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  1. Might be worth starting a new thread in the sales section 👍
  2. I sort for secure hidden parking for the charity run I just went on. No way leaving it in a pub car park over night. However it was left for lunch stops. I'm lucky to have secure parking at work too so sometimes it's taken there. Hopefully the bubble will pop and people will realise paying £30000 for a rusty old Ford is stupid.
  3. I've had my tickets emailed to me today. So hopefully you all will have. You need to download and print off tickets.
  4. Got home very late yesterday after getting to the finish line at Westward Ho! Around 8 ish. Driven some amazing coastal roads. Been great. In Total, the Morris 1000 traveled 4391 miles around the coast of Britain over 22 days. Out of that, Top Banana traveled 390 ish around Cornwall and West Devon Thank you all that have donated. Here are a few of my favourite pics from yesterday.
  5. Really? I'd contact them with your order number. They took my money very quickly. But yes tickets usually a week before the event
  6. End of today's run. Final leg tomorrow. Time for beer and dinner
  7. We are off on our little tour of Devon and Cornwall. The couple in the Morris 1000 have travelled the whole of the UKs coastal roads. Good effort I say as it was still in bits the day before that started 2 weeks ago.
  8. They are bulldozing the fun park?!?!?!?! My grandparents used to take us there all the time as kids 😢 First Dobwalls then shire horse centre now this.
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