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  1. No wonder everyone is switching to LEDs. Darn I should have stocked up on filament sidelight bulbs when I had the chance!
  2. You also lost the ability to see what threads people were currently checking out. In the main home page you just hovered your curser over the persons name and it would pop up links to their profiles but also what thread they were checking out. Now when you do that it simply just says they are online but you already knew they were for the fact their name was in the currently online box. It was just a handy little feature to see what topics were attracting people the most so its no biggy but I liked it.
  3. Plenty of good Porsche clubs out there, no one will notice the difference!
  4. Well you can get away with a bit more chrome when your allowed to have coloured ones!
  5. This week the highest amount ever recorded for an Australian Twincam at Auction reaching $100,000 AUD. (55,000 Pounds)
  6. Mums old Camry has had overheating problem for years but she is of that age where she wont have her licence for long and all she uses it for is to get to the shops and back so the overheating problem doesnt really manifest itself cause its not running long enough but if the journey is for a few kms longer then it does. But after a few trips you have to top the radiator up. Basically it dumps all its coolant into the overflow bottle and keeps doing that till the radiator is empty and it overheats. I just took that as clapped out engine sign which of course wasn't worth getting the engine repaired and just kept waiting for the end to come and the upset phone call. I took the car out myself the other day just to see how far it would go and it went 20kms or so which didn't seem too bad all thing considered but before the return journey rather than push my luck I went to top the radiator up and I noticed that the top radiator hose had completely collapsed. So there was the negative pressure there to draw the coolant back into the radiator from the overflow but it simple wasnt doing that and flattened the hose instead. That made me wonder if the engine isnt as far gone as I imagined and ignored it this whole time but instead there is just some small fault with the overflow system. I will replace the hose of course but Is there a valve in the lid of these things that draw the fluid into the bottle that is blocking the return of the fluid or something? Im feeling guilty now telling her every time she mentions the car to "get a new one" if its been a fixable fault all along.
  7. So giving up the Harley wasn't an end to your mid life crisis then, it was just making way for a new one?! 😀
  8. Oh we all would like to see pics of them! Please post here in the thread! (Johnny gets first dibs regardless LOL)
  9. If the van itself isn't bad enough check the number plate?
  10. 3 times now she has chased red belly black snakes on our walks. Shes not quit as venomous as one of those but there is no telling her to stop!
  11. But did he come in a Ford box? 🤔
  12. I wont say how old you are but definitely Loved cars from an early age. Happy birthday.
  13. You're just so mean!! lol Stick your hand in the window, I dare you? She chases horses!
  14. Definitely need to have a dogs day out when all the restrictions are lifted! Time is endless, you never ever get them out completely!
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