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  1. Cheers,read that same online about going for zero Ill go for that when I take it in Cheers
  2. Morning, Going to get my wheels balanced and tracking sorted due to a wheel wobble around 55mph Tracking wise what am I best asking the garage to set it up to? Car is currently lowered on rear with de cambered spring, and front is on capri legs (coil over tops on) with roller top mounts lowered to match the rear, twin cam antiroll back etc if that's makes a difference? Any advice is great - Thanks
  3. Well that was quick hah thanks tried every top google search and only found mk2 parts. Cheers
  4. Good Morning Trying to find someone who supply's a repair lower quarter outer wheel well as mine are rusting. Cant seem to find them from the normal suppliers for a mk1? Thanks for any input
  5. Good Morning all, Anyone used fibreglass sill on a 103e? Or it worth just going full steel? Ps/ if anyone has parts lying about they want to sell for a 103e let me know Thanks
  6. scrap that, Just had a look and my alloys have a centre bore of 63.4mm as per midlands website and the legs i have have escort hubs, with ar 63.4mm.
  7. Elsewhere some one has mentioned a spigot bearing/ ring? ... Trying to think .. my original wheels where either one of these two types of rs style wheel: Mk2 Capri JPS alloy 5.5J x 13” H71AB-1007-AC-C ET Off set (mm) +19 63mm Centre cap hole size and type: 63mm front fit Wheel nuts: Flat washer OR Capri Laser 6J x 13” H81EB - AA ET Off set (mm) +19 Centre cap hole size and type: 57mm front fit Wheel nuts: Taper nut And my latest wheels are replicals from Midland wheels as show below: http://www.midlandwheels.com/Shop/P-8026-6x-13-JBW-RS-4-Spoke-Black-Machined---ET16.html "RS 4 SPOKE " By JBW Wheels,Traditional Classic Retro Design, Superior Craftsmanship. This Traditional 4 Spoke deep dish Alloy Wheel comes painted In Black with Machined Face. Type: RS 4 SPOKE Colour: BLACK MACHINED FACE Size: 6 x 13 PCD: 4-108 Offset: ET 16 Fitment: RWD FORD Body Mods: NONE i dont have any sort of spigot bearing in wheel centre, or on the hub currently, could that be the issue? Thanks
  8. Its an old ford, itll always need money throwing at it haha.. well worth it, me personally i dont mind spending money i may never get back, its a hobby and good fun, can always earn more money
  9. haha tell me about it Probably cheaper and easier if it was in my head Hopefully ill get there over this winter
  10. I have had two types or RS wheels on, old originals and new ones, old ones has the nut and washer, and the new replica ones on at the moment have the tapererd nut. Ill keep looking when i get a chance, ordered the bushes for steering column aswell, mayswell rules them out. Cheers
  11. Thats good to know, i was literally clutching at straws like time i looked
  12. <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid732.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fww329%2Fseaneylad%2FTrack%2520day%2FVIDEO0013.mp4&title=">
  13. Cheers need to take another look, ive tried another set of hubs with same issue. they where 2nd hand though so possible issue still. This is the video, not the best i must admit, does it look like an issue, maybe not be able to tell from this to be fair http://s732.photobucket.com/user/seaneylad/media/Track%20day/VIDEO0013.mp4.html
  14. Yeah i took mine off and put new stainless pistons in that i got via eBay, as whn i bought the car it has sat around the the surface rust on the piston stopped them working as well. since the rebuild they are spot on, stops better than 53 plate vw
  15. I use Princess 4 pots, i think they are spot on! Alot of people dont use them as they do weight a tonne! came on the car and have been good to me on road and occasion track with vented and drilled discs
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