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  1. please email on perry bmw22@aol.com or call on 07971465777 lost phone today but might have one sorted by tomorrow if not please mail
  2. mk1 escort for sale full resto comes with express steel panels not cheap full dressed avo inner wings splash panels finch panels full front end spare car floors done back panel done goot very good 2nd hand boot floor tank panel doors boot £1800 no offers log book tax free panels not welded on
  3. have you sold it yet could you send me pics to perrybmw22@aol.com thanks m8
  4. you got any pics yet please could you send them to perrybmw22@aol.com thanks m8
  5. in need of passanger front wing mk1 escort can be standered as cutting arch of for bubble arch thanks
  6. any one selling a passanger mk1 escort front wing dont have to be mex as cutting arch of for bubbles thanks
  7. after bit top mounts what you got i got rot lol need these
  8. fair bit of work m8 but now got most of the panels just need time
  9. had my new toy for a couple of months got all the panels today so hopefully start cracking on
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