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  1. I love the black rims with that colour,it looks mean.
  2. I quite enjoyed it last year but work commitments mean i wont make it this year.i will definately go next year though.
  3. Happy new year james,and happy new year to everyone on the forum.i hope 2020 sees my car go a full show season without gobbing all its oil out the sump gasket!
  4. How very dare you paul! may i remind you my 1300gt in1968 was the very first sporty escort at launch! haha
  5. Sorry fellas,khanlad just brought this to my attention,wife didnt allow me on the pooter today haha.merry christmas everyone and have a happy new year too.....that brown (saluki bronze) mk1 looks a lot like the one sitting in my garage with the gearbox out yet again hehehe
  6. I Have ued kyb dampers before and been more than happy with them for the price,yes the expensive stuff is better but not really needed on a road car imo.trust me, if your present dampers are knackered new kyb's will transform it.
  7. hi mate,yes i will try to get down again soon
  8. luckyjim


    haha just read this and laughed aloud.....i know exactly who you are talking about i had mine done there!
  9. I was blatting round locally in the Escort last sunday looking for somewhere to go i could have come for a cuppa!
  10. Just me and my 74 yr old brother in law going in my Esccort( I promised him a day out in it when it was finished but as old cars are never finished i thought i would take him out before he pops his clogs lol).we will probably go straight there tbh but i will keep an eye out for you all.i think i remember chris from the mallory park show.
  11. I do believe i saw your car at Ockendon Garden Centre a while ago? I am in purfleet.
  12. When i tried to book through the forum link i couldnt find an option for (on site) camping,so i ended up booking direct with the castle coombe website.
  13. Hi fellas,i booked my ticket(and camping) but never got the option to book a stand pass? any ideas anyone please?
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