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  1. Yes I must admit I was curious why it was left to sit underwater for so long. I naturally thought it was recovered soon after the crash.
  2. In quarantine BUT I am allowed one place and one place only as long as I take the direct route. To get a half way progress report Im allowed to go to a drive through testing station. I so really really wanted to snap a photo in the queue for you but there was no one else there so drove straight in and had me filling out forms and shoved a stick up my nose before I could snap a photo of their tent so I just snapped one on the way back to show I went in RP2000! (no outside shots possible im in a car bubble) Car went well but didn't start the best from sitting idle so long. But I got out in it!!!
  3. Im of the opinion you run it once for display purposes then let it then live its life in the museum. Not only that the museum has a contract that it belongs to them and they have spent nay on a million pounds meeting their obligations to build the display space for it but the thing that struck me most was that in order to sustain use that many more original parts would have to subsequently be replaced meaning over time the thing becomes less and less original. Build a replica if you really want to constantly play with it. Keep as much of the original in the museum as possible. Even the original was to be pretty much meant to be used once then put on display like the other Bluebirds. Given that once became a tragedy its even more so it should not me used as show pony on display days at the loch. Test it to show everyone it works sure but then pop it on display dry and safe forever.
  4. LOL. Sorry that made me laugh. You being too far south far from where all the OSF parts are. Tell me about it! 🤣
  5. Im just going to have to smuggle RP2000 in a container and compare for myself!
  6. And wear a long sleeve shirt. Some of the paint chunks would hack into yours arms!
  7. Nooooooo to qualify as a sinkhole here it has to be able to swallow a house or a car over its roof. I love the road corrugations in that shot. This is mainly just a response to rain. Our dirt just goes "what the hell is that" and runs off. Im sure you build your roads accordingly to cater for those moist days. Jokes aside as im sure they didn't have that hole in mind but what you say is perfectly true, Ford Australia decided to use strengthened shells on all models for the very reason that our roads were sh*t in the 1970's. Things haven't improved much and now they have an added obsession with speed humps. Rough ups and downs with leaf springs.
  8. Definitely a goggle wearing product! LOL But it didn't put me off using them as nothing digs into that decades old paint quite like them and with minimal heat generation that could distort the panels. But just keep in mind they are dangerous things and can let go and any moment.
  9. The French positively hate us this week (im sure China will be knocking at their door any minute to build new alliances and join the Australia hate club) But if you quote 56 Billion Dollars then blowout the costs to 90 Billion Dollars before the first bolt has been purchased and then say that they wont be delivered more than 10 years later than promised then contracts do have a tendency to be revisited. That said I was in favour of the French submarines originally as the Japs wanted to sell us these crap things that had never seen the light of day and got the Americans to try pressure us into the deal for the sake of the alliance. (a sore point for us given Sydney Harbour was attacked by Japansese submarines in the war and we are still a bit miffed) Two years later China are now the worlds biggest ar*eholes and conventional diesel/electric subs wont cut it. Times are a changing. The irony of that picture above is that they will all be the right way up together patrolling the South China Sea! Maybe it will help both Navies with parts swapsies while active out on patrol together and so we can stick to swapping French Films instead.
  10. Awwwww thats just a baby Greetings from Australia
  11. I use a combination of both, stripper can get into places wheels and pats cant (Gutter channels for example). Some of the original paint was so baked on that the stripper helped soften it for the ploypad to get it off. I had one let go on me though. They were made in China and most of the glue that holds it together was on one side and the thing disintegrated at high speed and lucky none of the pieces got me. The company that sold them quickly came round to replace it and said they would asses what happened and get back to me but never did. They just wanted to collect the evidence so I had no proof LOL
  12. Im going to try get some of this locally. I was having the same problem as Col its like the paint was impervious to paint stripper but I accidentally got some on my hands and naturally went to wash it off but by the time I got to the tap I noticed absolutely nothing! I waited and waited and still not the slightest burning sensation and knew at that point it was totally crap. It was like the environmentally friendly naturally sourced pesticide I bought that was gentle on insects. Its hard to find the toxic stuff of the good old days that actually worked!
  13. I know of the A310 and even posted images of an abandoned ones but never seen a GTA/610 before. Very surprised they are even for sale here. Seems reasonable prices?
