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  1. The MOT has landed - straight through, no advisories! There are a few more little jobs to do, so it's not quite a finished project yet, however, they won't be done by me, as I had an offer for the car that I couldn't refuse (from a lovely guy who I'm sure will love it as much as me), so I didn't. Just for the record I'd like to say, until the next Old Skool Ford, a massive thank you to everyone here for the support and advice through my journey with LNO. Being an old Ford with a never ending list of stuff to do, the new owner might pop up here soon! Many, many thanks, Steve
  2. Could be wrong, but I think that it's local to us down yer in Devon - saw it at one of the club stands at Powderham. It was piloted by a lady with a couple of nippers and was great to see it being used.
  3. Renovations to the house, two childrens' Birthdays and a few summer BBQs have played havoc with my car time lately and I missed another 'under its own steam' deadline, by taking it to Powderham show on the back of a trailer. However, I have been able to do a few more jobs and it now, with the aid of a new fuel line, fitting and wiring the fuel pump, alternator, starter motor, electric fan etc, it now runs on its own. I've also fitted a couple more pretty bits, such as some more braided brake lines and the boot floor stone guard. Unfortunately my two homebrew brake reservoir drop lines did
  4. I'll be on the Exeter Mini club (and friends) stand, but will join you for a beer tomorrow night!
  5. Minilite is a brand (original wheels) and JBW's minilights (different spelling, cheeky beggers) are copies and are generally purchased by tight-arses like me! As far as I'm aware, you can still buy both. Superlights have more dish.
  6. I got given the whole day package for my 40 a few weeks ago. I went for the whole day in the RS2000. It was fairly eye watering, price-wise, at just under a grand, but in honesty, it was fabulous. Just me, the car and instructor all day - sole use of the track, so we had no restrictions and were in and out of the car all day - I drove so much that I ached like hell the next day! I've been driving for years and have done a lot of no limits circuit track days in some quick stuff, but very quickly learnt that I couldn't drive a rally car for s..t! By the end of the day, I think that I
  7. Car stereo power cable; it was quite thick. Just like the previous owner me thinks!
  8. Quick update, as I've spent a few more hours on the old girl over the weekend. Engine bay loom has been partially stripped, cleaned, repaired (got rid of several twist and tape joints!) and completely retaped in grey, new seals and screws on fusebox. Radiator, revotec fan and all electrics reinstalled, along with starter motor, alternator. Remade front to rear battery cable (was thick car stereo power cable before!). Front seats all fixed in, along with windows, and finisher trims. Few odds and sods like sun visors, door seals etc. Hopefully brake and fuel lines over the w
  9. Powderham is all booked for both days and it's got to be one the road then! Bhp turned out to be quite a good show today. Mk2matt was right, it was mostly full of Jap/plastic, but there were a few treats - auto test rides in Nick Browns rally prepped Mk1 Mexico, Pat Doran's RS200, a cool, rat look more door MK1 and several Cossies, oh and a flame spitting 38 litre twin turbo pulling tractor powered by a WWII tank engine! We also managed a good BBQ and a sunburnt nose !
  10. Yes, going back on the ZXR carbs that it was running on before, but that's another job for next week!
  11. Just phone Adrian Flux for a quote and was surprised by how helpful and knowledgable they were. I moved away from them a couple of years ago when they seemed to get expensive, but this time the quote (for a heavily modified MK1 Escort) was really good and, more importantly they don't require a written third party valuation, just some good photos. Normally I like to get a few quotes, but was impressed enough to take the insurance out straight away, in plenty of time got the car's first show of the year in Sunday! Cheers
  12. Now completely resigned (as expected) to the fact that the car won't be going to the BHP Fuelfest in Exeter under its own steam on Sunday, but decided to crack on so that I can at least show it with the lads on the OEM plus stand. Enigine now in (still needs a good clean though!), propshaft on, manifold and most of the system on, rear quarter lights back in, tank rebuilt with new clips, filler neck and put back and boot lid back on. Hopefully seats in tonight, then screens in and bonnet back on - that will just about do for the show! Few photos as usual
  13. BHP show at Westpoint, Exeter, on the 14th June; have some friends going so have booked in . More than a little worried now though - anyone fancy a work party? !
  14. Yep, that sound's about right Should be rather nice when it's done though.....
  15. Everything that I touch on the refit seems to not fit or be broken, so it's going a lot slower than I hoped! However, front struts and roll bar now all attached, along with rear axle, springs and tramp bars, so I put the wheels on and wheeled it outside for a photo to make me feel like I'm getting somewhere. Next jobs on the list are find a fuel proof bung for the tank, as the shot blasters destroyed the plastic one - dumb of me to leave it in - (and I can't seem to find/get one anywhere) and to fit the steering column back on (which doesn't fit due to the group 4 uj, so needs cutting dow
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