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    Watched the Odd Autos build over the weekend. Good video and funny guys too 😁
  2. There's also a baffle gate you can get for a RS sump that prevents oil starvation during hard cornering. https://hpemotorsport.co.uk/shop/engineparts/rs2000-gated-sump-baffle/ I am so following this build, as this is going to be strong... 😁
  3. Are you sending the crank pulley, flywheel and clutch for balancing the rotating mass at the same time? Could also dowel the flywheel too. Then you know all the bottom end is sorted, as this is going to be close on 200bhp with the right head.
  4. Guy really knows his stuff, but takes a lot of time in explaining what he does and why. I took a lot of advice from his builds when sorting my last Pinto. Would love to see a separate build thread of your engine. 😁
  5. I think you're best going with those forged accralite YB pistons, plus you can use circlips with them. Totally agree though, once you're in...
  6. I like the colour. Sounds like that's going to be a strong engine when it's done. 😁
  7. I'm up to you ripping the servos out of the boot. Been bouncing between this and FPE's Mk1 Fez. Still keeping me going on my static bike, so keep them coming 😁
  8. That's a nice red. Liking that. However, you've posted pics up now you tease. There's no such thing as "just the tip". Let's have more progress and pics by going "balls deep". 😁
  9. I have a similar trickle charger with a winter mode button. I might be defeating the objective, but I run it through a plug timer socket that only comes on from midnight to 4am. I also hooked this up to my lads 1 Series BMW while he was on Ops in Estonia for 6 months and it was faultless.
  10. dt36

    Corona virus

    I have a half started garage that 2 lockdowns have delayed due to my builder and inspector living in a different county to me. Been constant stop start through no fault of his own. Now our firebreak lockdown is lifted, its constantly chucking it down to prep and get the slab in. I think this is basically going to come to a dead stop now until around next March.
  11. Looking forward to a build thread and pics on this project. Makes sense to use your spare crossflow in this if it's not selling. However, Pinto wise would be strong as an offset 2.2. See where we're going here, Mr JBW 4 Spokes... 😁
  12. Love that colour. Curious though. How do you get your purchase past the good lady? 😁 I want a Mk1 Fez, but I haven't got the balls to ask mine πŸ˜‚
  13. Hobnobs, tea, quavers, tea, Jammy Dodgers, tea, warm beef and roast potatoes baguettes, tea, scones, tea...
  14. If we're going down the bike route, my Can Am Qualifier 250 when I was 15 and my Suzuki RM250 when I was 17. Lad on the Honda CR480 (my old bike) next to me now has a very nice orange MK2 with a N/A YB.
  15. Someone's been keeping busy. 😁 If I give you a bed, feed you and some pocket money, you can come and do mine when you've finished. Good progress πŸ‘
  16. Although you say the welds are not the best, that's some good fab skills you have. Much better than mine. Good job again πŸ‘
  17. 285 has always been a decent cam and somebody recommended it to me when I built my Pinto. I ended up going with a FR30. Stage 1 Vulcan head. 2.1 bottom end on bike carbs. Car produced 153bhp on the rollers and is very well behaved. Also idles nice.
  18. Agreed. Get a cam that suits how and where you drive the car.
  19. Oh my. I had a little twinge then πŸ˜‡
  20. dt36

    Corona virus

    Imperial spanner and I was born before the Metric system came in. 😁
  21. Hi and welcome. Gets some pics up.
  22. It's going to a Benny in the South Atlantic.
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