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  1. Yeh tell me about it haha I was kidding myself when I bought it back
  2. Sounded like me!! I’m open to offers mate
  3. Naa mate literally went into my mates storage I gotta pick up up it’s such a good shell I’m in two minds to weld and paint it sell it rolling
  4. So done some miles in her now done a few drag meets at Tibenham Airfield and at the last one Friday gone I broke the throttle cable on a burnout haha so I’m on that now just want to nicen up interior so if any one as any nice RS2000 recaros ideally beige or some hounds tooth interior let me kno! Try get back on with the gt soon!!
  5. So I made a tool to support engine without dropping it and since it leaked from sump previously I decided to name said tool..
  6. So got it all finished and moted and after a week of hooning It decided it didn’t like engine oil so dump all out our once I got to work could of been a lot worse because I used a Sierra cvh sump gasket instead of Neil Dunn gasket I was dreading the worst since it was all painted nice!!
  7. Yeh I think so it was a sportex 2-25 I think sound really nice
  8. Next made a angled inlet to match head ports and then matched and modded the sportex system and was previously on a Ashley mani and had some dodgy repairs then bolting all new bits on and dealing with wiring
  9. Next sealed the engine up and got her rolling again
  10. Then squirted some paint around the place lol
  11. Then started on the filler work I stone chiped the bulkhead and rails then primed her up
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