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  1. Long life Cocaine and Hookers never last as long as the use by date.
  2. That's awesome thanks. Love a new vid especially when im stranded at home. Nice workshop. Has owed over 50 Escorts and can remember rally car number plates but doesnt know the codes to tell what the shell was? Yeah right! LOL I did toy with the simple hubcap look for my Twincam except being bright orange it kind of takes away that understated Q car type look that they often try to achieve with white ones.
  3. Haters will say it's photoshopped. Isnt it one of those Minicar Racers?
  4. Is this a new series? I dont remember an Esprit in any of the episodes I have seen.
  5. When the powers that be asked us to be home bodies during the crisis I dont think your meant to take it literally!!
  6. Good point, need to check the toe in too. A least you know its not a concept car and definitely a runner!
  7. Very strange place to store your shoes. Dont your cars have shoes for the front legs?
  8. We have only one medical mask manufacturer in Australia and they only make 5% of the market with the bulk coming from China and actually Wuhan. The government approached them to step up production and they said they only have 2 employees that are qualified to operate the machines. So they loaned the company some military personnel so they could get a third machine out of moth balls. The government asked if they could do more but the company said you allowed the industry to die in favour of cheap Chinese imports and this situation is squarely on them. He said its not just enough to come knock on the door in an emergency that they needed to ensure local supply even when the emergency is long since over. He also added that there needs to be more than one company not just his in case one establishment fails. Will the Government listen? No it will be back to sucking up to the Chinese as soon as this is over. The fact that they refuse to call it the Wuhan Virus means they are already covering for a country that has brought the world to its knees. Im still wondering if ultimately all this needed stimulus would have cost less if they had just prevented the Cheap Chinese crap takeover in the first place and supported local business.
  9. The Rainbow Lorikeets are considered a pest as they are more a native to Queensland but sort of adapted and taken over here. They come in the mornings usually while the Gallah's coming on dusk. They often prefer the lawn to the feeder. Our state bird is the Eastern Rosella and we get them in the trees in the reserve behind my house but they haven't come down to the feeder in my yard yet. I can hear them twitter often but I think are intimidated by the high traffic of the feeder by all the bigger birds. The biggest birds we get are the Ibis who hang around the pond and try to eat my turtles. When they had babies that time I had to rare them in a tank as they would have been bite sized treats otherwise. Pigeons still are still the biggest pest when they swarm though. Only when the Carellas move in do they clear off but the noise so deafening that you cant hear the TV.
  10. I wonder why all the windows have gone. It would have helped keep the pigeon crap out.
  11. Once they stopped making Mk2 RS2000s, Sporting European Fords became very thin on the ground here so was just wanting to hear from anyone who owns or has owned more modern RS and Sporting Ford models (not covered by this site) and what they were like?
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