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  1. Like every thing these days its all weaker due to enviroment nothing is as strong as it was.nitromors used to do the job and would take your skin off.now you can wash your hands with it
  2. The probs with width of tyres.iv got 7j superlites on my mexico but with 175 tyres.185s just catch on offside rear
  3. Looks kool m8 what engines in it
  4. Kool looking car looks nice and clean.im only round corner from you in doseley(yellow mexico) hope to see you about
  5. Kool il takeblook at newton ones
  6. Im sure they all just guess lol >
  7. Hey guys anyone got or know of where to get mats for mk2 escort that are the correct shape and fit properly.all ones iv seen or tried the passenger side fits but drivers kink abit on the curve in front of accelerator pedal? Cheers
  8. Dont even mention the prices of rs2000 group1 airboxs lol seen rough ones make £1500.stupid
  9. The one where there all multi millionaires
  10. My first car was a mk1 gt in 1974 i love them id sell my mex for a mint one any day of the week.welcome back look forward to watching the progress
  11. Lightened and balanced pinto flywheel 5 kilo.less than 20 miles.£100 delivered
  12. 3 piece 215mm done less than 20 miles. bearing not used £60 delivered
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