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  1. without a doubt, as we get older things fall apart,Good to hear you are on the mend, Took early retirement last year, still doing a bit of work, but getting stuck into the van, I do still have a ford in the wings, for the wife, a ratty 100e, building a budget 1300 screamer, 1600 block and rods, 1300 crank 1100 pistons, big valve head, and a A8 cam, going to be interesting granny grocery getter
  2. Unfortunately not, had to sell it because I was made redundant and suffered a stroke too, But made a full recovery, regretted it as soon as it had gone, but have never been in the position to replace it, so something cheaper filled the space, strangely, much harder to build as there is very little aftermarket support, Hows the world treating you?
  3. Hello, Just thought I would say hello after falling off the Ford Scene, Still playing Cars tho, Although its not ford, it still has the right ethos, low n fast, has a 105e axle, .. lol
  4. time to tidy up,Im not sure where I got this from, I have a Atlas Axle that has been narrowed to 33" flange to flange, 4 stud ford shafts are resplined, the centre section is open, not a LSD its in bits and requires putting back together, 9" drums and back plates. I don't have the centre section bearing caps, but these appear to be available, or strip from another axle, cheap enough @ £150, 07954180622
  5. Time to set up my car, and want to find somebody with a set of rollers in the south east, prefer in east sussex, any suggestions?
  6. I have a pair of brand new, never even been offered up on a car Weld in Escort style 4 bar boxes, £40. + Post
  7. I find myself in need of a pair of useable 105e rear drums..... Now Sorted.
  8. Matt, they are only producing 17"
  9. Still looking for these, there must be somebody out there with a pair of these, 6x15 4 stud, I need something like this, neither PCD or Colour is important, nor is condition as long as they are straight................. and of course repairable,
  10. Im looking for a pair of Compomotive TH in 6x15", Must be 4 stud........ Might swap a pair of 8x15" for 6"
  11. As stated, I know they are not rare or expensive, but Im looking for one to modify to fit another type of engine, as im a tight a-se and rather than buy a new one, has anybody got a used one I can play with.......
  12. I seem to have my mojo back and have started building again :) just as an Idea about exhausts does anybody know the positions of the port flanges I need to know the pitch of the pipe so I can make a one piece flange
  13. Servos, I don't like them, generally they hit the bin if I am upgrading brakes. Still might use a twin port master cylinder from a servo and increase the pedal ratio, only problem with using a dual master cyl, is they are generally quite long, so I would need to operate it using a bell crank, which is loads more work to make,
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