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  1. I didn't see under the bonnet. If you look at the pic from the front, there is a flag saying Wiltshire Performance Car Club. Quite possible the car is in that club.
  2. dt36

    Ford KA problem

    These are usually my first port of call on a more modern engine with various sensors etc. I use this to read and erase fault codes.
  3. Went for a run out today to Castle Combe in a mates Focus RS. 450bhp of modest family daily or absolute bonkers grinning machine. What a car. Anyway, some cracking cars on track and display today, but the show stopper for me was a stunning white Gartrac Escort. Stunning quality build:
  4. Rub the sleeve of your overalls on the oil and leave for 1 hour. Put them in the washing machine on a boil wash with a decent brand conditioner. After they've washed and dried, hang them back up in the garage. Return to them in 1 weeks time. If they're still fu#*+"g buzzing of oil next week, then it's definately a transmission leak šŸ˜
  5. Try Debbie does Dallas. Its about a Cheerleading Squad who are trying to raise some money to support the College football team. Unfortunately, there are no real classic cars in it though.
  6. Prices are getting a bit silly now though. Should sell mine and use the money towards a full Sky TV and Internet subscription so I can watch the new series of Car SOS In fairness to the Seller though, it's his car to price and he does state "Iā€™m not in a panic to sell or after people judging, your either seriously Interested or not". https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324643922655?hash=item4b964922df:g:1TkAAOSwUfFgf0VU
  7. I was taught to do it this way by an Old Boy when I was about 16 and it definately works on our cars. It was always him shouting Down/Up and he would only open and close the nipple with my foot held down.
  8. "Committed Tree Hugger" šŸ˜‚
  9. Col, you know you've got to get a Super Hero name now, don't you... I'm going to start off with Hullraiser šŸ˜
  10. Lovely looking car. Welcome šŸ–ļø
  11. This was a breakfast meet in Aberdare, held about once a month with Ford Fanatics South Wales. Good mix and age of cars there from 100Es up to new. There is a bigger event coming up in July, which I believe is still going ahead. https://fb.me/e/3B3ofnCZU
  12. I have an Altissimo on one side and a Gecar on the other. Until reading this thread, I would not have known they were different. Every day I learn something here šŸ˜
  13. Good little turnout and a very welcoming bunch as always. Some nice old school cars there today too. Ooh, and beef burger with bacon... šŸ˜
  14. Garage door lifted and wheels cleaned. The rest can stay vintage looking. Ford Fanatics South Wales breakfast meet. Already lining my bacon burger up šŸ˜šŸ”šŸ˜ Jus t waiting on my brother to rock up, on time as usual.
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