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  1. Yes, it duplicated the post...had a stutter.
  2. It's supposed to be really good weather Sunday. So, should be a good day
  3. Yes, I agree.I'd go stock exterior with Some Fiesta Supersport wheels Zetec or ST170 and a five spped. Drop it down on -50mm springs
  4. Hi, Glove box latches are available on ebay. Ive just bought one for my Mk1. About £7.00 by memory.
  5. O.K Thanks James. Ill have a look at my one on the car to compare
  6. Hi , is the exhaust for a Gt ? For the 4 branch manifold and on the standard body mounts or something bespoke. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I desperately need a clutch bearing carrier for my Mk1 Cortina. I think this is the same as other 3 rail boxes - Early Mk2 Cortina E/GT and early Escort Mexico. Machine shop was supposed to be making a spacer for mine for a type 9 hydraulic converion and has lost/ thrown my carrier!!!! I can collect if reasonable distance or I can pay postage. Thank You
  8. Hi Col, was either a dodgy bulb holder in the clocks or the panel light switch.Melted from one to the other so not sure of the cause.
  9. Hi All, As per title I'm looking for a dash loom for my Cortina following a bit of a melt down in my dash loom. Please let me know if you can help. Thank You
  10. Hi, I'm after the rear exhaust box mount which bolts to the chassis rail on the 1600e and G.T models. Any help with this would be much appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  11. Well some of you will recognise this car. My son has owned it for about four Years now. This was bought as a 4 door super auto and was quickly converted to a manual 3 rail 2000e box. Early this Year the car was up for sale .But, when lock down 1 started I was put on furlough and, decided this would be an ideal project to kill the boredom whilst off work. We had already rebuilt a 711m engine which is all new and +60 bore now. The main things which let the car down are the dreadful paint job in aubergine which was applied so thick had crazed on most panels and despite wet sanding was just too bad to bring it back. The other main issue was the awful red carpets. Great quality hessian backed .But, not good with a black interior and aubergine. So, off I went attacking the paint under the bonnet which had a mix of red oxide, black satin ,ziebart and original fern green. The exterior had been sprayed twice Light blue. Then the aubergine on top. Decided we'd go for Monaco Red which is in the under bonnet shots. Then low and behold three weeks into furlough get a call to say work is stacking up and I'd come off furlough. So, now not getting a lot of time. But, new carpet fitted wings bonnet and roof bare metalled and primed and a few thick layers slowly coming off other panels. Just bought a good used Janspeed manifold and system which should be on in the next few days.
  12. Hi, looking for a set of throttle bodies and ECU or, a good set of bike carbs for Zetec blacktop 2.0 Thank You.
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