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  1. Cheers.think il prob go for sportex as half price of ashley
  2. Cheers guys just wondering if worth paying double for the ashley i suspect there same "quality"
  3. Hi i know these are not considered the best quality and fitment etc but im looking to get my mk2 mex back on the road after pinto swap. Just need need cheep system til i get stainless.so for the identical left hand exit twin box 2 inch.sportex is £92 and ashley £169 any opinions guys.cheers
  4. Bestek electronic ignition.sport coil. power amp all wiring and instructions for xflow/pinto etc no dizzy £70 free delivery Its on ebay £80 Cheers
  5. Yes around 5k tops iv seen a few round here 3 to 4k like been said dont have big following
  6. Understand that bit if showing symptons but as above if neg on day of test what about day or week later you could catch it
  7. Am i being thick but i dont get why they rave on about testing for covid as surely you would need testing every day! you could be tested negitive today but catch it tomorrow or day after.........
  8. Anyone selling exhaust mk2 escort preferably pinto?
  9. Idf carbs always look better in my opinion had some on my 1700 xflow people always made point of how good they look
  10. Two pack is way to go do it once and forget it
  11. Will be ringed. Vin and plates put on a donar car
  12. Painterman

    Hands Up!

    Iv seen "dealers" hanging round streets selling shots of calpol lol
  13. I recon the russians put this virus in china to start it off because there highly populated and would spread quick. I think we have had it here since around nov time but was just passed on as seasonal cold/flu.just need let it run through system and carry on with life
  14. I to work in peoples houses so as long as they dont mind im going to work as well as its case of having to
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