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  1. fiestachaser

    1500 precrossflow Gt carb flat spot

    The chokes will be a lot bigger then the 28/36 ones. So, jetting will be very different. Did you not find the carb spindle opens the opposite way to the 28/36?
  2. fiestachaser

    Any zetec conversion parts

    My Son has the Nodiz on his Mk1 Fiesta. Lierally clip on the crank sensor plug and coil plack plug and connect a power feed!! Make sure you get the 2nd Gen Nodiz as the earlier on was wireless and had no cable plug for the tuner to use. A lot of the rolling road tuners didn't like this
  3. fiestachaser

    Wanted-Crossflow 1600 block and mains caps

    whats the 711 engine like? Runner? Bore size?
  4. fiestachaser

    Wanted-Crossflow 1600 block and mains caps

    Thanks, just need a block and mains. Got cranks, conrods , heads ,sumps etc. Sticking to just a block unless this is something special??? Most other parts wont be used as building a hybrid pre crossflow.
  5. Hi, I'm after a crossflow 1600 block and mains caps preferably 711m. Building a crossflow and my block has a hairline crack on the tabs where the sump bolts! Any help much appreciated.
  6. Hi, As per title .I'm after a Fuel Tank filler neck for a Mk1 Cortina and rubber if possible. Having to convert from Mk2 to Mk1 Tank! Any help much appreciated.
  7. fiestachaser

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    In your photo of the manifold theres a bracket behind the water union. The other end is bolted nehind one of the engine mount bolts which attach to the block
  8. fiestachaser

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    Here's the bracket. part number from owners club still on it EX15
  9. fiestachaser

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    I'll have a look. If not I can take mine off the weekend
  10. fiestachaser

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    Ill see if I can find a picture. There weird shape with opposite curves at both ends. Mk1 Owners club list them and sell them if you are a member
  11. fiestachaser

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    Make sure you fit a support bar from the top engine mount to block bolt up bolted onto the bracket on the underside of the manifold. If you don't have this the manifold sags and causes air leaks especially if your not using the G.T head with the collars which sit in the inlets.
  12. fiestachaser

    Mk1 Tina gt manifold help

    Hi, You can get these water unions from Burton, about £8 each I think. You will also need a T piece as these run water via the heater and water pump top outlet
  13. Hi, desperately need a fuel tank and sender for a mk2 Cortina. On my sons car the tank was holed and now the sender wont seal and is pouring fuel out. Any help with these items would be greatly appreciated.
  14. No, Mk1 Escort struts wont fit unless your converting to rack & pinion which would not be allowed in historic class.
  15. fiestachaser

    Mk1 Cortina 2000e box

    You will have to cut a hole for the gearstick which will be very close to the handbrake. A old trick is to bend the handbrake about an inch and this will clear the gearlever in 2nd and 4th. The other option is to use the tailshaft and selector rods from your cortina box and retain the original gearstick position and if you want to fit a mk1 Cortina Gt remote.