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  1. Rally Pack 2000

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    Magnificent looking wheels. Anyone ever try fit them with standard arches?
  2. Rally Pack 2000

    Just plain wrong!

    Greenpeace is right. We need to ban certain types of plastic that are harming the environment.
  3. Rally Pack 2000

    Just a quick check

    On the factory installations Its mounted on the left passenger side of the radiator. With the side the pipes input and output needing to face away from the mounting bracket, I cant see how you could mount it the other side unless it was upside down and then the oil pipes would have to make a sudden sharp U turn to join with the cooler.
  4. Rally Pack 2000

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    I prefer black spoke highlights with the thinner 4 spokes but for the 7.5in it just seems to look meaner with the spokes all silver. Black almost makes the extra dish vanish.
  5. Rally Pack 2000

    Christmas Wish list....

    It was always my dream car ever since its release in the 80s
  6. Rally Pack 2000

    Christmas Wish list....

    Its zero pounds. I will have one too thanks
  7. Rally Pack 2000

    Mk2 Mexico

    Would love to see more images of cars with these 14in Pirelli wheels.
  8. Rally Pack 2000

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-For-Ford-Escort-Mk2-Fiesta-Mk1-Door-Wing-Mirror-N-S-Left-Hand-Side/292067157008?hash=item44008f2410:g:I8kAAOSwDKtY1KWH:rk:2:pf:0 Twenty seven pounds for a new one from Motorsport tools. They have plastic housing as opposed to metal but they look similar to original
  9. Rally Pack 2000

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    Were you after one with or without remote operation? I have see new replicas for less than that but only the non remote type.
  10. Rally Pack 2000

    Mk2 Mexico

    Can you possibly show a picture of rear of the instruments and the board? If thats all intact you may find its just the regulator need repairing. Regulator failure is very common with these instruments. Thats the main cause of unresponsive fuel and temperature gauge. The Tacho, speedo and oil pressure should all be fine though? We can get you a replacement board for your instruments no problems but it sounds more the regulator to me at this point.
  11. Rally Pack 2000

    Just plain wrong!

    Yep we call them station wagons. I looked at the photos and thought I was in the vicinity of them being estate cars but I couldn't make the leap to what "shooting brake" even means let alone how it relates to estate cars? I even have been spending the past hour trying to see if it was cockney rhyming slang or something LOL
  12. Rally Pack 2000

    Just plain wrong!

    Someone may have to explain the shooting brake reference to me LOL
  13. Rally Pack 2000

    Australian Twincam Thread

    I would love to try these https://www.stuckey.com.au/Tyres/Classic-Tyres/ProdID/155 They say the 205 will fit 5.5in rims.
  14. Rally Pack 2000

    Pinto Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

    An interesting development that I hadn't considered, the manifold is trapping the heat against the head and the car is now running significantly hotter. That is in contrast to everything that I had read about getting the manifold coated and believed that things close to he manifold would be not be subjected to the same excessive heat as an uncoated manifold would. Im not sure how the head absorbs the heat where the spark plug leads are cooler than before? Here during the summer extra heat is a bit no no. That proved to be a short but expensive experiment then! LOL Anyone make a good stainless tubular manifold with clearance for the original brake booster?
  15. Rally Pack 2000

    Australian Twincam Thread

    That's awesome Marcel. I can definitely relate to being the fifth wheel LOL. You really shouldn't go raiding your own mums car for wheels though LOL Mine would happily give anything of mine car related away to anyone that came knocking. Car stuff was always regarded as annoying clutter that takes up space in her shed. The Twincam is stored under her carport in the prime place her Camry should be and she gripes about that often and im half certain if one of you guys ever went to her door and said that car looks nice she would reply instantly "Its yours!" The colour of the wheel made me laugh as I have a Twincam engine photo that would work with that wheel perfectly! That image is really how I remember most of the Twincams I drove over the years. They weren't these pristine coveted things you see today. A Twincam was just spare parts for Elans and other things back and more of a curiosity to other Escort owners than a car many sought after. The going rate for an RS2000 in the mid 80s was bout 6 to 7 thousand Australian dollars (Under 4000 pounds) with Twincams around 5 thousand AUS (3000 Pounds) mine was only 2 thousand pounds, the ring gear was gone in it and had to jump start it to get it home.