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  1. I put the original battery back in and no joy when we first had the problem. Then tried another new battery and no joy. Really reluctant to swap the spare battery until the other one works. A locksmith has said the key may now be broken as this shouldn't happen. New key is 150. Vospers quoted her 114£ per key so 228 pounds for both keys 🙈
  2. Help...... The wifes mondeo is keyless, Well it's got a fob thing and a key in it but its one of these where you can stand next the car and it opens. Push button start when the fob is in the car. You know what I mean??? Anyway. Car computer says the battery in the fob is running low. Easy job to open up. Quick battery swap, easy. Problem is the fob isn't recognized by the car anymore.... took the key out and opened the door only for the alarm to go off. 🙈 Found the spare fob. Switch the alarm off and that was ok. So we are using the spare but now that is running low on battery. Question. How do I reprogram a fob when there is no ignition to plug into and twist 10 times. I dont want to swap the spare fobs battery until the other one is sorted again.
  3. Just seen the cut off date is pre 2005 🤦‍♂️ Stand by for the RS focus in there 1000's Its was the last stronghold but looks as though we've lost "classic" ford show to focus fair......RIP
  4. Tour only tickets have all gone. Camping tickets still available
  5. Excellent. Half the places have sold and only 2 tour only passes left to be sold. 👍
  6. I thought that was bad too. Unfortunately the bad press and bad weather of the 2019 will have a knock on effect. However it will be a massive shame if this show, the largest gathering of classic/retro fords disappeared from the show calendar. After all the UK's love of old fords needs it's own show. I've only got 2 booked for Pure ford. Myself and a guest. I fear that maybe this forum will end up with one show every year...... Tour of the Moor.
  7. Rs 2000 and Mexico were all built in Saarloius, Germany as far as I'm aware. Other models were built at both halewood and germany. Such as the sport. The RS1800 is a bit confusing. You may have an RS1800. Competitive cars were built using BBAT shells .
  8. It's the ALTYF bit? A escort, L left hand drive, T 2 door... The YF is not listed
  9. The letters you have provided from the build plate dont tally with the mk2 data I've found. However the vin is for a british, halewood, escort, 2 door, march 79. PM me a photo of the plates if you can. I my be able to help a bit further
  10. Best get that first as cult members get discounted tickets 😉👍
  11. !!!!!! Attention !!!!!! Tickets are now available to purchase is the forum shop. Hopefully Scott will add the links to this post @Vista
  12. The deadlock has been broken and we now have accommodation sorted. Same venue, different field. For those who were on the first tour, are moving back to that one. Ticket sales will be open very soon.
  13. We are close to finalising the campsite prices for this years tour. We hope to have tickets on sale by the end on January. Thank you for your patience.
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