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  1. Thanks for sending this over. The Escort ones look very different and mount further back. I'll have to do some more research to see what works best. Thanks again for the pics and info Col.
  2. Hi Col, Not sure what the difference is ? Any idea? Regards, Stuart
  3. Hi, As per title I need a pair of Anti Tramp Bar to body brackets please. Many Thanks.
  4. Hi , still after an exhaust manifold if anyone can help. Thanks,
  5. Yes.I'm going rack and pinion which runs rear bowl with a zetec
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a rear bowl Zetec sump for my Cortina ZETEC RWD conversion if anyone has one. Thanks
  7. Hi, As title. I'm after a zetec exhaust manifold for the Mk1 Cortina. 4 into 1 or 4 into 2 into 1 preferably. Also, interested in any other zetec conversion parts. Thanks
  8. Sorry, should read 691m or 711m block. Thanks,
  9. Hi, Yes, you have the auto linkage arm and bracket. The small flat on the bulkhead end of the linkage with the hole in it is where the kick down cable connected and, went to the gearbox. The manual rod is slightly longer which stops it jumping out. You are also missing a wedge shape spring clip which holds the rod in at the carb end. Maybe worth fitting the right carb as not sure how your one will run with no wiring connected
  10. Yes, £500 on pistons, £1200 on head work before you start on the rest.
  11. Hi, Yes my sons throttle linkage was the same....either stuck on full throttle or fell off. Get yourself a manual throttle linkage
  12. Looking at building up a hybrid using a crossflow bottom end with Cosworth pistons and pre crossflow head. Anyone built and used one? Be interested to hear whether all the work is viable. Still torn between a hybrid or zetec it. Be nice to keep near original looking with the hybrid. Please let me know what you think.
  13. Keep up the hard work! You'll get there. Looks a nice clean shell. So, well worth putting the work in. My son did the same conversion from auto to manual. After a couple of weeks driving the throttle rod fell out loosing all throttle on a dual carriage way. It seems the manual has a slightly longer throttle rod than the auto. May be worth checking this. Got a couple of single choke Mk2 carbs if you don't get any joy with that one
  14. Hi, as above I'm after a 1600 crossflow block preferably 691f or 711m. Also after a good crank and main caps. looking for a good strong block bores irrelevant as long as it will take a rebore to 83.5mm Thanks
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