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  1. It should be said all this came about cleaning the Redback Spiders out from underneath the car as I didnt want them biting the dog who goes under it sometimes and spotted the perished bushes and boots on the arms while I was at it. I moved some Mk2 doors the other day out of the rain and their were full of them and got bit myself. Just stings for a few days but no so good for a little dog if it happened.
  2. Found them! My search parameters excluded them when I needed to abbreviate. (Yes I see they irony so no comment from the gallery LOL) They look pretty good. German made too. It will save me having to take them off a perfectly good set of control arms. Would still like to get the arms you have Ray in case the joints on these have had it after 50 years. I fear them sitting idle without the car moving with split boots hasn't preserved them very well. I think the replicas will suit me fine. If Im ordering these boots from Burtons then are their Tie Rod ends good quality as well? There was mention Ray that you may be having some issues getting correct or decent ones?
  3. You know I looked at Burtons before posting here just to see what they sold and all I saw listed was QH complete control arms for MK1/2. There was no boots listed. I swear these search engines dont give everyone equal results. Those new original control arms you gave me the link to Ray they dont come up in any search even when I go through Ebay UK. So I would never have seen them if you had not provided the link. Its like their best match feature determines if its best for you or not. It happens alot actually. I bet most sellers dont realise their items arent reaching the eyes of as many as they think. I used to blame the old computer but cant do that any more. Maybe its just me, technology crumbles in my hands, its why I keep Escorts!
  4. I found a few auctions like this but not sure if any of the sizes would be right. The writing wouldnt matter so much with them being squished down once fitted I would imagine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNIVERSAL-BALL-JOINT-TRACK-ROD-END-RUBBER-DUST-COVER-KIT-GREASE-FITS-ALL-CARS/181641052280?hash=item2a4aa68078:g:D94AAOSw1ZBUuQjl
  5. That's really very useful information. I hadn't placed much importance to the slight differences in control arms especially to the uniqueness of original Mk1 Ford ones before. This site and your posts makes one re-evaluate the value of the attention to smaller details. Having owned them so long its hard for me to sometimes get into the mindset they are valuable classics now and I need go that bit extra effort with originality. I was just going to go with the run of the mill generic ones but after your post I think its important to at minimum get a set of the ones styled like the originals. The car as it happens still has its original arms from 1970 which are clearly the same as the ones you have bought. I often get amazed what original parts are still on the car even the rubber brake lines. I think the ball joints may be ok (need to get them completely off to be sure) but certainly the bushes have gone and the boots split. 500 pounds though is a bit over the top I think though so my choices are both the ones you took previously. Fit the complete replica ones or try re-bushing the originals and put on new boots. If the rally design ones that you have still have intact boots (which I gather from your post you cant buy separately) then either way maybe grabbing the ones you have would be the way to go and decide when I have them in my hands whether to fit them complete or use the boots off them? How much were you wanting for them?
  6. I was more curious than anything since they can be used on both MK1s and 2s did they go with UNF or Metric with these generic control arms? The thread doesn't both me so much but I would like the split pin look for a Twincam. UNF I guess would be helpful because one day I will go back years in the future and wonder how a metric nut got on there. I have never had an issue with anything QH so if there isn't anything stand out better than theirs then I would get a set of them. Did you solve the Mk1 tie rod end mystery you were having?
  7. I once had a ginger cat called blacky too.
  8. Who of the after market Control Arm makers have you guys found good for Mk1 Escorts. I have heard some are good and some arent. Online I can see some QH and Borg and Beck. What ones stand out as being pretty good? Given they list the same arms for Mk1 and 2 are they all UNF or Metric? Someone here in Australia (Protex) lists theirs as Mk1 only. I bought some for the Mk2 a few years back and never even bothered to check the thread on them. I was after quality tie rod ends as well if there are suggestions.
  9. Proper engines! And you can even get new cam covers for that which is more than I can. Just out of curiosity though, what would a Lotus Cortina fetch these days? Are we talking just one kid or two? How good are your kidneys?
  10. I really like that. Of course it looks brilliant in orange too!
  11. Nicely framed in Orange of course is even better!
  12. I vaguely remember seeing someone made a "one off" Cam Cover with Ford Instead of Lotus but I dont remember any actual cars getting them? I would be interested to see any images if you have some. Elan Twincams had covers all over the place it was crazy! From the factory Big Valve ones to the variants put on by specialty tuners like Holbay, Piper, BRM and Vegatune. Still think the early and late originals look the best though.
  13. At least there are no RS transits so you dodge that rippoff.
  14. New council regulations on storage and oil spillage means no new wreckers have opened here in Sydney for many years. So as the old ones close there are never replacements. Car manufacturers prefer it that way so they can sell more new parts and when they phase the models out altogether your forced to buy a new one. We are lectured every day on recycling yet making best use of perfectly good parts on damaged cars is where big business says whats good and whats not.
  15. Escort Twincam ones are the style Col is describing.
  16. You can get replicas of the early Twincam Cam covers, does anyone know if someone offers the later style ones as well?
  17. No Im searching for a source as it seems Australia is going to be the best place to find some given all our Mk1s had square headlights. The trouble is that the looms vary so while I have a set of Lucas ones as spares my car takes Hella ones with H4 bulbs. I think most of the after market ones sold here will be the H4 type not the Lucas type. Thats if I can find any at all. Im looking for a stash sitting dusty on a shelf somewhere. Its good the guy emailed you directly as well so you can get him to sign up for answers. Result! I knew it was related to the update as thats when the porn messages started coming through but when a car post listed the same way I knew something odd was happening. Dont you hate that, everything is switched on by default. This new computer has been driving me crazy with that. It was tough to find a modern SSD laptop that still used an older windows 7 operating system but the moment you plugged it into the net the default auto update tried to change it on me to windows 10. This computer also has default in its bios that keeps the USBs powered even after the thing is switched off. I would walk away from the computer and could hear all the external drives all still whirring away. Took me a day just to figure out how switch the default to off. (The instruction manual is on a CD rom but there isnt one in the laptop itself! Insane!)
  18. Its definitely a curious glitch. It seems to even catch innocent posts as well like this chap after some Mk1 square headlights. I cant access his post though as it says its not admissible. If we could find a way to get word to him that would be good.
  19. I think it needs room to grow. At least so you can get out of the right hand doors. Happy to store a little silver Fezza at my place if it helps? 🙂
  20. I noticed this being worked on yesterday so im sure a fix is coming but just a note to say they are still slipping through.
  21. Not now he has cleaned all the oil and grease off it!
  22. Welcome to the forum its great to see you. Just moved you over to the Engine forum. The Support desk is mainly for site issues and glitches so over here in the Engine Room you should get more people seeing it and hopefully get the answer you need. All the best.
  23. I never really noticed any greater difficulty in starting my Twincam over my Pinto. Exactly three jabs of the accelerator and up she fires. Never used any choke as it was never connected since I bought it. Is this a winter issue that I basically miss out here or something with twin carbs?
  24. I hope you do try the Jenvey Heritage TB conversion. Especially on original RS vehicles, it just seems to respect the vintage of the cars while giving the benefits of TB injection. I would love to see a thread about your experiences with it. It is expensive but it just looks great and period.
  25. It does sound like Express are simply reworking these German sourced Mk2 panels and selling them as their own. Their Mk1 stuff does appear to be their own from what I can tell.
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