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  1. I'm just in need of the oval ones in the top/first picture if anyone can help. Thanks
  2. I'm almost ready to paint the inner floor on my car but I've misplaced some of the floor plugs. If anyone has any laying about it would be a massive help to get my project moving again. Below are pics and numbers of what I'm after. I require 2 of the above. 2 of the above, these are plastic. and 4 of these.
  3. As above must be in very good working order and condition. Picture for reference to what I need.
  4. Thanks mate I have messaged the seller as most seem to disappear before the auction finishes.
  5. I'm still looking for this if anyone can help. It's the oval filter housing that I'm after. Good money waiting for the right one.
  6. Hi I'm after the above if anyone has one they are willing to part with, any condition considered. Thanks in advance
  7. Are these the right locks. I can't find any for 62-65, these are 66 on http://mgbhive.co.uk/product/mgb-3-piece-lock-set-keys-ahh6179c/
  8. Thanks I have the locks just the keys that I have don't fit.
  9. Thanks for that, I didn't know that! Does it mater which MG?
  10. 2x door locks required with matching key. Boot lock would be nice if matching with door key. Thanks Andy
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