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  1. They do use a 5 speed Type 9, but a lot of them also use the 6 speed RX8 box. Apparently, 1st gear is very short though on the RX8 box.
  2. I'm going for Guyana even though it looks a bit wet, as a lot of the Ford production lines were shipped to South America when the model production stopped in the UK. These are also right hand drive cars.
  3. Landrover. Col can probably follow up on this 👍.
  4. I do like the LR Grey on Col's Tina, if your talking a deep colour. Really suits it.
  5. I think Riviera Blue with white contrast and high lacquer finish would suit a Tina nice.
  6. Can't fault Victor Reinz head gasket and bolts. Where you at now with your engine?
  7. Also grew up through the 2Tone era and admit being Ska'd for life. Just saw The Selecter and Rhoda Dakar about 2 weeks ago. Although I listen to rock as well, like The Ramones , AC/DC etc, but Ska and Bluebeat are still my go to. One of my favourite bands at the moment is The Skatuesques, but have yet to see them. We're thinking of planning a weekend to Dublin with some friends to possibly try and tie up with a night they are playing a pub there.
  8. I'm following this Fiesta build at the moment: I also subscribe to Marcus Hayes. He runs a Mk2 Escort and has just about finished off doing a MK1 Escort. Another programme on Channel 4 I watch, but you'll probably need a VPN and More4: https://www.channel4.com/programmes/find-it-fix-it-drive-it/on-demand/66919-001
  9. I'm having the same issue on every thread with pics attached.
  10. Behave eeb, I'm wiring some money later to collect some parts. I'm even being picked up from Lagos airport for free.
  11. Ooh, I might have it. How do I go about giving you my bank details, my Prince, or can I pay in cash on collection?
  12. Looks like the start of another good build thread to follow. 👍
  13. I've seen this van up close and it is immaculate in its finish.
  14. Can't speak for the cam, but I wouldn't recommend Turbosport as a vendor, from personal experience. What do you intend to use your car for? I went for a cam that met my driving style and use, rather than just power figures.
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