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  1. My car had blue Samco hoses when I bought it. Changed hoses back to original black now, all bar bottom of rad which is out of sight. That will also get done eventually.
  2. Was hot here this morning. I'm working from home today, so decided to wash Betty's car at lunchtime. Its Black Pearl in colour, so this wasn't the best decision. Clay mitt was a no go, then clay bar melted on the A pillar, which led to me overrunning my lunch. Cooled off a bit through the afternoon, so went out for a bike ride when I clocked off. Still got a sweat on though. Hadn't Cooled off as much as I thought. Raining now... 😁
  3. I'm half thinking that might be in BATLSK, Kenya. It's got Landrover mirrors and bumpers. Then the green looks like Olive Drab I.R. with a coat of lacquer on top.
  4. I think it will probably be a retirement project for me with an electric drive, if I make it that far 😂
  5. I'm quietly making little changes to my Mk2 and trying to take it back more towards a road car, rather than the track car bias it had when I first had it. Most of the bits I change, usually go up my garage attic, hopefully to getting round to a Mk1 in the future.
  6. Hi parcel weighs approx. 16kg, 62cm x 48cm x 45cm.




  7. I'll take these if you can post, please. PM me your Paypal to sort.
  8. Agree with Carey. When you look for new pipe, also make sure it's suitable for unleaded fuel. Classic pipe doesn't play well with unleaded fuel after some time.
  9. Yep, give the Missus some money to go shopping. 1 - Soon as she's out the door, bang it in the dishwasher 2 - Keep an eye on the clock or set My Location on her WhatsApp.
  10. Ooh, here we go. Love a Mk1 Fez. If this is anywhere near the standard of your other builds, it going to be another stunner. I actually think you should offer this to me really cheap when it's finished, just to free up some space to scratch your next itch 😁
  11. Ha ha, that spot where you've parked brings back some memories ;-) Actually went past there last Monday night on my push iron. I also remember seeing an orange MK2 RS2000 in that pond when I was about 14. I was up there on my Suzuki RM125 with my mate on his Yamaha DT 175 MX. Good times. Sounds like the car is running well.
  12. I'm 2 episodes behind now. Slow down 😂
  13. Sell them off on Fleabay as original replica copy RS toolbox badges, as used by the Peckham Factory Racing Team. This time next year, Rodders. You'll be a millionaire.
  14. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much quieter this will make the car. See if you can also fit a square behind the rear internal side panels, either end of the seats. Stick a single square onto the inside of the quarter panel. This will help cut down on the panel resonance. Agreed, it's probably not a noticeable noise initially coming from this area, but every little helps
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