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  1. Ahhhhh you already had a go before I posted these images I took today. You can see my duel LED placement in the images as the single filament bulb is really poor at illuminating. You really have to be very careful removing the bezel. The ring is very thin and damages easily. Only if you have nothing to loose would I recommend taking one apart. I removed it to take these images and cant get it to go back together again so I may have stuffed it with too much fiddling around. I will keep trying another day as the clock still works and the LEDs still illuminate.
  2. It does certainly explain the difference in visor arrangements. The glued on rear view mirrors would seem a compromise to allow the full swivel visor arrangement. Ghia visors had vanity mirror in the passenger visor as well. The top band of our Escort windscreens were Blue tinted from the factory and the after-market replacements are still sold that way still even today. I have noted that not all of the European cars have that. So Ford definitely made adjustments for the sun effects. I remember many of the manufacturers never grasped the need for UV stabilised plastics. Renault interiors would turn to powder or if you hit switch on a plastic console you would punch through to the other side. Modern Chinese plastics are the same under the Australian sun and are back where everyone else was in the 70s. While we have sunny dry winters (our driest season) on the downside we are the melanoma capitol of the world.
  3. Thanks so much for the offer, I will definitely think about it. I need to have a look at the whole thing in daylight and decide. Its funny it was a de-lamination issue that started me down this path in first place LOL So UK Mk2s don't have any form of side swing visors?
  4. You know I hadnt really thought of it as that important until we just started discussing it and realised I would have to give up the swivel feature as well. That is a really really good idea. Looking at the images posted here the Australian visa clip may very well fit over the mirror mount as the bolt holes are placed the same. The only trouble I can see would be at the base of the mirror stem does bulge a bit but with a bit of filing of the plastic visor mount may solve that. Only way is to get myself a mirror an experiment!
  5. The one I pictured above I took apart to do the LED conversion on it so it illuminates as you see shown. The front bezel is crimped but with care you can lift it and take it apart. I have not re-crimped mine so if you dont mind waiting till its daytime here I will snap a few images about what you can expect when you take it part?
  6. That's interesting The outside ends of ours do look alot different. The reason for the visor centre clip mount where your mirrors mount is because our visors unclip from the centre and you can swing them around to shield the sun over the door window as well depending on the suns position. Its not just one way swing flap visor like those pictured. I suspect this is the reason for the different designs with the mirrors and all. A more variable sun shield visor was considered an important safety feature from glare from all sides was probably more for local conditions. It can get harsh with the sun to your side at times.
  7. The extra light I added to take the photo here at night doesn't help but the headlining is brand new and only replaced this year which also makes it look whiter. If you compare the visor you can see its aged a bit more. I have heard ours described as putty colour. I was even offered one a shade whiter when I was making my vinyl selection so Im glad I chose the darker one. I cant tell if there are any self tapping screw holes underneath at any point but it should be easy enough to fit some if they mount as simply as that.
  8. Great information thanks. The putty colour from a Ghia then would be the best one to look for then. I will try get the mirror first just to make sure it definitely fits before trying to get visors. Im glad to see you can get them with a dip feature too. Your postage is actually much better than ours. The door handles I just sent back cost me three times more to send back to the UK than it did to have them sent to me.
  9. Thanks so much for that. Definitely much better and secure mounting than ours. A beige mounting over would suit well. It comes down to if I can change the visors as well it seems
  10. Ahhhhhh I see what's happening now!!! These are the things you don't get to see in books that only a forum can hep you with. The three screw mounting point for the rear view mirror is actually there on Australian cars its just re-purposed to hold a central visor clamp. So the issue isn't of the rear view mirror would fit its that I would have to get different visors as well and if there are holes for them to mount. All Australian cars had off white head linings. Are all visors in the UK black? Ours are off white on one side that blend in with the roof lining when folded up but black on the other side when you pull them down to shade yourself from the sun. Its an interesting comparison between the two. Even after 30 years there is still something new to learn.
  11. Hi Al, I would like to think these rivnuts you mentioned are still there as the interior lights are the same as the UK ones but I suspect they arent there unfortunately so its all about what is there and can I somehow attach it. There was no type approval as such it was purely down to cost and adding a degree of local made content to get tax concessions. The glued mirror system was used through out the Ford range including Cortinas and Falcons. The ones put in Escorts however are narrower than the Falcon ones so you cant even use them as a substitute as they don't fit well in between the visors when they are folded down. For some reason I have it in my mind that the interior light on our Escorts, although the same unit direct from the UK, may be mounted lower and closer to the windscreen as there is no rear view mirror mounted there. Any pictures anyone could provide would be wonderful thanks
  12. Oh I hadn't thought of that sorry. No I meant just a period mechanical lever type. Something period. Australian rear view mirrors have this but I wasn't sure if European MK2s has something like that back in the day. I was after original Ford. I'm just wondering if Ford Australia put their interior lights in a slightly different position that would prevent me from fitting an original European mirror. When you go through my books they show the interior if your lucky but never the rear view mirror up close and how it mounts. Gluing to the centre of the glass just isn't secure enough and every Australian mirror I have seen for sale in years has de-laminated around the edges My Mk1 uses a conventional mirror straight from the UK but it has no dip facility. If I have to give up this feature to fit a European mirror in the Mk2 then so be it but if Ford ever put one in the Mk2s then I would go for it if I can get one. Thanks I would love to see how yours is mounted. I don't want to be plumbing anything (Just whatever is original) in I just wondered if Ford UK ever put a rear view mirror with a mechanical dip lever in it. If not I would do without but wouldn't mind one since its always been in the car since new. Its more how the original mirror was mounted and if I can even fit one and if there were dip and non dip versions offered in RS or regular Mk2s.
