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  1. Gosh that looks part prepper vehicle, part cylon!
  2. Me like alot. Scare me with the price?
  3. I heard you often fall off the edge at the end of a good night out......... edge of the bar that is. Nice Globes.
  4. The paint on that Copper Bronze Coloured Anglia looks amazing. Puts my dodgy home job to shame
  5. Sometimes its goes right though. From Australia, who thought an Austin 1800 would look so good?
  6. And that's green. LOL No way! Stop trying to mess with my head! 🤣
  7. Could you elaborate Dale? Every person I also knew that went down that road was really enthusiastic about the hype of adjustable bias boxes but were less so with the end result. Most saying once set they don't really do anything with it or it hasn't achieved the extra braking efficiency that they anticipated. It appeared a lot of effort for very little gain on the road.
  8. Did they give you the lecture about the reliability of old cars?
  9. That's exactly what happened to my Electronic Ignition last year, it would cut out when it reached operating temperature and it was the plug that joins the module to the distributor sensor. When it heats up from the engine the plug would expand and not make contact even though the clips that hold it together appear connected.
  10. No need. I can see the appeal. Its pretty distinctive and unique. Alot of detail went into it. I think it would have worked better without the vinyl roof. I almost put it into the Unique, Rare or Prototype or 4 Door threads.
  11. One thing I have learned from this thread is that its pretty low on the tackyness scale really! A lot of work went into those stripes that's for sure.
  12. I can see a hue to it but its a grey gold in the way you have a grey silver. All I can say is that the Venetians must have watered their gold down with heaps of zinc or something! This is gold.
  13. Maybe it really is me, Venetian Gold also looks Grey to me!
  14. Based on the wheels and colour I think this would easily look at home side by side Col's Mk1 as its younger sibling.
  15. Ahhhhh the compromise alternative to rats. I totally get it now. Wise very wise. Just lucky you dont have a son that wants to keep snakes.
  16. I think thats a great idea, Im always getting stuck behind hearses!. You could pop Sebastian Vettels career in that.
  17. From the guys that call orange, Sebring Red LOL 50 Shades boys 50 Shades. 🤣
  18. Growing up my mum forbid me from keeping guinea pigs. I believe the expression "Nothing but tailless rats!" was the one shouted at me in response. When I later worked at the local wildlife park and the stocks of frozen rats was low they would send me down to the overpopulated petting zoo for Wedge Tailed Eagle dinners.
  19. She seems to hate the entire history of Britain. How does someone get elected that hates the country so much? She calls the entire country racist and then makes some anti-Semitic jibes herself? After reading about her I wonder who voted for her?
  20. Hahahaha! Oh you British, you crack me me up. You're so used to seeing nothing but grey skies you have forgotten what blue looks like! 🤣
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