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  1. For me would be replica of my first car mk1 gt bubble arched cortina in maroon with silver stripe
  2. Yer he said they wanted to cut a lot of the repair side( which is the best part) show more of brewer poncing around
  3. After spending time with ed he certainly knows his cars/ mechanics but he is a big bugger lol nice guy
  4. You keeping the vynal roof? was not a big lover but i think it looks good on mk2 and red
  5. Welcome m8 had 2 mk1s and red mk2 and against the trend non were stolen the first mk1 written off tho thanks to lorry up the arse
  6. Brewers a knob.my mexico was footman james official showcar on the last manchester event city classic car show where ed china was guest of honour just after he left wheeler dealers.i was talking to him whole weekend and brewer was one of the topics lol
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