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  1. @Confused, Watched it this morning. Fair bit of power there and jealous of your Hunter. Send me a WhatsApp or Email addy in message box. I'm uploading my Hunter bumf to my Google Drive at the moment that I think you'd appreciate In the meantime, get some water kegs or weights for your drivers seat, equivalent to your bodyweight.
  2. Just lined this one up in my watched library for Monday morning cardio bike. I'm running a bit behind on the episodes, as I mix different channel content up most mornings. This one is going to the front of the cue though
  3. Take care and hope your Mam gets better soon.
  4. I have Fiesta discs on the back of my MK2 with Sierra calipers. However, mine are bigger than 221x10. They are 239.5x10, but I am also running standard size 13" alloys too. Maybe the Fiesta's are available in a smaller size, I don't really know. Just stating that they might arrive at a bigger size, as I purchased either 3 or 4 sets until I found the correct ones to match my calipers. However, having had a few MK2s with rear drum brakes, I prefer them over my disc setup.
  5. Col, I've worked with MTU engines for marine applications and currently work with a MTU engine with a dual cooling circuit that is integrated for land use. Biggest issue that you would see on a marine application was with the brackish coolant filter not being replaced. These would get overlooked for cost or some fitters did not understand what they were for. This caused clogging of the galleries etc which restricted the flow. Additionally, it might also have a dual impeller water pump. The MTU certainly does, but I don't know if the Ford engine is adapted for this. The principal behind the dual impeller is to pump the 2 separate circuits via 1 pump. Sometimes, one circuit could go down due to a faulty impeller.
  6. Ethanol gauge for E10 fuel separator return catch tank, so you can siphon off and make some shine to take up Parc Penallta on a Friday night. I win
  7. I know what it is, 'cos I just Googled it 😁
  8. Loving the socket spacer. Such a multi purpose combi tool...
  9. I could pay my mortgage off if I sold my nail for 37k and have enough money left over for a bag of chips and bus fare to get home 😂
  10. Nice build here:
  11. At one time they were the Fiesta's big brother. Now the Fiesta has been to the gym.
  12. At least your honest with your oversights and learn from them. 👍
  13. Loving it already. Had a blue 3.0s when I was about 19. Came back from 2 months in Kenya and needed a cheap car in a hurry to get me from Tidworth to South Wales. Ended up keeping it for about a year as it was so good 😁 I think I ended up selling it for a MK1 Astra GTE. Keep the build pics coming...
  14. Have a look at Mike FPE on Youtube. Look under Project Compo in his playlist. https://youtube.com/user/mike105e
  15. Sierra is not really big, but plenty of room for a family. We had 2 toddlers, but would use a roof box when travelling to the UK from Germany. Mondeo basically replaced the Sierra, but is notably bigger. They will protrude out of a UK supermarket bay. I only suggested the 3.0 V6 as this is the sportier ST version. There are plenty of smaller and capable engined versions at about 2.0 and I also think there is a 1.8 zetec version. Also available as diesels in various CC's. The 1.8 Sierra in this post is a good old bus and would make a lovely project. This engine can be rebuilt as a ZVH, which is a combo of the original CVH and a Zetec, or just rebuilt as is. I half fancied it, but was a bit short of the original asking price. However, I've since just bought a project Mondeo ST, so now got even less money 😂
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