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  1. This is an original clip im looking for. Even one used one would do the trick. Thanks
  2. I forgot one other important difference between the two types. The British ones are made of Pewter rather than aluminum.
  3. Unfortunately its been a few years now so can remember the sellers name off the top of my head. I just had a quick look and I couldn't see anyone that resembles him. I would recognize the seller if I saw his name again though. I will keep an eye out.
  4. Mine came from a British seller that did a variety of chrome rings including vent ones but he was a private seller who only had the made in smaller batches. Vista also got a new 6 dial face for me as well (which was pre-chromed and didn't need rings) which did come from classic trim hence the confusion. The chrome rings were different to the polish ones. They have a more squared face to them as well as being more than just rings but virtually cones that go deeper into the dial rather than just around the rim. The polish ones look more rounded and petite just to decorate the very rim.
  5. Not really its more light angle dependent as to whether the blue stands out or not otherwise it does in fact look black. That's the unique trait of Midnight Blue hence its name. That one doesn't look unusual for that colour to me.
  6. So the RS ones dont fit JBW wheels Im guessing?
  7. I think the colour is Ryanair Stewardess Orange if im not mistaken. Its hard to tell for sure though as the back end shots are a bit distorted.
  8. You dont buy it for the songs, you buy it because of the RS2000 on the cover!
  9. New Series Episode 1 of Season 30 - "Dad's Cars" include a Mk1 Fiesta and Mk4 Cortina driven by the boys for the episode. Nice OSFs and a BMW 323i ringer. Plus a stint with 3 Mk2 Escort Rally Cars in a forest, I doubt you will ever see that much OSF in a Top Gear Episode ever again.
  10. Ahh you finally took the plunge with the Jenvey's then? Many will be interested in the results for sure.
  11. I like it apart from the interior colour!
  12. Its like a cuckoo pretending it belongs in the nest but its larger than the other chicks.
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