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  1. The car is looking good,but now you have piqued my interest in the boat too!
  2. I spent 10yrs and lots of money trying to make my car mint,but im damned if i am going to leave it tucked away in a garage because its an "appreciating asset".

  3. Thats lovely mate,i am suprised you are going to let it go,what with your hoarder instincts lol
  4. you know what they say...any port in a storm
  5. omg i sooooo look like the morris minor owner!!!
  6. 25,000????? My next thread is going to start "I WON THE LOTTERY" and " I am feeling so alone,if only i had a gorgeous young lady to spend it on.......
  7. In my personal opinion most people that buy mk1 or 2 escorts are buying them because of their handling, performance and laddish image,and therefore will ultimately be seeking as much handling and performance from it as their wallet (or wife!) will allow.There will always be purists who will want it standard and there is nothing wrong with that (i have two standard morris minors,haters gonna hate lol) but lets face facts an rs2000 was a fast performance saloon for the masses in its day but in this day and age if one raced my 60year old wife in her diesel grand(ma) c max away from the lights its gonna get its doors blown off! there will always be a place for modified old fords. Oh and to explain my opinion on them having a "laddish" image from my experience when driving a morris minor it makes older people and young kids smile,but if i am in the Escort i am instantly transformed into a geezer,with teenagers shouting their approval(and often shouts of rubber! or burnout!) and knowing nods of approval from car guys of all ages driving sharp looking moderns.i dont mind the laddish image at all,it makes me feel 40yrs younger haha.
  8. I love the black rims with that colour,it looks mean.
  9. I quite enjoyed it last year but work commitments mean i wont make it this year.i will definately go next year though.
  10. Happy new year james,and happy new year to everyone on the forum.i hope 2020 sees my car go a full show season without gobbing all its oil out the sump gasket!
  11. How very dare you paul! may i remind you my 1300gt in1968 was the very first sporty escort at launch! haha
  12. Sorry fellas,khanlad just brought this to my attention,wife didnt allow me on the pooter today haha.merry christmas everyone and have a happy new year too.....that brown (saluki bronze) mk1 looks a lot like the one sitting in my garage with the gearbox out yet again hehehe
  13. hi mate,yes i will try to get down again soon
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