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  1. Take pictures of wires and plugs. Coil, starter motor etc. When you come to re-connect them, you might have forgotten what sat where.
  2. I caught some of it last night after seeing your post. Fair few Capris in there. Was worth a watch, thanks πŸ‘
  3. You want to think about getting it shipped with that manifold first, or has dementia set in on that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It's still sat in my garage, boxed up. Joking aside though, I can't travel to any international freight depot to get it dropped off, as they are all down toward the city from me and are outside of our quarantine area.
  4. Can't say if mine is original, but it goes down the A pillar.
  5. Bargain that. Petrol alone has to be worth £45 😁
  6. πŸ‘ I reckon the neighbours love you up there. 😁
  7. Pull number 1 plug lead off. Stick a spare plug in it and earth the hex/metal part of the plug somewhere on the block. Crank the engine and look for a spark at the plug tip.
  8. Unfortunately I can't pop over, Buddy. Drove into work today to prep my vehicle to go to Lyneham next week and Police are pulling cars in to check if they are from the area. Too many people around this area are ignoring the lockdown restrictions, so they have to get tougher. I have an MoD letter to travel for work, but can't use it for personal jollies, sorry. See what the review is next week, but I doubt it will be lifted.
  9. Should have gone to rehab πŸ˜‰
  10. Dirty bastards... 😁 Thanks for the prompt response and update. Much appreciated πŸ‘
  11. Anybody else having display issues via PC, using Windows 10 on Internet Explorer? Seems my layout has changed over the last 2 days on PC. I can't seem to reply or quote on any topics. Also page layout and text seems to be a bit jumbled and mismatched. No updates done to my PC to kick this off. Everything working fine on Android Phone, even though the page layout seems to have had some updates.
  12. Apologies for delay in my reply Dave. I seem to be having issues with this forum on my PC. Can't quote or reply to any topics and screen is just all over the place. Back on phone now. I have had a plated LSD in an old Mk2 and also a Capri. They were OK and did the job nicely, but this ATB is more predictable on the road and doesn't snatch like some plated diffs. For my needs, it works really well. It's very quiet and is fit and forget with no servicing really needed if its not being constantly thrashed. Doesn't clunk on 3 point turns either like my old plated diffs both did.
  13. What type of driving will you be doing mostly? I am mostly road driving, so went with a Quaife ATB. Fit and forget. It is very quiet on the road and much better than an open diff. Apparantly, it will hold a tight doughnut or power slide a roundabout with a big cheeky grin. However, under no circumstances can I confirm this and have no idea how this conclusion was come to. πŸ˜‡
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