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  1. Hi looking for pinto engine 160+bhp Anyone? Cheers
  2. Hi as above looking for nice spec pinto engine Cheers
  3. Hi as above looking for good spec pinto 160bhp plus idealy 170 -180 Or xflow 1700 bottom end inc pistons cam etc suitable for 150 bhp i have stage 4 race head webers etc or complete engine. Cheers
  4. Hi iv got a mechanical noise coming from 1700 xflow could it be twin timing chain catching if so any ideas as to what it would sound like? Cheers
  5. Put gearstick in the other way round as others say.
  6. Plus the noise not there when just revving or when set up on rolling rd just under load
  7. Hi yes pistons pocketed no prob there.cheers
  8. How loud is 244 cam.i have 1700 xflow 1300 pistons.full race ported head with biggest valves possible.steel rocker gear.twin 40s and 244 cam.it is v loud when comes on cam on throttle.you cant hear induction noise just this racket(best way to describe) iv been told could be the exhaust manifold ( stainless 4 into 1)amplifying sound also bolts keep loosening on manifold. Iv tried bolts with brass nuts.and cap bolts with alen key.any info appreciated.cheers
  9. Right i have 1700 xflow 1300 pistons stage 4 big valve head 244cam steel rocker gear.problem i have is the stainless manifold was custom made its 4 into 1 and under hard acceleration its very loud.not the exhaust just manifold.would wrapping manifold dull the sound at all.any advice/experiences welcome.cheers
  10. Hi all my mexico was regestered 2nd aug 1976 trying to find out if i can get free tax now.looked at various sites and cant get clear up to date indication!! Any help please Cheers
  11. Thats scam theres to many on ebay do people really fall for these.there just after deposit to secure it say £100 butoff a rew people it mounts up.fake feedback as well you can get feedback falsly if you no how
  12. Hi jbs revo 13x7 -7offset lowered 2" 175 50 just cleared rear arch now got 165 stretched on my mex Cheers
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