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  1. Yes the BDA engines seem to have started to fetch a premium the past few years. We have had discussions regarding the values of UK and Australian Twincams on here and at that time the value of Twincams was higher than that of RS1600s but since then the value of RS1600s has surged ahead while Twincams have virtually stagnated. In the UK this year a UK Twincam fetched 40,000 pounds and an Australian Twincam fetched 34,000 pounds. Another really good example of a British Twincam is about to come up for Auction and its estimate is also around 40,000 pounds. This price has synched with Australian Twincam price highs, within the last few years. The record paid for an Australian Twincam was the equivalent of 41,000 pounds in 2017 which was surpassed in 2018 with a sale at 44,000 pounds. These RS1600s have virtually doubled in price in a short period of time. This was the record holder for an Australian Twincam in 2017 at 73,000 Australian Dollars, now surpassed. (It was the 16th Twincam I have driven, I have kept a long for decades LOL Brakes were shocking given it was the most valuable Escort in the country at that time! Now that title is held by the Yellow RS1600 above.)
  2. They are kind of crazy. I like it when someone with a rusted beater puts reserve prices that matches these pristine fully restored examples on Ebay after they saw what they sold for online. One of the reasons I left this thread open to other classics is so we can see and compare what other exotics you can get for similar money.
  3. With Old Skool Ford prices getting out of control it seemed like a good idea to start a thread where everyone can post information and images when our precious OSFs break the bank. In 2016 the record was set in Australia for a Mk1 Escort RS1600 at $118,000 AUD. (67,000 Pounds Sterling) Strangely it was LHD so not sure what it was doing here? Last year (2018) a new world record price was set for an RS1600 in LeMans Green in the UK for 71,000 Pounds Sterling. ($126,000 AUD) Less than 2 weeks later in November 2018 that record was broken again in the UK with the record now standing at 80,000 Pounds Sterling by KGF Classic Cars. The under-body attention to detail quite stunning. So if you hear about any record breaking Old Skool Fords, please post them so we know what levels these cars are reaching. Many of us are Classic Car Enthusiasts in general so if you see other interesting classics breaking records I don't think anyone would mind hearing about them too for a bit of discussion.
  4. Trust me, treasure your innocence on this and dont try solve the puzzle. I couldn't resist and now I cant put that genie back in the bottle. I really have lived a sheltered life. 🤢
  5. Lotus Cortinas has been used by Police before the Mk2s - I wonder how many axles they went through? While the 4 Door Mk2s were made specially, two door ones were used as well. Merseyside Police dabbled with Mexicos While Liverpool Police saw too many episodes of the Professionals
  6. I innocently thought this was some kind of bra size reference and looked up the meaning online. I only got to read the Wikipedia entry and now I feel really ill.
  7. Although well documented it still is a worthy addition to this thread. The 4 door Mk2 Lotus Cortina supplied to Mid-Anglia Police. Only two were ever made.
  8. Twincams still popular in classic car racing in between RX-2s and 2002s.
  9. Oh is that what that's for? I thought it was to flip the bird at the cops and Impreza owners without having to wind down the window.
  10. I have heard it said that fitting rally arches on a road car is a grey area and never understood what they meant till I saw this. Look at those rears. Massive!
  11. If you ever get caught with the 3x2 tell them its a restoration part for a woody.
  12. I would love to hear more of the back story on some of these as to how it was recovered and if anyone got nicked for pinching them.
  13. I wonder if I get responses to my threads or mocked by people I have never seen here through the regular site? I occasionally delete my own threads that get no responses thinking no one must be interested in that crap! Never admit that in front of others, see yourself more as a classic traditionalist with no interest in modern gossipy youth media trends and cyber bullying. Makes you sound more intellectual.
  14. I suspected you and others may like that one but that grill does it in for me.
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