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  1. Vista 1 ticket Mk2 Jo 1 ticket Nosher 64 1ticket 1 pass Deltamal 1 ticket 1 pass FlyingYeti 1 ticket 1 pass Oh Hell yeah!! Everyone loves an OSF!!
  2. Im aiming for the April one for sure, Car is almost ready, needs an MOT and to be set up but im really aiming for the april one, cant wait to finally see some peoples cars and start putting faces to names!
  3. Ive got a feeling il be hankering for some tea around the 19th at 10am too....
  4. Paid 1 ticket 1 stand pass Looking forward to it!!!
  5. Correction from me I only need 1 ticket and 1 stand pass instead of 2 of each!
  6. Vista: 1 ticket 1 stand pass CrapiChris 1 ticket, 1 stand pass Dalmarshall 1 ticket 1 stand pass Bill stein 2 tickets 1 stand pass Mrs O/S/F 3, maybe 4 tickets Flyingyeti 2 tickets 2 stand passes please
  7. My Cars still at Sheperds (10 months and counting), hopefully i can get down for next months one as its my daily driver ive got nothing but my pushbike!
  8. Wales is a little bit far but thanks for the reply
  9. Il try and get my brother in his mk2 and some of the OSF essex division on the case
  10. Ive got some scabs/small bubbles and flakes appearing on my mk2 that i want to get sorted..... any one know anyone good who could sort out for me Essex area...... Many thanks, Joe
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