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  1. Hi, looking for a set of throttle bodies and ECU or, a good set of bike carbs for Zetec blacktop 2.0 Thank You.
  2. They are on every Silvertop bottom end. A curved plate bolted to the mains.
  3. As per description .I'm after a silvertop windage tray please. Thank You.
  4. Thanks Steve, It sits really well. Especially with the 7 inch steels. I was curious because I have -2 inch springs on mine and still sits higher. Nice car. Thanks for the info.
  5. Hi, The stance looks really good. Where did you get the front springs, and are they -3 inch?
  6. Hi, As per title I'm after a good condition 3.77 English Diff or, a good condition 3.77 CWP. May consider 3.54 set up either complete or just CWP. Thanks.
  7. Yes, Im around till the New Year if he wants to come and have a look
  8. Hi, No still got it. Just doing a bit of cleaning and tidying on it over Christmas.
  9. Yes, I cant understand why he wants the deeds to my house!
  10. Hi, As per title I'm in need of a Mk2 Cortina saloon fuel tank and sender. At worst a tank and sender locking ring. Running the smaller Mk1 Cortina tank which is not ideal as the filler neck is different. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Stuart
  11. More photos added: interior-all good no rips or tears engine bay boot rear quarter repair panels
  12. I can take some the weekend. It's pitch black by time I get in during the week
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