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  1. I think insurance on Fords in the UK is getting a bit out of control? https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11795815/dad-50million-car-insurance-bill-pay-4-2million-a-month/
  2. I heard you guys had a sex ban at the moment, I wasn't expecting them to get that specific though!
  3. The guy that sells new old stock here is asking 200 pounds per handle without locks. Keep in mind that new chrome lock replacements seem to come up reasonably regularly but the black ones hardly ever do. So only buy new Black handles if they come with the locks otherwise you will be waiting quite a while for them to come up separately.
  4. Style seems a bit unidirectional. Personally I would pick the hearse with the heaven clouds on it rather than hell flames provided you get a say in the matter.
  5. @accord83 Thats a donk version of Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine!
  6. Im missing the Ferrari connection apart the bonnet badge? Its an Audi isnt it?
  7. I bought a brake line fitting kit for mine that just including little crossover pipes and it was a great setup. Some do pipe them in independently as well. I have never heard issues with either method before. I suspect in racing the separate plumbing would be better but for a road car the other is adequate.
  8. I was mainly just curious about the variations. I saw a pic once that didnt have any supports at all. The new panel has already been made with textured vinyl on one side and dylaliner sound proofing on the other and the fibre seals around the wheel arches from the original have been removed from it and replaced on the new one. So its all set to go with holes matching the original. There are matching holes where the original clips once were so no need to permanently bond it in when factory looking clips should do the job..
  9. That's interesting. If I pushed it in from the boot side you wouldn't see the expanded prongs of the clip and on the visible side you would have a neat head. I would just have to be sure that the rear seat doesn't butt up at that point. It would need to go into an open part of the seat. What are the dimensions of those things? What is the partition arrangement with UK Cars? On my Twincam its a solid panel and the Mk2 it has a criss-cross beam for strengthening and a flimsy panel to hide seeing the internals of the seat
  10. Do they spread open when you tap the head down?
  11. Yes thats the one but that guy pictured doesnt own it any more. The new owner followed me home one day trying to buy my wheels and only lives a kilometre away. I have worked on it a few times since. I got him to install an air-conditioner in exchange for parts he couldnt get! It looks like this now. Our classic car number plates just happen to have purple lettering so its the only car they match!
  12. I know there is only one purple Twincam left in the world to my knowledge and it fetched the highest price locally for any Twincam. I think they need to change the term for money from Greenbacks to Purplebacks!
  13. Most seem to be 10mm but thats almost the size of one direction of the teardrop hole, so 15 to 20mm would be great.
  14. Is purple that illusive sort after colour for 1300E's, sort of like Midnight Blue is to Mk2 RS2000s?
  15. That is an option if I cant find any with a wide enough head. My reasoning is that I wanted it to look like flat smooth trim clips not bolts and washers. They would need to be black nylon if I went down that route which is easy enough to find. The original panel was mounted by tabs on the inner rear bulkhead however one flex upwards to remove the panel and off they broke. One had even broken off on its own over the years. Between them and the cardboard panel itself I dont think Ford ever envisaged them to last as long as they have. With the tabs gone It leaves a reasonable size tear-drop shaped hole hence the need for the wide head. I was just trying to make it look as standard as possible. The shelf panel itself has large headed flat plastic screws that hold it down and that's what gave me the idea to look for plastic ones similarly shaped but slightly smaller in diameter so that it all appeared of the same factory design.
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