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  1. dt36

    Logging on

    Same here today.
  2. dt36

    Videos...( not rude ones)

    Some nice work gone into this home built MK1, which is having a review on JAMIE_FYD Channel.
  3. dt36

    Dash light bulbs

    Haha, yes it also takes a T10. 😁 PM me your address.
  4. dt36

    Dash light bulbs

    Definitely. When I asked if you wanted my old Voltmeter, I meant the gauge I've just taken out. 😂 This way you have a gauge to mess about with then. Offer still stands... Looks a good selection of bulbs and more than happy to try them out. Thank you. 👍
  5. dt36

    Dash light bulbs

    PM me your address and I'll send you my old Voltmeter.
  6. dt36

    Dash light bulbs

    Yes sure. It doesn't take long to get at it all anyway. 👍
  7. dt36

    Dash light bulbs

    They are more green in real life, Katana and don't look as bright. Honestly 😂 Compared to how bad they all were before, it is now a lot better.
  8. Looks absolutely stunning. Love it 😍
  9. dt36

    Terraclean - anyone ever done it?

    Never tried it. I use Redex in my Escort about every 5 tanks, which seems OK. Plugs always look clean and carbs have been on there 6 years with no issues. Use Wynns DPF fluid in my Diesel about every 6 months, then drive it on a dual in 3rd gear for about 20 mins at about 3000rpm. This gets my exhaust temp up around 500 odd degs and keeps the EGR off. Done 56k in it now and never had a DPF warning.
  10. dt36

    Dash light bulbs

    I didn't open the clock at all. Just fitted the new bulb holder Col gave me with a green LED. If I'm honest, I didn't even consider there being a blue lens inside.
  11. dt36

    Dash light bulbs

    Thanks for the bulbs holder Col. Perfect fit. 👍 Fitted a green LED to it earlier and rigged it up in the Pod for a quick check before we pop out for lunch. Will wire it properly tonight. Again, the colour is more green than what the pics show and it's very close to the other clocks. That's the lot sorted now, happy days 😀
  12. dt36

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    Let me get the photos sorted first, so I can put the item up. 👍
  13. dt36

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    I'm going to suck the air out of my tyres and sell it on eBay. Genuine RS tyre air... 😇
  14. dt36

    Dash light bulbs

    Cheers Col. That would be great. 👍
  15. If it's an engine you've been running for a long time, that never had issues before, I'd replace the thermostat and rad cap, like for like. Then monitor from there.