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  1. From what I remember A1 is tarmac. Sure google earth will confirm
  2. Ha ha ha ha. Wouldn't want to get those gravel/mud tyres all muddy..... Think it's more to do with trailers blocking access to other stands.
  3. Message to all trailer queens from Combe ......... If you are bringing your car to the show on a trailer or have oversized vehicles that won’t fit on your pitch please; GO DIRECTLY TO THE GREY ENTRANCE GATE You will then be directed to the trailer park Please UNLOAD your car(s) and drive them to your pitch (as shown on your vehicle pass) on the Circuit’s internal road The trailer park is accessible throughout the day should you need to get to it. We thank you in advance for your co-operation Kind regards Katie Slade (Nee Howell)
  4. You should all be receiving your stand passes shortly. Mine came today. Stand A 1
  5. Wait till I start my estate..... this thread will be full of pics of bodged repairs
  6. Club bookings are now closed. We have 7 booked in. See you all there.
  7. I hope so. Thought I fixed it the first time though. Could be a problem in the loom that I havnt found yet.
  8. I'd love to do this. Sadly I dont have the confidence in my car at the mo. Maybe my balls will grow and i will have a go next year 😄
  9. I have been down there but hes a little too far to just pop in.
  10. Hes a one man band set up i believe and can be very difficult to pin down. I'm sure he will sort this out but getting hold of him may be an issue. @meXEco are you still local to him?
  11. Mine got to 99.7Bhp at the fly after it was rebuilt. He told me it was ok to tell people it made 100 ha ha ha. Mines got +40 pistons, standard crack and rods, 234 Kent cam, twin Weber 40's and 4 branch manifold. Before it was rebuilt I had it done with a twin choke Weber carb and it made 87 if I remember right but that was at the axle not the fly
  12. Bookings for club stands end tomorrow at 5pm. I wont be able to get you on the stand after this.
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