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  1. Gutting. If it's any consolation I bought a Clarke right angled drill yesterday online. Told my mate and he said "oh, I've got one you can have for free". Going into work today, so I can turn down some of my 12mm drill bit shanks to 10mm during my lunch break, so they will fit in the chuck.
  2. Pressure will be equal at all points even with a crossover pipe. Even if the first piston is fed momentarily before the crossover point, there is no pressure there until the second piston is fed and pressure starts to rise and equalise at both pistons. This is assuming that the crossover pipe is the same internal diameter as the feed pipe. Hydraulic fluid will always take the path of least resistance and pressure will be equal at all points of an enclosed unit. With both pistons being the same size and diameter, it will take the same equal force to move them over a given distance. Bit long winded, but hopefully that makes sense.
  3. Sorry, can't help you with that. My Mk2 has had a metal firewall welded in place of the cardboard panel. I'm assuming this was not standard when the car was new. Just a thought, why don't you Mastic it in?
  4. Yes, it's basically a re-usable plastic Rivet. You can push the head down with your thumb.
  5. I have a bag of those here, Col. They're good and very strong. Totally forgot about them and just found them in a tray in my bench draw. James, these have 22mm heads and a 12mm rivet spread. Got them on eBay, but I can post these if you want them.
  6. Why not use washers under the head? I have some rubber washers here that look like they might do the job. Colour is blue, but they'll be out of sight anyway. I also have various large metal ones with a small inside diameter.
  7. Use the search term "Chicago Screws". If you can't get any on that, look on e.bay for a UK buyer and I'll get them for you.
  8. I just put Dodo Matting on my back shelf which also covered the speaker holes. This was thin enough to then put my shelf liner back over the top.
  9. I would hazard a guess to say if the fluid is more viscous, then it would put a touch more pressure on the water pump. If there's no issues in chasing BHP numbers, then there's no issue. It would be so minimal anyway, why worry about it? Either way, from what I've read on this waterless coolant, it seems to be pretty good and would give a bit more peace of mind to people doing tour runs etc. I can remember going into the Services on the M4 coming back from Heathrow and saw a MK1 Capri in the car park with a trickle of water coming out the back end of it. I went back to my car and put a note under the wiper blade. One KFC and a loo stop later, the Cappa was gone and I got in my car to resume my run home. About 3 miles past the services, there he was on the hard shoulder, bonnet up with steam coming out of his bay. As I looked at him, I could see his lips moving "if only I'd gone Evans"...
  10. Did you see the head Steve put pics up of yesterday on Vulcan Engineering Retards Club page?
  11. Have a look on Fac3book for Alwyn Zakham Bickham. He might be able to help you out with this. His work is of a high quality.
  12. Have a look at this for some guidance on methods. Not a Mk1, but the principal tasks are basically the same. I generally learn bits from vids like this.
  13. I had a standard English axle and it sh1t its diff. Rebuilt it with a Quaife ATB, so then it sh1t the gearbox instead. Rebuilt and uprated the gearbox and now it seems to be potty trained. Diff is very predictable and can hold the back end out when needed, allegedly 😇
  14. For the price, I'd look at a new one from Rally Design. This way you know its good and not worn with age.
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