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  1. Will be ringed. Vin and plates put on a donar car
  2. Painterman

    Hands Up!

    Iv seen "dealers" hanging round streets selling shots of calpol lol
  3. I recon the russians put this virus in china to start it off because there highly populated and would spread quick. I think we have had it here since around nov time but was just passed on as seasonal cold/flu.just need let it run through system and carry on with life
  4. I to work in peoples houses so as long as they dont mind im going to work as well as its case of having to
  5. Ok so hows this going to effect you? Im self employed like lots of other people and the knock on effect is going to change a lot of peoples lives etc.
  6. Hi got manual for tuning and rebuilding xflow engine used but in v good condition these are selling for £75 upwards on ebay but looking for £40 delivered
  7. Anyone had any experience of this company as i find there customer service appaling.dont answer emails.phone calls etc
  8. Cheers.trying to stay away from original cast.i think most of the cheeper manifolds fit past servo just the better ones.simpson.tony law.hpe. etc take to much room
  9. Hi not sure if any good for escort.a picture would be good tho.cheers
  10. Cheers i know alot of manifolds wont clear servo.prob going to have cheepo sportex or the like.im swaping from race xflow to pinto in my mexico which it should have
  11. Lol. What modification would be needed.also would it clear servo tower
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