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  1. Sign up on www.ford100e.org You'll get all your answers.
  2. Pretty sure Old Ford Auto Services do them.
  3. Give Miltons a call and see if he does shortened steering arms for a Mk1. He certainly does them for Mk2's. That'll give you a little more lock.
  4. Exactly. So how would holding them up with magnets allow you to change them?
  5. If the cam is knackered, then it's fair to say so are the followers.
  6. According to my book, Caribbean Turquoise was only available on '61 '62 populars, and '61 Thames van.
  7. If you lift the bonnet, on the near side scuttle, there should be two tags. One is the Briggs body number, the other which will start TC/???/XX will be the paint code.
  8. Not all Anglias have the three bar grill and kidney shaped dash. Only up to 1957. They also have a smaller rear window. 1958 on, have the two dial dash, mesh type grill, and the larger rear screen. The most obvious difference between an Anglia and a Pop (externally) are the rear lights. The Pop has the three round ones.
  9. That car is a 100e Prefect. Four doors and a sidevalve engine. Later Prefects with an OHV engine were 107e's. All the two doors are either Anglias, or Populars, and all had sidevalve engines.
  10. That is defo a 3 rail 4 speed. Do you know what Cortina it came out of? It may have 2000e ratios, you'l have to make a couple of markers (cardboard will do) put one on the output shaft, and one on the input. Put it in 1st gear and turn the input just short of 3 turns, and you should get 1 turn on the output. If you don't get a full turn then it's not a 2000e gearset in there.
  11. Well. It seems I'm English today not European, I've got my identity back. Now we need a campaign to get all those number plates off with euro flags on them, and replace them with Union Jacks, George crosses, Welsh Dragons etc.
  12. Just a little thought on this one, if this is how business associates are treated, is there any reason to think customers are treated any differently? I know what I think, and I also know that there are alternate cam grinders and parts suppliers out there.
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