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  1. Turbotommo

    RS 2000 insurance quote.

    Yeah I had to take photos etc but they also want an evaluation of the vehicle from a professional so if it ever did get nicked the agreed value is paid out
  2. Turbotommo

    RS 2000 insurance quote.

    My insurance company have asked me to get a valuation for my car to credit the agreed value. Where or who do I need to see or contact? I based in Brighton area
  3. Turbotommo

    Mk2 escort coil over springs

    Hi people, I've just 4 linked my mk2 escort over Christmas and have coil overs but no springs. Was wondering what length? I believe 14" and was also wondering what poundage would be best? It will be used on the road for dry day hooning and occasional track day. I'm running atlas back axle with cossie yb lump running about 280 bhp. Many thanks