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  1. Just watching the latest series of Top Gear. I like this more with each Series as the new guys have settled in and work very well together. Interesting outdoor socially distant format but they still managed to bring along the 4 door Mk2 escort from their first series which is good to see. There are some great cars out in the audience. Are any of you guys there with your OSFs? In Episode 3 of the season they really pan the looks of a Pininfarina Ford Focus. I have never heard of this model before and thought it looked quite nice from the back whereas they seem to imply its universally cons
  2. Love those tiles. You know if I had seen them in the shops on display I would have thought those wouldn't work for a shower or bathroom but once installed they look absolutely great. Nicer than my home shower hmmmmmmmm!!!
  3. I dont know about Col I would so love that for myself! You cant own your own steam train to drive (proper not model) and those steam tractors that weigh 80 tons are not really usable for a country drive so a steam car would be perfect! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STANLEY-735A-STEAM-CAR-OF-1921/293802997770?hash=item446805f80a:g:Ni4AAOSwQqRfmEtw
  4. I'd still pay that than buy a FirstLine one! Maybe he knows it too! LOL He is still showing 8 left in stock but what you say seems to be the norm. Im out of pocket 350 quid currently because the seller didn't have a clock I ordered and he cannot refund my money because I didn't pay in GBP. He didn't take the auction listing down though just doubled the price and hopes that will deter anyone else from buying. The fact that people cant ever get their money back from him using overseas Ebay seems inconsequential. With regards to Cols post, I have used that guys cables as they also ha
  5. But that's how you drive Escorts, full on or full off!
  6. Its cheap compared to the earlier Cheese type ones. There is however a replica of this later version you can get for a reasonable 45 pounds. It just has a different brand logo embossed on it.
  7. (Tip) Scalectric Escorts arent very aerodynamic and fling off the track too easily. I didn't know you were an Architect. Still much to learn about the fingers at the other end of OSF text posts.
  8. Making a big fuss about Pineapple and Anchovies on a Pizza seems rather petty now.
  9. You mention in an earlier post it till had its 44yo paint. Clear paints a more recent thing so it definitely would not have had it originally. Nor am I a fan of it myself. When I see it peeling on more modern cars I think it was used by the factory to give greater shine to really poor quality ripply paintwork. Some of the VWs I checked out around ten years ago the paint quality was appalling but weirdly still shiny.
  10. Because they changed in size from large to small in Mk2 production you may need to mention what year model you have to determine the right size of top mounts for you.
  11. That's actually not quite true. While most car from the factory came with the Ford Logo lights, Ford did supply replacements that did not have the Ford Logo on them. Ford didn't make the lights themselves instead they used suppliers like Lucas, Hella and Carello and like the 7in rounds that had a blue H4 transfer on them to start with that then later evolved into a H4 that was moulded into the class. So too we see an evolution of the Mk2 Squares. By the mid 1980's the Ford spare part replacement has a moulded H4 logo instead. Possibly they changed suppliers from the original 70s production tim
  12. LOL Fortunately I don't use clear coat. Imported cars im particular have the huge matt areas where it yellows and peels off under our sun. Cars only 4 years old need respraying, especially the metalics. Jokes aside I use a bit of Autoglym actually.
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