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  1. Pretty sure that's how my car feels on the inside still πŸ˜„
  2. I usally organise a club stand for this. But having a year off from club stands as many were still getting cancelled. Look out for next year though.
  3. I bought it off the guy who bought it off Anton
  4. This pic was sent to me this week from a friend of a previous owner
  5. Yes it was blue and I had it painted yellow. Had loads of new panels put on, new front end, floor, chassis rails, door skins......
  6. 29th August. No planned club stand. Will look at stands again next year. If someone else is happy to organise stands for events like this in the future, we are happy to send a club stand flag up.
  7. That be fantastic. Be good to see how it was.
  8. Just picked this up. Got any photos?
  9. Hello, welcome. It was me you were chatting to at Hilltop Farm. Glad you found the forum. Get pics of your estate up. Looked good.
  10. Can always have a mini tour on the 26th πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Got a seat cover πŸ˜‰πŸΊ
  11. Hi all, as you are no doubt aware TOTM 2021 has been postponed. We probably maybe might have gotten away with it but restrictions could change any day now and it wasn't worth loosing a deposit on the campsite. Also planning and driving the route whilst restrictions were in place was impossible. It is very much hoped that 2022 will see the return of our tour but only time will tell. The planned route from 2020 is still an option so shouldn't take to much to organise short notice next year. Went up today for a quick spin around Princetown and took some pics of the car. Fingers crossed you all stay well and see you next year.
  12. I normally go and was looking forward to Mexico 50. But as its my first father's day we are spending it closer to home. Hopefully next year when little one is a bit older and can run around the country park.
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