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  1. JPA

    New vin tags

    Anybody know where you can get new vin tags for Mk2 Escort , mines is well past it’s best and could be doing with getting replaced Used to see them on eBay but not anymore any help / leads appreciated cheers john
  2. Hi mate have pm'd & txt you about car , if it's still available please get in touch
  3. Yes still looking , leaning towards steels or RS though Cheers John
  4. Hi Simon Would be interested in your wheels Regards John
  5. Posted in wrong section Can admin move this please
  6. Lotus or banded steels and hub caps Mk1 RS2000 ALLOYS Mini lights Consider any above Car has mex front wings and standard unrolled rear arches so don't think I can take anything bigger than 6" wide ? Cheers John
  7. Will the clear standard rear arches ?
  8. Mk1 Sourced and collecting tomorrow , thanks to everyone who provided help Cheers John
  9. As above , ideally Lotus steels with chrome hub caps , rare I know so even standard wheels then I can have them banded Cheers John
  10. JPA

    my new money pit

    . Very nice