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  1. This is where it ended up after 2 turns .
  2. For sale engine and gear box removed from a South African pick up . 1600 xflow . I drove it up and down my drive and in all gears . Come with ancillaries as pictured . £500 ..
  3. I've got one taken from a cortina pick up truck.. 711. Ba spec
  4. Ive got a set 152s going throttle bodies so £450 . Inlet , carbs , trumpets , linkage .
  5. Have a look at sites like retro ford . They do a twin choke set up with a manifold and ecu .
  6. Big thumbs up . Well deserved .
  7. I've got a mk5 cortina one in black for a Weber it has a new element to £45 posted.
  8. Hi . I need some help . I've just removed my efi loom from my pinto turbo to fit a L1 cosworth loom and ecu . All good meters out fine and found the conections . It even has the same 9 block feed conection but the wires are wired differently . Does any. One have a diagram or know what conections are what. I know all the efi ones but unsure on the cosworth one . Everything for cosworth seams to be a big secret as I never find any manuals or info on them . So any help would be great full .
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