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  1. luckyjim


    haha just read this and laughed aloud.....i know exactly who you are talking about i had mine done there!
  2. I was blatting round locally in the Escort last sunday looking for somewhere to go i could have come for a cuppa!
  3. Just me and my 74 yr old brother in law going in my Esccort( I promised him a day out in it when it was finished but as old cars are never finished i thought i would take him out before he pops his clogs lol).we will probably go straight there tbh but i will keep an eye out for you all.i think i remember chris from the mallory park show.
  4. I do believe i saw your car at Ockendon Garden Centre a while ago? I am in purfleet.
  5. When i tried to book through the forum link i couldnt find an option for (on site) camping,so i ended up booking direct with the castle coombe website.
  6. Hi fellas,i booked my ticket(and camping) but never got the option to book a stand pass? any ideas anyone please?
  7. Best Club Stand......thought i would write it a 4th time in honour of our 4th win😃
  8. I agree paul i must admit i did miss seeing a bit of dragracing but got to watch a bit of roundy racing instead.i did find the camping area very bumpy i am glad i run the escort 2" higher than i used to hehe,the loos were a bit far away and ran out of loo paper early on but i always take my own anyway(i will only use soft quilted for its soft cushioning and comfort for my piles haha).none of this detracted from a very enjoyable day and i will definately return.
  9. yes,sit up n beg anglia,i call them all pops.its got a tuned rover v8 on nitrous and 3 litre capri box with ford 8inch rear all on the log book with no iva test lol
  10. I have owned my mk1 escort 22 years(the original owner had it 21yrs) and i have a 1950 ford pop which i have owned for 38 years.
  11. I think the fact that its quieter coasting suggests diff because the cwp isnt under load then.Although in my experience diff related problems are usually more of a deep rumble.i would just use it as is and only worry about it if it gets bad.maybe just cruise at 59.8 mph ? haha
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