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  1. I have been told of family bereavements, unable to work, in hospital for long periods yet people on have told me by pm that he is trading as normal. As my car wasn't ready there was no rush, when he said I was next in line. Now my car is ready! What have I done wrong, Gave him a cylinder head and a £600 deposit.
  2. Looking for some help. 3 years ago last month I supplied a sponsor on here with a cylinder head (complete), new verniers (x2) and a £600 deposit for cylinderhead work. At first, I had regular updates and phone calls and texts were answered. Things dragged on family and health issues were stated and I believed. For the last 6 months I have received nothing in reply to calls/voice mails/texts. I have spoken to other friends in the area and they advise that "yes he is still trading" and "I was in seeing him the other day", etc. I live over 500 miles from this business and put the work in his direction based on recommendations from this site and users. What options do I now have other than Court proceedings to try and recover my goods and cash supplied? All correspondence/text/pm's are saved and record of the bank transfer. thanks in advance Darren
  3. Hi mate, can you get him to text or call me.
  4. Yeah, that's the number I have spoke to him on, left voicemails, text, etc. Just getting a bit concerned.
  5. Hi Guys, Can anybody help me in contacting Wayne from WPE, been leaving voicemail and texts with him since September without reply. Cheers Darren
  6. Hope everyone is OK, my YB is amongst that lot.............
  7. Midland/JBW, I believe have taken over 'MINILITE'.
  8. Wayne, Can you give me a text or PM please.
  9. Good luck with the future. Any word on a new batch of the pulley kits?
  10. If as stated above it has to be left handed, is it not this one? 231157592684
  11. Looking for the following:- Top adjustment screws, LHS adjustment screws, RHS adjustments screws
  12. Have you tried Paisley freight? The closest I will be is the Lakes Tour.
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