  13. My Twincam has a bizarre 21mm bar. Here Mk2 GL's Ghias and Vans have 20mm bars and RS and RPs had 22mm bars. The bar isnt mounted any lower than the Euro type mount its just that it has a secondary strengthening plate that double loops over the top so the top of the bolt point is actually higher but underneath the shape and location remains the same as the European ones.
  14. Col was looking for RS Instruments at a few months back. Not sure if he still is.
  15. Another reddy 4 Door RS2000 The wheels known as Chromey 12 Slotters were popular in the 70's and 80's Dash in Kilometres of course.
  16. I thought Mk2 RS bars were 22mm? Australian mounts are different again. They are are a reverse double loop design increasing the thickness and strength at the bolt points. I have never seen a plate like the one on the left but the one on the right looks typical European Escort to me. My Twincam has a different type again but I would need to see the underside of the one on the left. It may be a Mk1 RS type? Australian Type Bar Mounts
  17. Actually all the switches come in both illuminated and non illuminated form (with one exception that I haven't seen yet). Dash dimmer, hazard, driving light all come in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions, the only switch I have never seen in person is the rear demister in non illuminated form. I have examples of all seven switches I will post a picture one day. In the case of the illuminated hazard switch you see it in early Mk2 Ghias here but it was replaced by a non illuminated one in all later cars.
  18. Australian Mk2 Escorts use a glue mounted rear view mirror that sticks to the windscreen. If you don't use a proper glue as many don't one bump and its in your lap. The real problem with them though is the backing de-laminates and you get dark mirrored patches around the edges. I haven't seen a pristine one for years. So I was thinking of converting to a European rear view mirror. I was wondering if anyone would mind posting images of how it mounts around the interior light. Is there a dip version offered as well? Many thanks.
  19. Car thieves are cockroaches so a mobile "Zap-Em" seems perfectly appropriate
  20. Wow Talk about Deja Vu! Its like my friends and the car washing all over again! They were all Old Skool Forders too. Except they weren't old skool then.
  21. Posting images of my sister would just be weird and creepy! lol
  22. I can just cope with the front but then as you turn your head as it drives past and then you cop a view of the back. Those tail lights are nasty.
  23. Actually she got the looks. Blond Blue Eyes bikini model type. My friends would always conveniently visit when she had to wash her car. I started washing it for her at the same time as mine just out of embarrassment. Much to my friends complaints. The only good thing was I didn't get bullied at school like most of the new kids as they all wanted to go out with her so I was put on a safe list. I had no name of my own just Gail's little brother. It was popular look with the Japanese tourists at the wildlife park ticket office too presumably and speeding tickets were waved with the bat of an eye. In the 80s model looks did get you places.
  24. What a really strange video! My first job in high-school was at a local wildlife park on weekends, and while that may sound like terrific job when you say it to all the kids at school, the reality is its nothing but slimy water bowl cleaning and sh*t shovelling and being attacked by nasty flightless birds that were very pissed at being in cages, all for the princely sum of five bucks a day (My older sister got 15 for just selling entry tickets, go figure). While scrubbing out a slimy pond one day a goanna took issue and latched onto my ankle and could feel it starting to bleed. My instant reaction was to smash its head in with the scrubbing broom I had in my hand. I didn't stand their screaming waiting for a someone to come at detach it. Still have the scar too. Maybe body location is the key here but I still would have whacked it with the broom maybe just not as hard but it still would be dead. These days I just get snapped at by my own turtles. Nasty biters too, they lunge and bite the dog when she gets too close to the pond. (ironically a slimy pond I have to scrub out every week for free! Funny how life goes full circle)
  25. Sounds right to me. Clearly there was parts manufacturing there. I knew from images of the Taunus that some of the panels and things were unique so they had to be some manufacturing in South America but this is the first time I have ever come across them to see up close. I couldn't see them making handles in two different parts of the world at the same time so a post 82 manufacture with all the tooling moved to South America would make sense. VW did it all the time. Definitely different quality there too. The casting and chroming is not the best on the South American stuff.
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