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  1. I think the fact that its quieter coasting suggests diff because the cwp isnt under load then.Although in my experience diff related problems are usually more of a deep rumble.i would just use it as is and only worry about it if it gets bad.maybe just cruise at 59.8 mph ? haha
  2. with a red vinyl roof and red interior(i remember fitting a magard dash to my sisters 1500gt Anglia back in 1978) haha
  3. That roof chop is a lovely job,i think it would look good white.
  4. 16.1 with the moon discs...
  5. gorgeous.i love the teardrop trailer too,is that a 302?
  6. despite the weather and cold we all had a great time.it was a true wet weather test for my car so soon after getting it back on the road.its always good to meet up with friends and chat cars.btw my new rubbers leaked too lol
  7. pauls free burgers and leo's free beer,thats an invitation I cant miss haha.see you there.
  8. My gt (1968) came with 12" wheels similar to those on the left.i threw them away thinking they would never be worth anything to anyone.that was a mistake!
  9. I like "Abandoned Tennesee" and suchlike too, I can go off exploring old abandoned buildings without moving from my armchair (or cup o tea!).
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