  14. I have never encountered that model before. You learn something knew on the forum every day!
  15. Its the dementia part im not coping with very well, its rather humbling at how pathetically useless you discover yourself to be sometimes. My apologies for inadvertently hijacking this thread. Hit me with those Aussie Escort questions, I got the bible out!
  16. What is that between the Volvo Estate and Landrover? Lovely collection of cars. Hate the raised mini though sorry. 😬
  17. That's soooo true. Thats why I have been missing the past week but she is settled now and sleeps most of the day so a nice car chat distraction is good. It would be really helpful actually So ask away! No posts in a "Day out in your OSF" thread from me though in a couple of weeks lol. Must remember to put the charger on. Lost both batteries last year in the last lot of lockdowns last year and this quarantine is way worse.
  18. Never seen one before! Didnt know they even existed! I like it.
  19. Hey Im back guys sorry to be lax this week. Mum had the vaccine last week had a stroke 5 days later and while in hospital she was exposed to the virus by another patient and in order for me to pick her up from the hospital I had to agree to to become a contact and quarantine for 14 days with her and they gave me 1 minute to decide. As it turned out im woefully inadequate for the job and with hindsight my sister would have been far far better to offer the care she needs but it was such a shock I just agreed to it all. I always thought I was a pretty good problem solver but I am a sh*thouse crisis solver and just had total brain fade. I particularly took issue with the question after telling me of how they put a covid positive prison guard in charge of 15 covid prisoners in the bed beside an elderly 86yo doris and then telling me I had to quarantine with her for 2 weeks just for the right to take her home so he asked "Are you Ok with that?' Ummm ........... No ............ Then I kinda got lost my temper!!! First tests both Negative Yay! Australian Escorts? Ask away I think I am way better at those than caring for the vulnerable! There are quite a few subtle differences so I wont list them but what specifically didn't look right to you? Technically all Australian shells would be considered AVO strengthened shells apart from the lack of Radius Arms. All but the Twincams had unique locally made Borg Warner Axles. Seat mountings were the same and followed the UK evolution from tilt forward seats like my Twincam has to the later recliner type. So feel free to ask away. Now that Im settled in for the duration and the shock is wearing off and with the Army ensuring I cannot escape i strangely find I have time to answer questions. It would probably help actually to take my mind off things. Thanks for the kind vote of confidence guys it was most welcome right now feeling useless at everything else.! You could in fact get Roo bars for Escorts but they were non original equipment but they were a small upside down U shape bar that bolted to the bumper with support body brackets. The protection they offered was questionable with the car pretty much f*ched after a Roo strike whether you had the added bar or not.
  20. Do 4 electrode spark plugs work better or offer any advantage?
  21. Seeing images of the actual theft is rather disturbing. I dont think we have had that before. It really hits home.
  22. I have always wanted to try that Liquid Moly 20w 50 German made stuff. Just each time I go to switch I find a special price on the 15w50 Fully Synthetic that I have been using for years and just stick with it. Its amazing how clear that oil stays without the slight hint of contamination. Sometimes its hard to even see on the dipstick. I remember when fully synthetic oils first came out and I tried a BP 5w40 or something around that in the Twincam to see what happened and started the engine and after warming it simply streamed out in a arc like the car has cocked its leg on a tree. So that adventure lasted all of a few minutes before changing back to a mineral 20w50 for it. For the Pinto engine I do go to a 15 for better circulation on startup but still a 50 when warm. Im not a devote of fully synthetic oils in old cars by any means after the Twincam incident but it has worked well for me in the Pinto.
  23. I agree with Ray. With classics often sitting idle for long periods bespoke and stainless is the way to go these days. The initial outlay may seem high but it will save you in the long term. Especially if its a long legacy family keeper like yours. Inversely is that hardly any cars here, beyond the 7 years that OEM manufacturers are required by law to supply parts, are the only pattern exhausts available. Everything is basically made to order at any exhaust place. The use crappy Chinese mufflers and the likes to save money but most of the cost is them making it up for you. Its always been that way for Escorts here. Even in the 80s when I bought the car there was never any option but to have them made bespoke. I think the UK is just luckily spoiled in that respect and that custom made exhausts seem expensive in comparison whiles its simply taken for granted here. Interestingly is that Car manufactures charge such high prices on their parts that a bespoke exhaust is generally cheaper
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