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  1. looking good. does'nt look like there is much tinworm. i have a 2 door version but 1300. took me 8yrs to sort it off and on. tinworm from front valance all the way to rear end.
  2. here is an update, after 10 years off and on rebuilding, finally got a 12 month ticket with no advisories. time to run her in slowly,,, yippee!!!
  3. i would have a oxy-acetylene field day repairing the cortinas. good luck with your collection.
  4. well! no replies, have made my own fuel tank. for the pricely sum of............ £15
  5. anyone in the north wales, chester areas who may have a fuel tank lying about somewhere? desperately need one, not willing to pay silly money for it as on disability benefit. or does anyone know who makes them? thankyou
  6. seems about right. get one before prices start to rocket
  7. they both do, its the same on the mk2 cortina. holes in inner tubs to get to bolts. hope this helps.
  8. if i get mot sorted before then, i would love to come. but by looking at the video... my car will look out of place. more of a scrapper than a looker. would feel embarrased, don't put me down incase i cannot sort things.
  9. looking good, nice welding from a beginner. keep it up.
  10. i would not say brave or stupid. by the time you have spent all the hours cutting out and replacing the dreaded tinworm, only then will you know it was time well spent, another ford kept on the road and i do hope you enjoy driving it. good luck to you i say.
  11. i aint got discovery, looks like quest in 2017 for me then lol
  12. looking very good is that. keep going while weather is nicer
  13. what a bummer. my mk2 tina will not be roadworthy by then. i live 20 mins away from the ponderosa.
  14. hi ds. i only put up a few pics up when joined. click my name and hopefully take you to it. i did not take photos when i cut out front floors, chassis rails and outriggers, inner cills and outers. or even rear arches and inners. or even rest of the car. only good bits left was roof/pillars, rear floor and chassis [engine bay]
  15. stick at it. i have been on my tina for 8yrs. decided many times to scrap it. but after the hard work already put in, there would be a bit of sadness if it went .
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