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  1. Compression test done its around 150 also sparking but still not firing?
  2. Doing a compression test today
  3. Already done swapped the lead and plug from another cylinder still miss firing on number 3 almost as if its not getting fuel but valve clearance looks fine??
  4. Looking forward to it already 😃😃😎
  5. It did run cooler with no stat but I've been told that these v6 colognes run around 100 degrees as the stat isn't fully open til 102 degrees???
  6. My brother has an Essex 3 litre with a misfire on one cylinder but the cylinder has a spark and appears to have compression the plug is dry when removed any ideas anyone?
  7. I had this on a mini and an old metro a partially blocked fuel line you check it it has fuel but then after a bit it don't get quite enough to keep running we changed everything exactly the same new fuel line fixed it Im not saying that's what it is but it might be worth a look??
  8. My 2.3 has a sawblade type guage for ignition timing does anyone know which one is tdc? I've looked in the book but it just says use the appropriate mark?? Thanks
  9. This is the second stat I've tried and the second gauge I may try running without the stat although I've been told that's not a great idea as the water won't stay in the rad long enough to cool??
  10. It's got a brand new 13lb cap from Burton power I must have emptied and refilled the thing a dozen times takes around 7.5 litres of water
  11. I couldn't be sure so I put on an aftermarket gauge and sender matched set it just seems to me to be a bit high running at 108 degrees I thought around 90-95 would be more normal?? Sent from my VOG-L09 using Tapatalk
  12. The temp gauge is in the red before the thermostat opens I wasn't sure if it was the gauge so I've put an aftermarket gauge and sender on it with actual temperature numbers on it the car runs at around 105-108 degrees is that correct it seems too high to me??
  13. It's big triple cored rad listed for a 2.8 capri
  14. Yeah I've got two fans to try keep it cool but still runs well over 100 degrees
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