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  1. Not needing them in a hurry but just wanted confirmation that they will be getting sent as I have paid by PayPal already. I have also bought from Motorsport Tools and service was excellent.
  2. Just read your thread from start to end and impressed with your attitude and taking advice when it’s given. i also have the chrome trim around my car and have toyed with the idea of removing it but decided not to, keep it original and also a bit different. Keep up the great posts as it’s great to see someone who is a bit green as there are heaps of experts around who amaze me in what they produce.
  3. Oh dear. What a pain. I can only wait now and see what happens. I will no doubt have the quarter bumpers sitting and no brackets for a while. Will update much later no doubt.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I realise that they will probably take a bit more time due to both location and Covid. What I was trying to get was a confirmation that he has been paid and the items will be sent. another strange thing was, I placed my order and then noticed I could register with the seller. I then did this and when I look at my account, then orders, it states that I haven’t made any?? I will update later with a conclusion.
  5. Did this issue get sorted? If so how and if not what is the current status? i ask because I have bought the same brackets and bolt kit for my Escort and although it hasn’t been that long I just would like confirmation that the items will be sent. I am in Australia and paid via PayPal. I have contacted Trevor in several ways without reply and only seen this post when I started to look online for issues. any update would be appreciated.
  6. I can assure everyone that this is one that won’t be getting modified in any way that can’t be put back to original spec easily. The car comes with it’s original wheels and matching numbers motor. The one in it is a 711 block which has been balanced and has the original 1300 head on it with a Webber carb, A bit of a cam, headers and exhaust fabricated to suit and radiator renewed. It also has central locking linked to an immobiliser and alarm. All the brakes, fuel lines and suspension have all been replaced due to their age. There was a modern head unit with CD changer and speakers in a
  7. G’day All, Just managed to buy this Mk1 Escort. Car being transported from Adelaide and should be with me in Geelong, south west of Melbourne by next Wednesday. Two owner car, last owner 20 years. Steve
  8. Thanks guys, Will not be getting a Holden engine. I am in Geelong, Victoria, south west of Melbourne.
  9. Hi All, been a member for a number of years now. Sold my Mk1 Capri a while back but after a long, long search I am finally back this time in a Mk1 Escort. Steve
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