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  1. luckyjim

    Ford Falcon project....

    gorgeous.i love the teardrop trailer too,is that a 302?
  2. luckyjim

    Rally Day at Castle Combe. Any interest?

    Never leave an engineer to do a minions job hehe
  3. luckyjim

    Rally Day at Castle Combe. Any interest?

    haha paul,no one likes a show off......
  4. luckyjim

    Rally Day at Castle Combe. Any interest?

    despite the weather and cold we all had a great time.it was a true wet weather test for my car so soon after getting it back on the road.its always good to meet up with friends and chat cars.btw my new rubbers leaked too lol
  5. luckyjim


    pauls free burgers and leo's free beer,thats an invitation I cant miss haha.see you there.
  6. luckyjim


  7. luckyjim

    1300gt question

    My gt (1968) came with 12" wheels similar to those on the left.i threw them away thinking they would never be worth anything to anyone.that was a mistake!
  8. luckyjim

    What's your YouTube poison?

    I like "Abandoned Tennesee" and suchlike too, I can go off exploring old abandoned buildings without moving from my armchair (or cup o tea!).
  9. luckyjim

    Duncan here with a Mk2 escort

    welcome to osf .
  10. luckyjim

    What's your YouTube poison?

    I enjoy watching "The smoking tire one takes" where matt Farrah takes various modified cars for a blast round the canyon roads because of the variety of cars and his presenting style. I am also hooked on "project binky" by bad obsession motorsports( and...make the noise...lol) they are putting all the running gear from a gt4 into a stock length mini.another one I like is the "mk2 jaguar 2 door coupe widebody by jack the lad.
  11. luckyjim

    HI Jamie here

    welcome mate,lovely car.
  12. luckyjim

    Escort mk2 project.

    fantastic car,i am sure there would be a market for strut braces like that if you made more.
  13. luckyjim

    par signal box cornwall

    we need to see more of this!
  14. luckyjim

    newbie mk2 ghia

    welcome Vincent.