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  1. Mines no EFI, but the longer section goes towards the front.
  2. dt36

    Just plain wrong!

    Few pints of Strongbow that... 😁
  3. You could try 842 Rockers: https://www.Retards Club.com/290753717695706
  4. I have a non vacuum BESTEK in mine with bike carbs. Does a nice enough job. Give him the spec of your engine when you order and he'll set up the advance to match.
  5. Saw this on the Marketplace this morning. Not a bad price for what it is. Only looks like the wheel has come off it. It's fairly close to me too in Cardiff. ?
  6. I second an Apoldham starter. Great service, very friendly and helpful guy.
  7. The new bulb will only work one way as it's a Diode. These will only allow current to flow in one direction. The LEDs should work well in all positions except for the charge warning light. You will need a traditional bulb in that position. What colour bulb have you got behind the main beam lens. Would a blue LED calm this down maybe?
  8. The newer bulbs are a better package with the colours more evenly matched. Small gauges are a deeper green that seem to be a little less bright. This is better. Main instruments are not to dissimilar to the older bulbs in brightness and colour, but I would say they seem to have a little less glare at the edges. This again is better. Another plus to these newer bulbs is not having to worry about the odometer bulb being too long. The old bulb kit was also good, but now having tried both, the newer set would be the preferred choice. Thank you again for offering them for trial.
  9. All done and thank you again, James. Had a bit of an issue with a dead short, so had to put a bulb across my Sidelight Fuse slot until I found it at the plug behind the dash Pod. The flat green LEDs are definitely a darker green than the silicone ones I had fitted. Again though, the pics don't show it as green. Dash Pod LEDs also look really good and give our a nice colour. I think this pack is definitely the best mix. First pic is the silicone bulbs, then the rest are the newer ones you sent. Last pic was how it looked on its original bulbs.
  10. Is it to do with the fact that although titanium will allow the conductivity of electricity, it has a much higher resistance, which gives a big voltage drop? This voltage drop would also affect the way your regulator reacts and in turn give you a false reading on your temp gauge. However, you've not said anything about your battery warning light or state of charge, so I could just be waffling ?
  11. What's the quality of the trim like? Have you had any Beta Cloth from them?
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