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  1. I've booked up just need to fix the car now lol
  2. Does anybody know what is happening with Midlands to Wales this year?
  3. Can pinto mounts be easily modified to fit the 2.3 V6 how different are they from 2.3 Granada mounts I'm fitting a 2.3 in my Mk5 the engine I brought is out of a Granada I've got the mounts on the V6 from the granny but I'm told pinto mounts fit and to use V8 defender rubbers etc any help or advice would be great thanks
  4. I'm using a type9 box parcel company is collect +
  5. Don't have to be a box just wrap it in cardboard and tape so it ain't sharp using collect plus up to ten kg's is £8.39
  6. Hi folks I'm in need of a flywheel from a 2.3 or 2.8 V6 cologne with the bolts please Cash waiting
  7. V6 Mondeo for swap or part ex for a car transporter trailer car runs fine full leather in superb condition TV/dvd player in it no mot we all know the bits on this car can fetch money you'd pay at least £150 for the seats alone I think the cars worth £500 as is
  8. Just booked our camping package hoping to make our hatrick can't wait love this event it's a great opportunity to meet and greet other members this might be the last year in my mk 5 next year I'm hoping to attend in my MK2 transit pulling my MK2 Cortina
  9. I'm looking for advice on uprated shocks for a Tina Mk5 I'm running-40 mm springs and standard shocks at the minute handling awful
  10. I'll be there try and win the hatrick ????
  11. Advert says it's a duratorq engine just not sure what else will fit or if it's worth holding out for a banana engine not sure which is best ?
  12. I've built a few cortinas but I'm new to old skool transits I'm going from pinto to diesel I've been told ldv vans have the same running gear which seems to be correct however are the axles the same and the steering ? How many other parts can I nick of an ldv I ask because I may have the chance to get a very cheap ldv any help massively appreciated ta very much
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