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  1. Silver it is then! In your images the panels look painted silver so I was wondering if you were pre-painting then and wondering how you weld them after that!
  2. So will it be white or silver? With or without front spoiler?
  3. Well if that's a magnum panel they have come a long way since I bought from them last. It literally had a series of scrunched ripples on it that a third of it had to be discarded. Fortunately the car metal was still good in that area to blend the two. Similar to how you have used your rear quarter. You saved a bit and cut down the panel except your panel wasn't ripply.
  4. Only if we don't have a tape measure apparently?! Two people with a boozy adult roo between them in a 1.5 metre space? One of them is not going home in one piece! I can imagine the Daily Mail headlines, "Drunk kangaroo takes down two Aussies in pub brawl!". In the comments the British readers upset that we can go to a pub and they cant and hope the Kangaroo was safe! 🤣
  5. How embarrassing! Boris did ban sex though unless you were outside in your own garden. So people have to do their own thing while socially distancing.
  6. That looks too fine a press to be a Magnum panel. It looks of exceptional quality. My guess is Expressed? I love the Cortina Col but Harriers are a fav so Im going to have to transfer my affections by the look of it.
  7. Oh dear! Now I get it! 🤭 I feel silly now! @Vista You should start a thread with these after the spanner one and now this!
  8. What am I missing she looks fine?
  9. @dt36 It was 42C (108F) today 32C through the night. Cold hands in the garage?
  10. Hahaha that happens alot but this is probably a record for an old thread being resurrected! If your searching for a 4 door Sport start a thread of your own in the Old Skool Ford Cars Wanted section and someone may have something or point you in the right direction. Welcome to the Forum!
  11. Now thats just stereotyping! @accord83
  12. The Missfit Ford? So he is totally aware of what he has done then, not just think it looks cool in his eyes?
  13. It was a much different time in the 70s. Door switches were not even standard in all cars let alone boot switches. They were very basic cars. It was a pretty easy routine to leave you parking lights on before shutting the drivers door, going to the boot to get out what you wanted and then walking forward hitting the light lever to switch everything off before locking the car. Having had mine for 35 years, back when I got it you didn't give it a second thought. If anything the very primitive door switches would perish and leak that I remember leaving the light off most of the time only to switc
  14. Welcome to the forum. @Vista can possibly help you reconnect to your old login if you give him some details.
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