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  1. @Rally Pack 2000 Nice wheels on the last Escort they look at here:
  2. Been a passenger in a Sierra that was fitted with a mildly Tuned BOB and was very impressed.
  3. dt36

    Corona virus

    Been looking at my Auto Enrollment Government/Workplace Pension and my pot has dropped by £20k due to the markets also dropping because of all this C19 mallarky and the oil prices. Just made a change to my monthly contribution, which was 6% and have now dropped it to 3% this morning for the time being. I have now set the monetary difference to my mortgage account as an overpayment. Although I don't see a physical return on my money by doing this, I'm hoping my money is better placed here for the time being.
  4. 1.8 will definately not work. Pic below I've just taken are the rods you need. Most expensive bit of the build are the pistons. To build a Pinto to 2.2 you need to do the following: Bore block to 93mm (no problem with 205 or 202 blocks). Offset grind crankshaft throw taking stroke up to 80mm. This is possible by reducing big end journal size down to that of 1600 diesel escort or fiesta rods (see pic). 1600 diesel rods = S84FM Bearing = AE B4635 (CBS 41306AL Clevite) Piston Burtons : Accralite forged piston at 93mm: Ford Cosworth YB 38mm compression height - SC302/93
  5. You can get a log burner with a small oven door too. Think I'll have to call over more... 😂
  6. dt36

    Corona virus

    I'm currently working from home until further notice. I have work to get on with, but was supposed to be at Bovington, Lyneham and Aldershot over the next few weeks, playing about. Was too cold anyway for my old bones outdoors. Hopefully be a bit warmer we we get back to normality.
  7. Size and location of your garage Neil, I think a small log burner would be your best bet. Hotplate on top would also sort your brews out and warm your pies 😁
  8. This is going to be another quality build when finished.
  9. No Col, never taken it to a show. Will be coming in the daily. Could sort out that inner wing though if you've spoken to that guy to see if he's still at the same address.
  10. Just booked 2 tickets at £18 each. Travelling up on the Saturday and booked a hotel in Coventry. Meeting up with some old friends in the afternoon at the 2Tone Village where we've got some gig tickets for the evening. Looking forward to the show on Sunday, hopefully with good weather and no hangover. 😁
  11. Not sure how this one was done, but it was a nice car looking over it. This pic was taken at Combe, about 2 or 3 years ago. Car had a For Sale on the dash and I think the price was reasonable at the time.
  12. I think 1100 would be 4.85mm longer than 1300 rods. The stroke differences are- 1100cc - 53.29mm 1300cc - 62.99mm Therefore, 62.99 - 53.29 = 9.7 9.7 ÷ 2 = 4.85
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