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  1. Found them on demon tweeks but come with a bulk head connector now which I didn't have. Also don't remember paying that much. https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/atl-clubman-electrical-connector-set-bulkhead-and-quick-release-fittings-atlel-aa-001/
  2. Hello. I have attached some pics of the ones I have. Meant to be water tight. Sadly I cant find the packets they came in
  3. No lectures about old cars, he was a little grumpy as his shift was due to end that was all. I have swapped the following in order to fix this. Starter solenoid, coil pack, points, condenser, dizzy cap, leads and plugs. Cleaned up all wires going to and from starter solenoid. Bypass the battery cut out switch. The car turns over and starts alot easier as before it struggled. Hoped the fault was in the solenoid. Wanted to hot wire yesterday but didn't really know what I was doing. I did by pass the solenoid to the starter. The starter span over but no spark so wouldn't start. I have removed the alternator plug whilst car is running with no effect, also removed the top and bottom wires on the solenoid when car is running with no effect. Until it happens again I wont know what to fix next. Could it be the key barrel ? Because its like switching the key off and having no power from it.
  4. Yes, noticed that today when indicator stopped flashing in the layby. Hazard lights still worked so still getting power from battery to some of the car
  5. It's happened again. On way back from powderham show. Was overtaking a car, so high revs, car was hot and it just cut out. Lucky there was a layby up ahead which we rolled into. Nothing at the key again. Let it cool for 5 mins, still nothing. Got out and wiggles a few things and it started. Went to pull away and cut out. Tried and again and started and indicated to pull away and cut out. No pissing about on a busy main road. Got AA to take car home. Tried replicating problem with high revs and it was fine. So intermittent problem of no power getting to the ignition system. This is going to be fun to solve.
  6. Thank you all for supporting our stand again this year. Special thanks to Malcolm for getting there early and putting the bunting up. Also thanks to Steve and Kelvin for bringing the gazebo. We had a great variety of cars on the stand over the 2 days. Surprised we had more cortinas on Saturday than escorts which is a first. Photos of our stand below are Saturday and the next post is today (sunday)
  7. Decided I'd give this show a crack this season as Mrs Gerbil's Sister lives in Martock. Also it was something new to try. All in aid of Blood Bikes and St Margaret's Hospice. Apprehensive after the car played up last time out, I wasn't confident I'd make it but we did. So here is the story. I purchased an event ticket many months ago. This included a short 20 mile drive from Martock in Somerset to Somerton. Rally control was set up at the industrial estate in Martock. Once signed in and rally pack collected we had ourselves a bacon and egg sandwich and cup of tea. At 9:50 it was time to get in the cars and que up. With 300 cars booked in the road was closed through Martock as We joined the cavalcade for the off. Someone in city hall didn't get the memo as a 3 mile stretch of the route had been prepared for resurfacing and loose chippings were everywhere. With these slow speeds I was constantly on edge waiting for the car to cut out..... but it didn't. Following a TR6 and a stag. We headed to Langport through some open country lanes then the main road to Somerton. The mass swarm of cars had broken up, Nice three car convoy of 70's cars. We approached the show ground and was asked if we'd like to join the ford section, of course we would and were directed into place. Next to the only other mk1 escort on show. However next to that....... a not very classic new RS focus was parked up. But apart from that there was a fantastic row of old fords. Plenty of other cars including a large American section and minis. I must confess I liked the chopped mini and it's back story (see photo below). Had a long chat to a chap with a mk1 capri. He bought it when it was 4 years old and has the original sales receipt. 1700 pounds with the extras.... He has another at home in yellow ( which is what started the chat as my escort is the same shade ). Bumped into a Tour of the moor entrant too and was pleased to see thier sticker in place in the window. Live music, beer tent, cream teas, stuff to buy, it was a great show. It's not on next year but fully recommended to anyone in the Somerset area. First batch of pics are rally control hold point. There were several of these. I couldn't get to the ford one.
  8. This is why we don't go to ford fair anymore
  9. I got mine from magnum 5-6 years ago. Believe you have to use a supplier of theirs as they don't sell direct.
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