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  1. Is that still life or the walking dead?
  2. You're just too scared to wear spandex!
  3. Im glad Im not the only one I was expecting some blowback from the poly enthusiasts but I really dislike them. Because of the spit on the ones I have the cars handling is abysmal. One side is opening up more then the other and the car even pulls to one side. I know that if the split was on the base this probably wouldn't happen as much but I even then I found them unforgiving and prone to elongating in the past. I stocked up on most Ford bushes but there are none of these in my box of goodies, I suspect I simply used up all I had as they seem to be the most readily worn bushes on the car. Im not even holding out for Ford ones (although that would be nice) but any rubber ones would do. There seems to be a few 20mm ones out there but none in 22mm for the original RS/RP bars. I remember buying a set of harder Rally Sport ones from a RS dealer in the UK many years ago and they were terrific. Thanks for looking out guys. If anyone sees them grab them!
  4. Every time I picture are car on here it turns up at a show the next weekend! Its freaky!
  5. There you go even with one photo an enthusiast can spot some differences with Australian built models. Although I owned an 1100S I didn't have it long enough to compare it with British versions. I know many prefer the traditional Mini shape I actually prefer the Clubman. Not only the front but the dash layout as well. Its funny you saying that the prices are comparable to Escorts there because it was something I almost wrote about the prices here being comparable in my previous post too. Prices are comparable just our Escorts haven't reached your silly season yet. The good thing also about 1275 Clubmans is they don't have the Cooper tag so like the RS tax you can get much more for your money without it. Given how many Escorts fit in a container I would have thought Minis would be better. I haven't ever heard of the Exports flood with minis though like I have with Escorts. I thought that was probably due to Minis being made in other countries till relatively recently and in the old shape that most prefer that our little island of Clubmans has been left alone. I think you will find those alloys were factory. There were concessions in 70's for local content and our Minis had unique steel and alloy wheel offerings. By Escort standards they were a nice looking wheel compared to what Ford thought was tasteful. If you ever go to the Blue Mountains just West of Sydney almost every weekend you will see a swarm of Minis doing the Jenolan Caves run. While at the caves once there were 20 to 30 Minis parked in the carpark and a friend noticed one lone vacant spot in the middle of them and he asked should he park there in his new Holden Barina (Rebadged Opal Corsa). We dared him to do it!
  6. Its funny that the sign is actually correct for a change
  7. Thats an interesting list. You seem seemed to grow out of an early VW phase before you found the light and stuck with a line of OSFs. And as Jeremey Clarkson says every true enthusiast has owned an Alfa at some point.
  8. Just bumping this thread. Anyone see actual Rubber 22mm front bar bushes anywhere in their travels? Would love to get some over poly ones if possible. Thanks
  9. Just in case some posts appear to be missing they have been moved over to "Other Classics We Owned or Admired" thread as it fitted in with the lists and discussions already in that thread. 😀
  10. Just moved all the posts regarding peoples lists of previous owned cars from the "Abandoned and Forgotten" thread and discussions about those cars over to here where it fitted more with the topic. Please be open to telling us any fun stories from previous owned cars on your lists and if they were great or simply total crappers! If you haven't listed your previous owned cars, time to fess up!
  11. The mini market is more stable and serviced than the Escort market. We have specialized Mini parts dealers like Mini Kingdom where you can buy every conceivable Mini part and trim that you would ever want for restoration. Nothing like that exists for Escorts here and it was that which drew me to Minis because it was so easy to get stuff for them. The 1275GT Clubman was also made in Australia. They had distinctive bonnet/wing stripes. A good example is about 10 to 12 thousand quid equivalent.
  12. Oh see I didn't even know they offered a 6 in those. I just assumed they were supercharged fours from the ones I had seen. That's valuable advice. Are they straight 6s or V6's?
  13. Like a shark that got caught in the netting and just left there to die.
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