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  1. Hi It is nimbus grey, although it no longer belongs to me, the new owner is just down the road so i still see it a lot.
  2. Yes there's a machine shop local and I was going to take them there next week and see what they think, the manufacture said they couldn't machine them as they wouldn't be able to get it 100% true again. I can measure them and find out how much needs machining, it measures around 1.8-2mm out so doesn't need much taken out of it.
  3. Yes I have been refunded for the hubs, the supplier said I could keep them.
  4. The inner larger bearing seat is not deep enough in the hub so the hub doesn't sit in the correct place causing the disc to hit the inside of the calliper. I tried a friends cast hub, it fits fine on my strut and my alloy hub sits wrong on he's strut too so I know its the hub causing the problem. I contacted the manufacture and they said they couldn't re machine them, it seems a waste to just throw them away but I don't know anyone who could sort them, so I was after standard hubs so at least I know it will fit fine.
  5. In desperate need of a pair of rs2000/capri cast hubs, my alloy hubs have been machined wrong and don't fit so want some genuine cast hubs. Thanks
  6. I've also got a Tran-X LSD, funny enough it was also JWE that done mine, it made a lot of noise when I first put it in, I changed the oil and added some redline friction modifier to the oil (castol b373) and now its almost silent yet locks up perfectly. It might be worth you trying that first before you go to the expense of buying another diff.
  7. He's already got a mx5 engine and early box so we are good there, but thanks for the info. I'm using a alloy version of the polo rad, you can see the thickness difference between the two. the standard one couldn't keep the temp down on track/hot days, was ok on the road in cooler weather. It had a cheap ebay fan before, I got a proper spal fan now, blows a lot more air and is quieter as well. The retro ford mount works really well, it comes with the reinforcement plates so they are fitted too. its height adjustable so you can get the box sitting where you want it, was the only reason i got it really, rather than a fixed mount and hoping it would it be in the right place.
  8. Hi thanks, yeah just the exhaust manifold and the throttle bodies no internal mods at the moment, its fuel injected not on carbs, although the max power would be the same as 45s the jenveys give better throttle response/drivability/fuel economy. Thanks Hi Theres not much travel to be honest, I had to cut the rear bump stops down to stop it bottoming out all the time and roll the arches to stop rubbing, speed bumps are a real pain. exhaust has been tucked right up to stop scraping on everything, but its worth it for the looks i guess. The old gearbox mount hanged really low so that used to hit on bumps swell, theres a lot more clearance with the new mount, but the main thing is the gearbox height/angle are now right wheres it was bad before. the minilites are nice looking wheels but also very popular so a lot of other old ford have them so wanted something a bit different, plus I wanted to change the look of the car as it looked the same as when the previous owner had it, put my own mark on it so to speak.
  9. Well time for an update, fitted my round lights and done some shows: My friend also picked up a long roof, just a 1300 at the moment but a mx5 engine conversion is on the cards: Engine was getting a little hot some days so got a new radiator and fan setup, standard polo rads don't work well enough i feel: Got some group4 bilsteins converted to coilovers and fitted them; Got some new wheels: Got some decambered leaf springs from gartrac and some 0.5 blocks and got it sitting a fair bit lower, had to roll the front arches to clear the wheels but luckily didn't crack the paint: After that the £150 engine was starting to smoke/lose power, my dad was selling he's brand new black top so bought that and had a de ja vu moment: When I changed the engine the first time, i used the chassis mounts the previous owner built, but these made the engine sit wonky and the sump was hitting the crossmember, so this time we re did the mounts so it was sitting straight and cleared everything: Brand new: As you may have seen earlier i had the expensive retro ford sump, however all that did was leak so sold that on and got a G19 sump, much better and has been leak free since. Got it all built back up and had the exhaust ceramic coated as the wrap was falling apart: Pulled the carpet up to sort the gearbox mount out, nice to see good clean floors: The previous owner had used a sierra xr4i gearbox mount and hacked it up to fit, this made the gearbox sit really low and tilted it slightly, prop angle was also really bad, so got a new mount to sort that: So thats where i'm at the moment, got it booked in to ATSpeed racing for run-in/remap next month, as i've got new injectors/fuel pumps fitted so the maps out now. So fingers crossed that goes well, done a few miles to check all is well and it feels better than ever.
  10. Thank you Cheers What a small world lol Thanks Cheers Thank you Thanks, I highly recommend it, makes the car so much more usable with the newer engine, although can't beat the sound of a x-flow on webers. Haven't done much to the car lately, mostly just been driving and cleaning it, but couldn't get the standard rev gauge to work with the omex, so fitted an aftermarket one which works perfect: Also fitted a twin cam roll bar and a 2.9 quick rack: Turns out the roller top mounts aren't compatible with my struts but looking to get Gaz coil overs soon so will be able to fit them then. Got some round lights and grille coming soon, so will get some pictures up once they are fitted, also thinking about changing the wheels but don't know what for?
  11. Thanks, Hopefully all going well I should be there Thank you Thanks, was a lot of work/money but worth it Thank you
  12. Hi, This is my escort mk2 estate, i had a s13 180sx which a van driver decided to crash into thus leaving me looking for a new car, had an itch for another old ford. Went to classic ford show 2014 and saw this there with a for sale sign in the window: A deposit was left and a few weeks later it was mine. Gave the messy interior a clean, and a good clean overall which left it looking like this: Lowered the back end with some 1.5" blocks, fitted some mirrors, fitted my Nardi deep dish wheel and short shifter and done some local shows: Cleaned up the engine bay and sorted a few things which were bugging me: Picked up a Tran-X LSD, had it rebuilt onto a 3.54 CWP with new bearings: Next up was the roof aerial, I hated it and thought it ruined the lines of the long top, so had that removed: Done a few more shows: Then disaster struck, the engine was a bit rattly when I got it but driving home one day it died, full on bottom end knock and no power, so decided to convert it to a blacktop zetec, so ordered one of those up: The old engine had a homemade sump on it which I think is what killed it, so ordered a retro ford sump and 1 piece bottom hose as the old one had 5 joins and kept popping off dumping most the coolant: and a few more goodies: Cleaned and painted the new engine, fitted a new timing belt and water pump: Ripped the old engine out: Pulled the gearbox out: Cleaned and painted it: There was some surface rust and unpainted bits so sorted that: Got the blacktop in: Saved my pennies and got some noise makers: Cheeky little test fit: Almost there: Rebuilt the princess callipers: and fitted with bigger discs so use the full height of the pad: All done: Took it up to HT Racing at Brands hatch to get it setup/mapped, made 173bhp so a fair improvement over what I had before: So thats where I'm at, still lots of things I want to do, sort the rear axle out, thinking anti-tramp bars and a panard rod, sort the rear interior out to try and reduce the rattles. Hope you like it as i certainly do.
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