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  1. Rally Pack 2000

    Videos...( not rude ones)

    I must admit the colour and black grill/bumpers don't work for me. The front wheel track seems to extend unusually outside the front guards that's more than wide wheels and the usual negative camber. Over use of adjustable top mounts I suspect.
  2. Rally Pack 2000

    Terraclean - anyone ever done it?

    What does this stuff actually do and how is it applied? When you started this thread I thought it was just some kind of oil additive you poured in yourself, it appears its a bit more industrial than that?
  3. Rally Pack 2000

    Exhaust Floor Heat Shield

    I seem to be getting excessive heat coming through to my feet from the new exhaust. Anyone use some kind of stick on heat shield in that area? I would rather something that sticks on rather than bolts on. It would have to be more robust than the usual under bonnett stuff as it has to survive stones / water etc on the undertray.
  4. Rally Pack 2000

    Carello vs Lucas

    Could the Halogen 410 bulbs possibly be H7's? How did you get those brackets to fit?
  5. Rally Pack 2000

    Carello vs Lucas

    Ahh I thought they looked too good to be for an Escort! Do you think you can modify those brackets to fit?
  6. Rally Pack 2000

    Carello vs Lucas

    Never seen backing plates like that for an Escort before. They look really nice. Presumably they replace the original buckets entirely? Completely different to any light arrangement I have seen for a Mk2 Escort. The adjustment in them looks far better tan original. I am trying to get some Hella squares for my Mk1 like those that came on it originally.
  7. Rally Pack 2000

    Carello vs Lucas

    I bought some Lucas bulbs for the Mk1 Square lights I had and thought I would see if its the same base fitting for the Carello lights before I went buying expensive halogens. They fit really well in the square Lucas lights as you would expect them to but the seemed to only be a general rough fit in the Carello lights. They were tight in them but the holding clip did fit over them at least. Lucas Carello So is the halogen version of the 410 called the H7? Or something else? Thanks
  8. Rally Pack 2000

    Logging on

    Its a reasonable guess, Brexit is to blame for everything. It was the cause of my new paint cracking I suspect.
  9. Rally Pack 2000

    Logging on

    I had the issue for a couple of hours earlier as well,
  10. Rally Pack 2000

    CLASSIC FORD SHOW - 2nd June 2019

    Did you get yours new of the shelf Col?
  11. Rally Pack 2000

    Hello from Edinburgh

    You quite often find previous owners come forward, it does sometimes seem to take months though when someone passing through recognizes the car. While engine specs are hard to determine from the outside, (although yours looks pretty standard) the rest of the car is an open book. If you start posting images of engine bay, interior even suspension the guys here have eyes like hawks and can spot a modification at 50 paces. Better still bring it along to a club event and one of the club boffins will give you a pretty good rundown at a glance.
  12. Rally Pack 2000

    Just plain wrong!

    Take one and pass it along.
  13. Rally Pack 2000

    Orange Is The New Black

    Another with simpler lines
  14. Rally Pack 2000

    Just plain wrong!

    Dont you hate it when car designers have a serious Picasso fetish.
  15. Rally Pack 2000

    Exciting news for 2019 !!!!

    Sounds good. I will polish up my new 30in spinner wheels and should have a new sunroof I got off a Hyundai and all fitted to the Twincam in time. I hope it gets the best position on the club stand. 🤩