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  1. Hepolite pistons seem to be the go too piston choice for Pintos in the UK. Do they offer something over the original Mahle pistons?
  2. Well to be fair we did invent WiFi something that the Americans have tried to claim credit for in the past.
  3. The smoke actually turned to dust yesterday. We has a huge dust storm that engulfed Sydney. It gets in everywhere. I took off the car covers to rinse them and the water turned to mud. The images below is the dust that filtered through the covers not even the bulk of it that fell on top. Then the hail storm his this morning which didn't damage the cars but everywhere the stones landed on cars they melted and mixed with the dust to create mud spots Car washing is banned at the moment from water restrictions but the pressure hose is accidentally going to be pointed at both cars over the weekend!
  4. Most ute conversions botch the rear window but that one has been done quite sympathetically in a reverse angle Anglia style. I think this is one of the more tasteful ute conversions I have seen out there.
  5. How can that even be legal? Everyone banned them after that Ben Hur incident of 20 AD
  6. That was my mistake sorry, I missed Careys original post. It is a Mk2 Granada Estate
  7. Isnt there a forum member building a Anglia Twincam at the moment?
  8. The one I have just says quartz on the dial as well but when I took it apart to convert it to LED there were indications it was made by VDO. But I think there were several manufacturers of these with others including Smiths. I think Ford swapped and changed around suppliers. The dial markings also vary.
  9. eeb43's Granada and your Estate part are correct but ........ not Mk3
  10. Good one, You were the first to spot it was in fact a TVR Very close but a bit more to go. Thats the one! And as Accord83 mentions it was also known as the Zante. This was going to be a tough one in that its a one off prototype yet you still manage to figure it out. The TVR SM Zante I was going to accept a Ford Falcon as the answer as being Australian the model was probably a bit elusive. Its not an XM though. Its actually an earlier XL. The rears have a different look tail-light bumper arrangement. XL XM Number 7 is in fact Toyota's very First Sports Car the S800 or 800 Sport. Number 10 has a well documented history. It was a 246 Dino that was stolen as an insurance fraud by the owner not long after it was purchased. The thieves couldn't bring themselves to chop it up as the owner requested so they buried it instead and just cut out the rear Dino badge as proof. The police received a tip off where it was buried in a back yard years later and it was subsequently dug up, sold and restored.
  11. Fair point but "Spocks Socks" has a bit of a ring to it.
  12. The Ghia in Vistas link and your own both have a solid chrome bumper. Dont Ghias there have protector strips in their bumpers to differentiate them other models? I think any reinstatement of original specs will only add to its value. A Ghia doesn't seem like a Ghia without its vinyl roof. I would also keep the square headlight arrangement and full bumper in case you want to reinstate its Ghia look. I think they look great without split bumpers.
  13. You know whats frightening about that is that there are 13 others.
  14. Maybe its just the Morris Marina door handles trick you into thinking its a 70s Lotus?
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