. Thanks Paul
  13. Wanted rear diff for english axle. Running st170 not sure whats best ratio. Must be good condition. Thanks Paul
  14. Interested. Will this fit my mk2 escort no servo? Thanks Paul
  15. Guys Ive bought some inner window seals for my mk2 4dr and some clips from east Kent supplies. Have i bought the correct ones. Cant seem to get them to fit. Any tips
  16. Guys please help. St170 engine with type 9 and single piece prop. If i drop the accelerator fast or release the accelerator quickly i get a knock from the rear end . I was convinced it was the exhaust but its fitted really solid. Could it be diff backlash. Thanks Paul
  17. Wanted mk2 escort 4dr b & c pillar trims in black please. Anybody got anything hidden away. Thanks Paul
  18. Wanted mk2 escort rear seat for 4 door car if that makes a difference. Black vinyl prefered. Thanks Paul
  19. Cant see anything about this years drag challenge. Am i missing something. Thanks Paul
  20. No specific budget. Totally dependant on car.
  21. Looking to get back into the escorts . Part ex my 107e plus cash or cash only. Sorted 4 door prefered as budget wont stretch to a 2 door but who knows. What you got.
  22. Wanted Shorrock Supercharger and ancillary parts. For pre crossflow engine. Thanks Paul
  23. Well lapped and trial fitted my first inlet valve to my head. Filled the port with penetration fluid to see if it would leak. No fluid leaked from the valve but was losing fluid from the valve stem oil seal. Brand new valves , seals, springs etc... any suggestions????
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