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  1. Hi Thanks for the replies, I would consider something that doesn't need work but my budget probably wouldn't stretch was hoping to get something around 4-5K. That's one nice 4 door retro toe
  2. Sorry should have stated ESCORT Cheers
  3. Hi I'm after a 4 door preferably a mk1 but would consider a mk2 as well in RHD or LHD anything considered but not a full on project, please get in touch if you can help. Many thanks Jerry
  4. Has anyone got a RHD steering column or outer casing they would sell? I've got a mk2 RHD outer casing if it's of any use to part exchange! Many thanks Cheers Jerry
  5. Hi Would anyone have a rear seat base for an XL/GT/TC with the correct basket weave material they would sell or a complete rear seat set up depending on cost. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Jerry
  6. Has anyone got a usable pair of RHD rectangular headlamps they would sell please. Cheers Jerry
  7. Would anyone have a set of 1300 Conrods they would sell please . Cheers Jerry
  8. Hi Has anyone got a set of early 5Jx13 plain steel wheels which take hubcaps not too worried about condition as long as they can be refurbed. Cheers Jerry
  9. Hopefully someone can help I'm after a bare 4 door shell not a problem if it needs panels and welding , anything considered.
  10. I'm after a mk1 escort 2 door shell that's not too far gone and can be repaired, may consider a 4 door as I know how thin on the ground mk1 shells are now. Any help would be appreciated Cheers Jerry
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