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  1. there`s never enough time ..

  2. I like your Capri a lot and you`re doing a great job. As for top colour go orange .. yeah deffo orange.
  3. State of the art sound system then Vista One of my oh dear modifications ay age 17 was to remove and smooth the door handles on my MK 11 Capri GT when the drivers one broke. Yeah that`s right with the windows up I had to get in through the tailgate .... what a
  4. Varity is the spice of life but juding by most of what`s on here i think they`ll keep their heads down That said i had a few oh dear car modification moments as a youth ....
  5. I bought my first of many Capris party because of watching The Professionals as a kid. I think I`d sell a lung and a nut to own the original one.... crazy prices but uber cool car.
  6. Where I live a see a couple of elderly Ford as dailies, an unmolested Capri Injection Special and a road worn but the business looking and sounding XR4 i. To be honest i paid £2000 dead for my Injection Special 5 years ago as a rock solid original example. Some of my pals said at the time i`d paid £1500 too much for it ! Sure times have changed and so to have the values but they are cars and meant to be used. One thing i`ve noticed when driving mine is that the younger generation of drivers especially love it (thumbs up flashing their lights etc) and when i come back to it there`s always someone who wants to talk about it which i take as a complement. Would i leave it over night in a multi storey NO but YES i leave it in a public car park or on the street when i`m out for the day. Get `em out there and use `em people, just take a simple anti theft precaution that`s all i do.
  7. Yes it is, I hope it`s in good hands and not getting neglected.
  8. The Cult Rain ? It certainly is here at the moment.
  9. Hi guys, Has anyone got any idea what happened to this Capri turbo ? I have done a Google search and there is a thread elsewhere but that dies a death in 2009. I bought the Capri International magazine in 1985 (still have it) and was blown away by this car as a teenager. It would be nice to know it`s still around and in good hands. I`ve got quite a hankering for an X pack Capri and this looks as good as they get to me. Cheers.
  10. Hi, anybody else seen the trailer for new Mad Max film ? It`s on youtube. I saw the first two original ones on video at a very young age and the last one at the pictures. It`s due out in May 2015 and personally I think it looks fantastic and the Interceptor is back looking sweet !
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