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  1. 2.0 Blacktop drops into a Mk2 Fez just right.
  2. Sh1t Colour Drab. It's a term we used for military clothing. Q. What we wearing today? A1. Olive drab. A2. Sh1t colour drab. A3. We're down the pub. Naked Warrior. 😁
  3. If you want the roof of the Anglia to be a stronger gold, I can probably do that. I thought the Tina came out well though. Get a pic up when it comes back 👍
  4. Col, you sent your voucher off yet? Get them done and quietly slip them on the wall somewhere in the house while she's out. 😂
  5. And the question was "WTF is that doing in here?"
  6. Garage / cave chair finished. Bolts on back are a tad too long, but it's all I had. Will shorten them at some point. Came out alright considering it was in the skip. Missus T is gonna shit when she comes in soon 😂😂😂
  7. I think we posted at the same time, Col. Yes, they're pretty good and will probably get it almost bang on. If you decide to buy and use this tool, always do the camber adjustment before doing toe. Not many people are aware, but adjusting camber also alters the toe. However, adjusting toe does not affect camber. If you do decide to go for a Hunter set up afterwards, he probably won't have your car in his data Base. A good operator can set it to what you tell him though. 1° negative camber and 0° toe is fairly good for a road set up. Elite Wheels & Tyres Ltd 3a Bridgewater Cl, Reading RG30 1JT 0118 950 4100 https://g.co/kgs/P6qGcK
  8. This will get you started to a basic set up. Then to get it accurate, look for somewhere with a Hunter Wheel Alignment Station. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F133161055672 I'm not familiar with your area, but I think a basic search around should find you one.
  9. Start off with about 1° negative camber and a neutral 0° toe. Then if you want to go full on, get the car corner weighted with your body weight in the drivers seat. Coil overs can be tweaked to get balance right. Hunter alignment machine should take care of the steering geometry angles. Tracking is best done with drivers weight in the seat too. A good user should have water kegs on hand for this. If you go Hunters, get him to check your Thrust line first through the rear diff, making sure its neutral. This basically tells you if your rear axle is square and true.
  10. Without having it in front of me, I'm not sure if you have to remove the original steering lock or not. Maybe it is removed and the 2 screw holes for the rotary switch is where it attaches. This would still need some sort of mount around the steering column. Looks to be a permanent fit though (could be wrong) which poses a slight security issue without another hidden switch. Below are 3 pics I've just taken of a spare ignition I have that someone might shed a bit more light on.
  11. Haha, yes. It's basically a VW Tiguan in disguise. Had really good reviews and What Car of the year. Plus, I've got about 2 tonne of chippings to get around the back of the house. 😀 The evidence does seem to lean that way... 😉 Ooh, I forgot, there were 2 series 3 Landrovers in there at some point. Bought them when my Betty took the kids home to settle in school while I was posted in Loughborough. Used my FZR600 for cutting about, but needed the Land Dog to get home on weekends. Somehow, I always seemed to gave a massive abundance of spare parts for them 😈
  12. Was looking at the 1.5. Karoq. Reviews are really good on it. Kuga is a tad cheaper, but less spec. Glad you like it and your comment is now swaying me more that way. 👍
  13. I'm running a 3:54 diff and the old ratio was literally pull off and change immediately. The longer first just gives a bit more time when coming out of junctions and having to steer or straighten up before looking to change up. Definitely a nicer drive. Don't get me wrong, it's not a massive step, but you know it's longer. Pulling off in straight lines, I just keep my hand there and change that bit later now. I think if you had a lower ratio diff, the short first would very annoying. For the work involved and my box was out anyway, I'd do it again.
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