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  1. Thanks for the tip. Had a look amd found 3D printed ones for sale. Is that what you bought and if so, was it any good?
  2. I am looking for the following parts for a Mk2 Cortina Bonnet catch and fixings Latch for the glove box lid and fixings Dashboard switch for the heater fan If anybody has these parts that they don't need then please send me a message, thanks.
  3. Can you please PM me your phone number and I'll call you later to discuss?
  4. I've politely asked a reasonable question of the seller, so I'm not sure why you feel the need to comment. The car hasn't sold and i have my own engine and box ready to go. Seller could also potentially make more money splitting the package.
  5. Would you be willing to consider selling the car minus the engine and gearbox?
  6. Hi, is the car still for sale? Whereabouts in the country are you based?
  7. Having sold my ST170 powered 105e, I am in the market for another old Ford. A nice 105E with sensible modifications would be ideal, alternatively a 100E or Escort/Cortina. Must have a very good shell, i don't mind a bit of patina, and equally i don't mind something restored but i'm not interested in anything bodged or welded like a patchwork quilt. Budget up to £15k. Thanks.
  8. Asking price reduced to £10995
  9. Hi everyone. Due to changing interests, I am considering selling my 1962 105E. Specification as follows: · ST170 engine on bike carbs, Bogg Bros inlet manifold, electric fuel pump, pressure regulator · Megajolt / EDIS ignition system, and running the ST engine’s VVT · 105speed 4-branch stainless steel exhaust manifold and system · 5 speed Type 9 gearbox on Milton crossmember · Milton front end with coilovers, adjustable TCAs, eccentric multi-hole top mounts, strut brace, rose jointed/poly bushed · Vented front discs with Wilwood calipers · Milton reverse 2 cylinder pedal box · Rear end with Team Deville single leaf springs, Milton shock conversion, A-frame and anti-roll bar, rose jointed and poly bushed · 3.77:1 diff with Quaife LSD, properly set up · 6x13 minilite style wheels with Yokohama A539’s all round (175/60 front, 185/60 rear) · All steel bodywork, blue with white roof · Original number plate · Battery and fuel pump have been replaced The car is not mint, nor is it perfect. Panel fit is good with all body trim in place. There are a few areas where the bodywork has suffered in the hands of previous owners (a small dent in the nearside front wing in the lower left front corner, some dents in the right hand rear quarter, a dent in the rear bumper). It’s had some replacement steel wings at some point in its life, and has had some welding in the usual areas, however for the most part the rest of the paint does appear to be original. The interior could do with a bit of a tidy up. That said, it is a solid, presentable, and useable 105E. I’m sure someone with the time and skills could make ongoing improvements to this great little car. I’ve just put a new MOT on it, valid until April 2019. Asking £11500. Would like to see what interest there is and see if deal could be done. I’m not often online and its difficult for me to talk whilst I’m at work, but feel free to PM me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I would be happy to answer any questions and provide more information/photos on request.
  10. I have for sale a pair of A539s, used but in good condition. SIze 175/50x13, with 4-5mm of tread depth left above the wear marks. Asking £50 the pair. If anybody is interested please contact Frank 07936 749024 (Reading area).
  11. Wanted for my Anglia, 3.77 diff and Quaife ATB LSD. Prefer it all complete in the diff housing, set-up and ready to fit. Will however consider separate components. Thanks.
  12. I thought the physical tax disc was also there to assist passing officials (and upstanding citizens) to idenify and report untaxed vehicles? Displaying a valid tax disc would (usually) also be a means of identifying that a vehicle has insurance and MOT as well. I personally think that getting rid of them is not a good idea.
  13. Jimbo, electrics can be a nightmare, but assuming you have a negative earth system and all your components are designed for negative earth cars then usually there is a simple answer somewhere. Have you re-checked the installation instructions for your equipment? I'm not familiar with the Accuspark system and i'm not sure how representative your schematic is supposed to be, but in a normal negative earth system isn't the coil negative the connection that usually runs to the distributor? If the problem is not immediately obvious, i'd suggest retracing all your steps and starting again from scratch. I'd probably start by disconnecting everything you installed since the car was running OK, i,e. without the coil and distributor connected. If you're not getting voltage on step 5 then you might have blown a fuse. Check you are getting a voltage on your ignition wire feeding the coil and go from there. Don't discount having a faulty coil either.
  14. He was definitely the cooler of the two, and my favourite TV cop when i was a kid. RIP.
  15. I'd agree with katana. Having recently looked into insulating my shed, leaving it uninsulated and maintaining some ventilation seemed to be the best option to avoid any problems with condensation.
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