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  1. I'll try and have a look at mine tomorrow.
  2. Have you adjusted the freeplay on the rods coming out of the master cylinders to the bias bar?
  3. Could be the one they ruined. My Missus was in a different room when that was aired and she actually came in and asked me who I was swearing at 😂
  4. Brake pedal is very heavy due to not having a servo. Doesn't feel very progressive when braking. My old RS had standard brakes and drum rears and just felt so much better. My bias system was already fitted on this car and has always dug the front brakes in too hard to the point of them locking up. I've recently set the bias bar smack in the middle, but now my back wheels come in hard and light up under heavy braking. I also disconnected the adjuster cable at the same time to stop people playing with it. I need to reconnect the cable now and take it out on a quiet road to get it more towards the front again. The problem I have here is that the car has very hard suspension with an anti-dive kit, so you don't really feel the front dipping when braking. I'll probably get the car up on 4 axle stands soon and apply pressure in stages to the brake pedal with a rod. Then I'm thinking of using a torque wrench to turn the wheels front and rear, so that I can actually prove the front are coming in before the back. I suppose if and when I get them set right, I won't winge so much about them, but to be honest I just can't see the point of them on a road going car. Especially when the standard brakes feel so much better under foot.
  5. Having had Escorts with a standard brake system and now having one with a bias pedal box, I would recommend on trying to stay with standard, especially if it's a road going car.
  6. Sounds like it's more heat related due to something expanding and breaking a connection. When it cools down again you can't find the fault/break is not showing. Haven't gone back through the thread, but: 1. what's the score with your distributor and coil set up? 2. Have you done any work around this area previous to this fault showing up?
  7. I got some Samco blue hoses here from a Pinto. Not sure how far off they'd be. Heater hoses might be ok. I think I might have left the bottom rad one on the car, as it was out of sight. When I first had my car, it looked like a load of Smurfs had used it to go to a Bukakefest. I'm still finding the odd bit of blue here and there, nothing that an old rattle can of black silk can't sort out though. 😉
  8. Both my kids are 25. Spent most of their teenage years telling them not to bring any trouble home. Both are settled down now with their own homes, with one being married. Buggered if we can get them to breed though 😂😂😂
  9. Fair play to you, Col. Top job. We've both just got in from top sealing the drive. I had a day off and she was on call, working from home. Luckily, she had no incidents, so it took about 4 hours between us. Just got to do the edge now tomorrow that we left to walk up the side.
  10. It's all Witchcraft.
  11. Not sure what quality these are, just remember seeing them pop up recently. They also had a batch of various lenses in last week. Not purchased from them in the past, so can't say good, bad or indifferent. However, their finished cars do look good.
  12. Loving it. Front camber is looking like it means business. 😁
  13. I have no idea to be honest, Ray. 😂
  14. Then I won't show you the nylon ones. They even got them in camouflage pattern. 😋
  15. Bit harsh, Col. They're not just any old toweye. Couple it up with a Crackle Map...
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