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  1. Rods no longer available. Soon to be screaming around somewhere in Ireland. Thanks for anyone that enquired. 👍
  2. I know it's not an answer to repairing your clock, but I think a Smiths clock is the same size and will drop into the RS map/clock Pod. Also available with a black bezel. https://www.demon-tweeks.com/eu/smiths-classic-electrical-clock-248791/
  3. I'm away from my car for a week at the moment to see how mine is mounted. However, with regards to DIP rear view mirror that's a big job. Fitted one to our old BMW a while back and it took me a lot of time stripping out the console and fitting in the necessary wiring. If I remember rightly, it needed to have a 12v feed and also a reverse signal to drop the dimmer when put in reverse. Spent a fair bit of time plumbing that one in.
  4. Wow. That already looks stunning and it's not even built yet. I'm going to take a guess at Signal Yellow. Either way, I want your car 😁.
  5. Looking very nice indeed.
  6. Rx8. 6 speed seems to be the preferred choice, but apparently 1st gear is fairly short.
  7. Firm over my way who does my powder coating has the facility to diamond cut wheels after a colour change. Thing is, this would then be around another £180 on top of the original purchase price. Think I paid £35 a wheel with them for a straight powder coat, with no cutting.
  8. I went to Uruguay about 5 years ago to deliver some training in Montevideo. Driving to the workplace in the morning and walking about at night, I noticed loads of mk2 Escorts and another Ford very similar to an Escort with a coupe style back. People were using these as dailys. I was told that week that when Ford UK closed down and the production line was dismantled, it got sold to South America. Apparently, the MK2 was built there from around 82 to 92 in LHD format. What with Uruguay sharing its border with Argentina, there was probably a lot of Escorts sold there to. I might not be spot on with the dates, but I bet there's a big spare parts network in South America.
  9. Might be worth measuring or CCing the combustion chambers first, incase it's already been done. If it hasn't, then a skim won't do it any harm and more compression on a Pinto is always good.
  10. dt36


    Definitely more height on that bracket and something to consider. Looks good, thank you 👍
  11. Try running a search through here. You'll be suprised how cheap they are for named brands: https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/car-parts?gclid=CjwKCAjwspHaBRBFEiwA0eM3kUbpOt6sE_Pqa0tJe1WsbQ-8-jsCDss6AMsjtZhdwqqQszNFcke3_hoCA2wQAvD_BwE
  12. Cheers, just subscribed. Something to watch for later 👍
  13. dt36


    Had to adapt my seat runners to the brackets that were on my Sparcos. Seat now fits higher and for me seems to be a nice position. Took it out today to a breakfast meet and the drive was much comfier than before and feels better sitting up a bit higher. The Missus never liked the old Sparco buckets and she said she much preferred these ones. That's a positive for me now, as we do drive to the odd country pub around the Brecon/Crickhowell area some Sundays for a bite to eat. Got a pic of your seats? Would love to see them and how you got your bracket. Sounds like you have them sorted bang on 👍.
  14. Quite possibly. I was tinkering on the garage in the afternoon and early evening. Had a run out today to Cafe Cwtch as Ford Fanatics SW had a breakfast meet there. Too stuffed for dinner now though 😁
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