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  1. To be honest I want to move away from the rope seal
  2. I have a 1500gt engine (MK1 cortina) which has been rebuilt with a Mk2 cortina 681F L block bored out to +60 with new flat top pistons the block has been ground down to piston level. It still has the 4 bolt crank with the rope seal and I want to ditch that. I have aquired a Mk2 cortina sump, but what crankshaft do I need ? (are 1500 and 1600 crankshafts the same) and what flywheel. and rear seal set up. Hope some one can help
  3. l need the original cast manifold, should be twin downpipe with cast number starting 71 hf, its for a MK1 rs2 can you help ?
  4. Hi, Looking for a good type E gearbox, any one help?
  5. Hi, Im restoring a MK1 Cortina GT and need doors. dont mind if its one or more .
  6. I have a set of gaz coil over struts for a Mk1 escort, they have 1/2" threaded tops,I have roller top mounts wich have 5/8" threaded nuts, clearly theres a gap. Is there an adapter to allow me to fit ny strues to roller mounts?
  7. Im a member of the AVO club,I also think closing public access is folly,I think it was a choice made by few for the many,if it remains I dont think I will renew my membership when it falls.
  8. if it is a resistor,should i change the coil and throw it?
  9. yes standard ign and points,im going to look closer at it tomorrow
  10. behind the dash on my mk1 is a square block with a single terminal and a brown and white wire on it,it sits on a support for the steering column,it gets very hot,enough to burn if you touch it,what is it and should it be hot?
  11. my mex has blown its gearbox,i have a box out of a 1600 mk2 is this a straight swop ignoring the clutch set up,or will i need to move the gearstick hole?
  12. the diagram in the haynes manual is not good,I would gues you have wired it up wrong,if there is a fuse for wipers this will be the power side,I would forget the switch on the floor just now, I am going from memory here, you should have wires with a plug from your wiper motor where have you plugged this in?
  13. the wiper switch on the dash should switch the wipers on and off ie once on the wipers keep going,the foot switch gives you wipe and wash as you pump it,similar to modern cars where you pull the wiper stalk towards you and it wipes and washes, if the washers work it does not need the wipe from the foot switch to pass an mot.
  14. surely someone knows the answer
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