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  1. It's not though is it. For 4 people .....?! Classic ford was £20 each. Plus £2 to display the car. That's early bird prices. It went up to £25 each on the day. Suggest you have a little think about it.
  2. @Rally Pack 2000 whenever it cut out I had noone around who knew what the problem could be. When someone was around to help it would work fine. The only thing left is the loom if that's breaking down ......?
  3. Until I've put it through its passes I wont know if I've fixed it or not. Rather it cut out on circuit with a trailer on standby that the outside lane of a busy motorway like last time. It's no concourse show winner
  4. It was a rally car before I had it. It was made to be driven hard. If you ent gonna use it for what it was built for you might as well stuff it and mount in a museum!!!!
  5. Got to the point where I cant Trust it on a road run so gonna look into track events with it. Which was always the plan when my estate is finished
  6. Due to reasons I cant fully go into yet I'm not able to attend rally day 2020, however I can get a stand set up. I want to trailer the Mex to pure ford and proper thrash it. Getting fed up with it breaking down on public roads. At least if it conks out up there I will know I had fun doing it 😂
  7. My wife is planning on getting a magnum Mustsng after seeing the shell on their stand 🤦‍♂️
  8. Hello ford lovers, No sooner has our 2019 show season ended, the 2020 season has already begun. For 2020 we will be returning to Castle Combe for Pure Ford on the 25th April. Pure Ford as the title suggests is a ford only event held at the Castle Combe race circuit, Wiltshire. Track action is avallible for those brave enough to take their machines out. Traders will be in attendance. Plenty of static displays with show and shine for the bufty ones. Best in show will be invited out for a parade lap. Drift demos. Passenger rides in various Rs/ST cars. What more can a Ford enthusiast want? To join us on our club stand click on the link - https://castlecombecircuit.co.uk/shows/pure-ford/25/04/2020/club-book Select Oldskoolford forum on the drop down menu Club code is - OLDFORD Select number of cars you are bringing and go from there. Price is £17.50 plus a £2.49 fee. This is per car and includes the driver and upto 3 passengers. Bargain! Bookings close Monday 6th April. More info on the event can be found here http://pure-ford.com/what-s-on/ Any issues drop me a pm. See you there in April....
  9. Layed laid relay relayed relaid 🤷‍♂️
  10. Relaid, as in pass along. And not in an STD way either 😄
  11. Know that feeling all to well. First time I've heard of a courtesy car being offered. I've been close enough to go straight home or been relaid. Hopefully it will come back safe and you get it sorted.
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