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  1. Have a look at sites like retro ford . They do a twin choke set up with a manifold and ecu .
  2. Janey / Danish on hear has done a bit on supercharged pinto . I've done pinto turbo and it's a good mod if done correctly .
  3. Big thumbs up . Well deserved .
  4. I've got a mk5 cortina one in black for a Weber it has a new element to £45 posted.
  5. Hi . I need some help . I've just removed my efi loom from my pinto turbo to fit a L1 cosworth loom and ecu . All good meters out fine and found the conections . It even has the same 9 block feed conection but the wires are wired differently . Does any. One have a diagram or know what conections are what. I know all the efi ones but unsure on the cosworth one . Everything for cosworth seams to be a big secret as I never find any manuals or info on them . So any help would be great full .
  6. I have a set of twin 45s with a pinto manifold . 3 hole type 152 . I also have the throttle linkage . It has no trumpets though . They look in good condition £500 for the lot . Northamptonshire .
  7. I've got a good bottom end . It's a 2.0 block not a 205 . It's over bored to nearly 93 mm so must be 2.1 .
  8. As for the turbo , with contamination this must have some effect . I've noticed that it does not pull as hard ( fluffy )and slightly noisy but might be my imagination there is slight play but not excessive . The is a Bailey turbo filter in line before the turbo but unsure on how effective it is
  9. It's a low comp with 8.06 to 1 now I have measured everything . 10 degree with a boost switch that backs it off 6 degree at 5 psi boost . The engine is now laid out on the bench . With all the metal fragments being so tiny there's contamination through out the engine . But other than the crank and bearing most parts look fine . But I think it's wise to change oil pump, bearings, rings etc
  10. Well I took the time to night to look at the bottom end . Not sure if this is the cause or effect but funny that it's the thrush bearings and not the main though the the main bearings that had only done 60 miles. At least I've found something wrong . My feeling is that it's the crank that must have been u/s but will find out more . Not sure if this would cause the engine to stall at 5.8k so I'm expecting to find more .
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