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  1. Forgot me? I'm still interested.
  2. I know the feeling. My heart hurts every time I close a door on my mk1. baaaaaaaaam And I even haven't fitted front and rear screens, so no pressure effect yet.
  3. missing a bolt on the side. why don't you just drill and tap the stalk plastic? anyway, your car looks good! I would love to see some interior pics if you dn't mind.
  4. Can I ask what´s the correct way to bleed the cooling system? I'm in that process now and I don't want to have air bubbles trapped inside. What should I do, heater in hot position, and let the engine run till normal temperature without radiator cap?
  5. Jut to add up some confusion, this one I bough in an autojumble a few years ago. I know that it´s not for a escort mk1, its shorter, the wiring harness is longer, no screw hole, and the plug is different, but it was too cheap to stay there, 5€ or 10€, so I took it. In case of need it will go with some adaptation.
  6. Any suggestions how to bend it back without breaking? maybe some heat (heat gun) first!? finding another is a pain in the arse, it's scarce, it's not cheap, either used ones
  7. What can you say about mine? ignore the green wires, it’s for hazard lights.
  8. Since I bought the car I had a an annoying issue with the indicator stalk. I never understand why the stalk, on rest position, almost touches the steering wheel at the point that I hit it with my fingers when driving. Everything seams correctly fitted, so now, after seeing this post, I believe someone changed it in the past for a non OEM one. As some of you may know, I'm currently rebuilding my car, I'll try to take some pictures and post the here as soon as possible so we can discuss.
  9. Assuming you are talking about your mk1; Is the screen washer foot pump connected and working ok? If it isn't, the wipers do not self park.
  10. I know the feeling, I have a British made on the left and a German made on the right, tried to source a pair but soon I gave up. If you think mk2 lenses are expensive, try to buy mk1 ones.... I can't understand this prices for a mass production simple plastic item (not talking about NOS ones) I really hope 3d print will shake the market and bring lower prices in the future.
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