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  1. See I still must be making mistakes with them as the JBWs that I have been looking at seem to have thin wheel nut surrounds like the RS ones to me! I can spot that in Lasers though. Its funny that I thought Capri lasers would be just as good when I bought them and thought people mad when the criticised them on here, but I really do get it now and hope to get a set to change them over. Some of those JBWs are really nice though. The 7in ones @dt36 bought the other week were really really sweet but after considering factors its the 6s for me. To think a Twincam owner followed me home one day offering me more than a thousand quid for my set of Lasers, I probably should have taken it now that Im after the real thing! LOL
  2. Cause the Sierra rear wing is blocking the rear view mirror and thats the only way he can see out the back!
  3. I can most times depending on the angle of the photo its more some of the JBW wheels these days that I cant tell for sure if the Ford symbol is filled with paint. I have never seen a RS alloy or a JBW wheel in real life. I hadn't seen Capri Lasers either till I had bought a set online and it was only after having them in my hands I could see the differences when I looked at online images. Its easier for you guys when you have been looking at them for decades on real cars. Most here still think Capri Lasers are RS alloys. Add - I just started using new specs for the computer which I sat on and Specsavers is closed temporarily because of the virus so Im squinting alot at the moment for details in pics!
  4. Yes Thats exactly what it is Scott! Well done its not as well known as Emus. They are totally nasty pieces of work. That horned crest on the heads is to plough through dense scrub at speed. Clawed feet and just constantly savage. My first job in high school was at the local wildlife park and I had to go in the enclosure to feed one they had. It had killed all its mates and had worn its beak down to a stump from rubbing it along the fence like Freddy Kruger's knife hands. Cleaning the crocodile pond out was safer than feeding that thing. Dinosaurs evolved into birds, this one is what happened to Velocirapters when they evolved, temperament claws and all. People are scared of Emus when they are just bumbling and stupid things and no danger at all. Fortunately Cossowary's are only found in Far North QLD and the boarder is closed from the virus so we are safe for now. She sounds scarier! We arent all living in fear of fangs with creatures ready to eat us at any moment as some would think, we live orderly lives and cross at the cross-walk just like everyone else! crockwalk.mp4 Tourism Advertisers really need to focus on the more cuddly things the country has to offer if they want to win back visitors after the virus.
  5. Well at least you don't have to paint them to match the car! Are they original RS wheels?
  6. People in the UK and USA keep saying how much fun Angry Birds are? Australians just dont get it?
  7. You're the one that took the up skirt flash shot and posted it, we just admired it! Those shiny extra diff bolt plates make a plain diff centre look fancy. I like the addition of them.
  8. Gosh, that just car porn that is, looking up another Daisy's skirt. No Escorts bottom should look that good!
  9. Based on a Sherpa chassis I think it was. As for the rest, there looks to be maybe Reliant and Mercedes in there? Many thanks for posting that here and not defacing my Orange thread with that. Much appreciated.
  10. @dt36 to be fair though it kind of works well on that car!
  11. Now that you mention that I looked closer and the rears appear to be a different size to the front so would definitely have to be JBW
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