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  1. Only show we will get to this year. Hosted by the South Devon Railway. Found a lovely corsair estate. Few other fords (see pics) and a nice collection of royal mail bikes.
  2. This Sunday at Beaulieu Sadly all tickets are sold out now. https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-ford/
  3. Simply Ford at Beaulieu Motor Museum Now on Sunday 13th September Info and Tickets here - https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-ford/
  4. Looks to be in much better order than my estate. Be nice to see a build log on here 😉
  5. If you want to sort of organise an event, let me know the details and can post an event on our book face page to drum up some more interest.
  6. Classic Ford Show/Ford Fair CANCELLED Any tickets purchased will automatically be transferred to 2021. Info on refunds can be found here - https://help.kelsey.co.uk/support/home
  7. Rally Day now cancelled for 2020. Back in 2021
  8. As it stands these are the only survivors of the Ford only show season. Most have been scaled back and/or combined with other events. No plans for Oldskoolford to have show stands at these. •The ford show lite - Santa Pod - 9th August • Old Ford Rally - British Motor Museum - 23rd August •Avo National Day - 6th September Hatton Country World • Ford Fair/Classic Ford Show - Silverstone - 25th October
  9. Welcome. Keep a look out for next years Tour of the Moor. We do a few local shows in the westcountry
  10. Trophies are in the post and donations have been made to - The National Autistic Society Jenny Lind Children's Hospital Thank you all again.
  11. CONGRATULATIONS @Ben Perry wins the peoples Vote @theduck wins the judges Vote Both have been contacted and trophies will be sent out.
  12. Sorry Tour of the Moor got cancelled........ Well don't be, the weather is shit
  13. Its very close with 4 cars in it. If you haven't liked then please do as 1 vote will win it
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