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  1. For those that want to see ALL the pics I took at clacton classic Car Show then I've posted the link to my Flickr Album below.......... (I hope lol) https://www.flickr.com/photos/rebeldrax666/sets/72157650805890924 Hope it works lol
  2. Sorry 'bout that mate, as you said tho it was a busy show and very warm!, Will try and get it next time ...if I can lol
  3. Thanks mate, It was a great show this year. A wide variety of Cars, Motorbikes and even an American LaFrance Fire Truck!. I took over 170 pics in total! not bad for what is essentially a local show.
  4. .....And Third (& Last!! lol) batch 1972 MKI Ford Escort 1.3 1954 MKI Ford Consul 1.5 1963 MKIII Ford Zodiac 2.6 1970 MKII Ford Cortina 1.6 1970 MKII Ford Cortina 1.6 1977 MKII Ford Escort 1.3 1977 MKII Ford Escort 2.0 1980 MKII Ford Escort 1.3 1965 Ford Anglia 105E 1.6 1984 MKII Ford Granada Hearse 3.0 V6
  5. Part Two lol 1958 MKII Ford Zodiac 5.0 (302ci) V8 1958 MKII Ford Zodiac 5.0 (302ci) V8 1982 MKI Ford Fiesta 1.2 1961 MKII Ford Zephyr 2.6 Brace Of Capri's 1982 MKV Ford Cortina 2.0 1973 MKIII Ford Cortina 1.3 1962 MKII Ford Zephyr Convertible 2.6 1972 MKI Ford Capri 2.0 1967 MKII Ford Lotus Cortina 1.6
  6. Some pics (although not great ones) of the Old Skool style Fords at Clacton Classic Car show on Sunday 17th May 2015 1975 MKI Ford Escort 1.1 1976 MKII Ford Escort RS2000 2.0 1979 MKII Ford Escort 1.6 1974 MKIII Ford Cortina 1.6 1977 MKII Ford Capri JPS 1.6 1977 MKII Ford Capri JPS 1.6 1972 MKI Ford Capri 3.0 V6 1958 Ford 100E 3.6 V8 1958 Ford 100E 3.6 V8 1973 MKI Ford Escort Mexico 1.6
  7. Just found the OSF group on Retards Club and joined there then Daniel Peters posted the link for here so here I am. I have been a fan of Early fords since I was a teenager when the 'boy racer' drove rear wheel drive motors !, Although I don't drive at the moment I have in my past owned a MKII Capri and a MK 1 Escort that was being bubble arched and Cossie lump going in until the place I kept it got burnt to the ground. When the insurance company FINALLY paid out (which took a lot longer than usual as the fire brigade decided the fire was started deliberately, so was lucky to get a pay out at all really) the money was needed to for other things as had just been made redundant!. I hope to get another run about someday but until then I can keep my interest alive by attending Ford shows and going racing up The Pod when I can.
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