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  1. Bought a seat-belt on ebay 1/08, arrived on 11/08... not bad. I've seen worst before covid.
  2. No, never answered me. Went to a local guy and he "twisted" the bracket the other way round. Then I had to powder coated it again.
  3. Me and and a friend went last Sunday for the first run of 2020. Isn’t she lovely!?
  4. Not the best scenario at the back, but its the first photo after 8 months of restoring job.
  5. I would love to have one as close as possible to my escort. Would you happen to have a 4 door signal yellow ?
  6. Here where I live, it will never be road legal.
  7. I have a transit courier 1.5tdci 75hp for a daily. Not that I need a van, its always empty anyway, but I needed something to commute to work everyday, great mpg, super comfy, quiet... great little van, I simply love her.
  8. didn't know that there are two types. flat, my car has two clocks dash. Currently I have a mini one, works but not the correct look.
  9. Not early type. Someone who's able to post it to Portugal.
  10. So far, as I'm aware, the list of Ford escort featured tv car shows are: Mk1 Wheeler Dealers - S10E02 For the Love Of Cars - S01E01 Car SOS - S07E09 Mk2 Wheeler Dealers - S14E05 Top Gear - S27E01
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