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  1. i recognise that did the sprint with it 8.87 (both runs) quite pleased but should beat it next year
  2. just noticed they do the ducktail spoiler too i got one of these for mine for a bargain £10 at the time i thought the zakspeed ones had em - so i needed it for my replica but after doing some research they didn't but i might fit it anyway as it looks great
  3. try fibresports mate http://www.fibresports.co.uk/products/Ford/Escort-MK1
  4. imo zakspeed mk1's are the best looking of all and its what i'm doing to mine just like this
  5. so whats the rules on it being a mk1 then ? ie. would a spaceframed mk1 not count
  6. i gave away a 4.44 cortina axle and a narrow escort atlas , scrapped an escort van mk2 that needed a sill aslo chucked a mint escort mk2 ghia black interior then saw what they fetched on ebay worst one ever was my mates a mint mk2 escort failed MOT on the spare wheel well hole - couldn't weld at the time so we scrapped it and it was mint still have the numberplate on garage wall BWB809T
  7. British Musclecar - V6 24v Cosworth Granada
  8. you forgot the best ford engine of all time 2.5Di fitted in mk2 transits so it is oldskool
  9. makes me want to watch the full program
  10. mine had a mint dark grey headlining in - infact it was by far the best thing on the car - but i took it out anyway
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