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  1. I’ve got one here but it hasn’t got the single red on it, the bulkhead plug is good
  2. Think I’ve got a spare mexico loom, I’ll have a look
  3. It’s riviera blue 👍
  4. Organised the same weekend as the classic ford tour, says it all really 🤷‍♂️
  5. No they won’t fit et-7 are Capri wheels, I had to have 5mm machined off the back of mine
  6. Hi Jo the reasons I’m not attending this year is because the event is to close to our return from the CF tour in France, we are away for 4 days with CF the weekend before and I don’t feel the venue will offer the track action that the pod does. We are going to give the Ford day at the pod in July a go instead.
  7. Hi where are you located cheers paul
  8. Did you sell the doffs Cheers Paul
  9. 3.89 wanted in the Essex area Cash waiting Cheers Paul
  10. Have you tried spraying wd40 down the barrel and working key
  11. You can get a swept inlet manifold which will raise your carbs Your dizzy is correct so I suspect you have timing issues, ignore static setting and set it to 34 degrees max advance at 4000rpm Try giving your clutch half a turn more free play Cheers paul
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