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  1. its fixable definitely, just needs a loving owner to repair it lol.....
  2. we should do an area osf help post... like im in margate so could move anything in s/e kent etc...
  3. where are you in croydon, my gf lives in addington, im in margate myself but just so happen to have a recovery truck that i could pop up in one weekend. Just a thought if you get stuck...
  4. hello mate, a pal of mine used woodburner matt black from the range on his bike exhausts (after doing his woodburner lol), about 6 quid a can. Still look ok, like was said above do it in light coats.
  5. mines in the same place its been for most of this year, currently undergoing a full rebuild starting at the back and working forward, topsides not too bad so detailing underside then painting enginebay and building my 2.1 pinto with twin 45's four speed tran x straight cut box and 2.8i lsd axle.... http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p205 ... C00805.jpg
  6. Thanks mate, i will, ive just ordered a set of superflex bushes so the tca's will have to wait till next month as im overhauling the back end at the mo.
  7. Rear shoes are 55mm (2 1/8in.) wide by 180mm (7 1/8in.), thats the size of the friction material.
  8. thanks mate, just loloked on rally design and they are a bit cheaper! , plus they are just down the road from me really so ill probs get them from there. do you know if the bolt and spacers come in the kit? cheers again jason..
  9. oh yes didnt think of that, it is mainly going to be a road car but with a tuned 2.1 on 45s. without the inner rubber does it make it uncomfortable to drive etc, or just a bit more like you say harsh but useable lol.
  10. well done matey, looks and interesting project, lovely looking car, I always fancied a sit up and beg pop to hotrod, but never got round to it.......yet lol. get a resto thread going plus you'll find loads of useful tips on here!!
  11. Just browsing gaybay and came across these, do you think they are any good, and do they not need the inner bush as they have a rose joint on the end?? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk1-Mk2-Escor ... 8306324%26
  12. im gonna go and measure them this afternoon and also measure up for my polybushes, thanks for getting back ill plonk ther size on here tonight....
  13. Im currently building up my LSD capri rear axle, and wondered if there were any uprated rear shoes available for the 2.8i rear axle, im sure i saw some years ago somewhere but too longs passed and ive forgotten where lol if anyone can recommend any good ones would appreciate, thanks all Jason...
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