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  1. I have the exact same brackets, had them fitted a few year back but now the car is almost restored I'm looking for something different so I don't have to make any visible holes
  2. Now that my car is almost finished in terms of bodywork and paint, I'm in a dilemma if I should put the cibies back in or not. I used to have the aluminium quick release brackets but now that all the screw holes were removed from the front, I think I don't want to drill new ones. So I need ideas to put new brackets in a way that if I remove them later on, it wont be noticeable. Any ideas? How are the spotlights fixed in the 1300E?
  3. I've fitted one of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Crossflow-AccuSpark-Electronic-Ignition-Conversion-Kit/200609399806?epid=1631749274&hash=item2eb54083fe:m:m6YuWUXnf83s6b9XwgHG_wg Looooooong time ago and it was fit and forget. If I remember right I have a fomoco distributor. Also bought a new (straight) cap and rotor from them and worth the money.
  4. 'course it is, like le man green ou signal orange, I really like them, but I have to choose only one. well, maybe I can do a harlequin escort 🤔 😂 naaa
  5. Thank you guys. I'll see with the paint shop if I can get samples or something that I can take outside in the sun to help me decide. I don't want to be rude but, maze yellow is out of the question.
  6. I still can't decide. It's barely different, at least I can't see the difference in photos. what a dilemma 😐
  7. My car is at the paint shop, and I decided to go yellow. Now I need to decide if I choose Daytona or Signal. I know since its a mk1 it should be Daytona but I don't really care about that, I just need to know which one I like more. Can somebody post photos of daytona and signal escorts?
  8. yeap, just saw the two bosses on pictures. 1300 then thanks
  9. I'm about to buy a used crossflow engine, can anyone point-me the differences between 1100, 1300 and 1600? Its advertised as 1300 but I want to be sure it's not 1100 1600 casting number - 711M-6015-B-A 1300 casting number - 711M-6015-A-A 1100 ???? What to look for besides the casting numbers?
  10. Hi I have a LHD mk1 escort and my servo is not working properly. Is there a direct replacement from another car, or something with a little modification, that I can take from the scrap yard and fit? What do you guys recommend?
  11. had the same problem on my mk1. change the mc for a mk2 rs2000 one and remade all the plumbing.
  12. Mine has integrated amp and sounds like shit. I'm starting to think that mine is somehow damage. Anyway, just ordered a wing one.
  13. Well, although you guys have factory fitted roof aerial, here where I live mk1 escorts where only fitted with wing aerials, if they were fitted with any because 90% of them came from factory without "sound system" at all. Even my old mk3 ecort didn't came with roof aerial. So, to me, its more period look to fit a wing one. I'll try to do my best to seal the hole with silicone and a rubber grommet.
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