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  1. Hi, Can anyone help out? I need a Weber 32DFM for my sons Mk2 Cortina. Wondered why it is running rough ….there's a hairline crack in the carb body!!!! Ideally would like a functional carb to get him to the National or, a decent carb body we can build a carb from. Thanks, Stuart
  2. There's one on Ebay at the moment . search pre xflow Lucas 1500gt pre xflow crossflow distributor Consul Cortina Capri 116e
  3. Look for a genuine original one. Most of the new ones are from China and are rubbish
  4. Standard G.T jet sizes: Main jets;m140 and 155 air correction jets 230 and 180 slow running jets 50 and 70 slow air jets 200 and 70 Although its not a GT engine(difference in cam and head it should run O.K on these sizes. See how much play is in the main spindle as well
  5. Hi, The G.T Distributor is Part No: 40927. Timing is slightly different on the GT and should be set at 10 degrees B.T.D.C Are you sure it's not a carb problem? have you checked the jets are the right size as these 28/36 carbs were used on a lot of different cars -Escort 1300gt to Hillman Imp's Also worth checking the advance is working on the distributor. Hope this helps.
  6. Cant think what the part No is. I'll see if I can find it the weekend. It looks the same as standard a lucas 23d .But, different part no:
  7. Yes, I think its the advance is different on the GT distributor
  8. Shame the weather turned so bad this afternoon. There was a good turn out of cars until the heavens opened up!!!!
  9. with the HA engine number its definitely a 1300
  10. Thanks for sending this over. The Escort ones look very different and mount further back. I'll have to do some more research to see what works best. Thanks again for the pics and info Col.
  11. Hi Col, Not sure what the difference is ? Any idea? Regards, Stuart
  12. Hi, As per title I need a pair of Anti Tramp Bar to body brackets please. Many Thanks.
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