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  1. Mexican Gerbil

    CLASSIC FORD SHOW - 2nd June 2019

    I forgot to add, they have set the age restriction of vehicles displayed to 25 years + (pre 94) so hopefully no focus’ or ST’s at this years Classic Ford show
  2. Mexican Gerbil

    CLASSIC FORD SHOW - 2nd June 2019

    Oh well errrrr.... pass. I’m just organising the club stand. I have no contacts at kealsey. Would suggest you contact them to find out.
  3. Mexican Gerbil

    CLASSIC FORD SHOW - 2nd June 2019

    Nothing confirmed on the “what’s on” page but would of thought so given the “book a trade stand” link on the main home page
  4. Mexican Gerbil

    Exciting news for 2019 !!!!

    Club bookings for CF show now open
  5. Hello, thank you all for being patient with us but we are now pleased to open club bookings for Classic Ford Show 2019. 2019 will see a change in venue. Mallory Park Race Circuit near Leicester will play host to Classic Ford Show on the 2nd June. Circuit is located between Coventry and Leicester, direction can be found on the CF show site visitor info - http://www.classicfordshow.co.uk/visitor-info All upto date news can be found here on what’s on - http://www.classicfordshow.co.uk/whats/whats-2019 Old Skool Ford is celebrating 15 years and we are hoping for a big turn out from you guys and girls for this years club stand. Camping is also available. With the show now at a circuit, track time is also available. So remember to book all your requirements at the same time. Adult Tickets - £18 Children - 2 children under 14 go free, each child after is £5 Camping £7 per person (under 5’s free) Display pass is free with each adult ticket Track time - £30 per session There is also a £2 booking fee All tickets will be emailed out to you no later than 1 week before the show. Book with link below, please follow on screen instructions. Your club name and code are.... Club name - Old Skool Ford Club code - 133.042 http://classicfordshow.msgfocus.com/c/1ffmm5UKKm5xZmlH32cBxnUn0 Booking DEADLINE - Midday Friday 10th May Any problems Pm me Thank you and see you in June Edit: And now a link to some early details of what is on http://www.classicfordshow.co.uk/whats/whats-2019
  6. Mexican Gerbil

    2019 Show List

    Mine was broken last year. You getting your brother down again he he
  7. Mexican Gerbil

    2019 Show List

    We all going again? 😎
  8. Mexican Gerbil

    2019 Show List

    Now added Simply Ford at Beaulieu to the list
  9. Mexican Gerbil

    Chassis number location

    You’d know if it was an avely car by the letters in the chassis number. Plus all the other extras they used to weld onto the shells.
  10. Mexican Gerbil

    2019 Show List

    Another Ford show for those in the South West
  11. Not at RS prices and escort tax 😂
  12. Let me know if you can get a few cars together and we can send you a OldSkoolFord banner
  13. Mexican Gerbil

    Rally Day 2019 - Saturday 21st September

    Some photos and film of 2018.
  14. We can now offer you club stand bookings for Rally Day 2019. Rally Day is one of the largest gatherings of Rally cars in the UK. With demostrations out on track, 4X4 off road course, paddock access, stars from past and present and plenty more. We will once again be having a club stand for 2019. Please use this link to book a stand pass (includes driver ticket) these are £15 plus a £2.49 booking fee https://castlecombecircuit.co.uk/shows/rallyday/21/09/2019/?club-book your club name is - OldSkoolFord your unique code is - OLDRALLY extra adult tickets will need to be purchased separately. And added to your shopping cart once your club pass is in the basket. These are £15 before the end of January. Any issues Pm me More info on Rally Day - http://rallyday.com/