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  1. Thanks for that lads I probs will go for recons
  2. Just wondering if fluid goes in this part of caliper? I would assume it dose if so I need a new leaver pin or get recons?
  3. Hmm I have never thought of that why lol
  4. Haha it’s something that bugs me the car originally come with them it’s something I wanted to change but thanks mate
  5. Hi all very heavy heart my mk2 is up for sale such a mega shell got all usual bits brand new zetec 5 speed wilwood box blah blah lol cars in Norfolk im looking for £13.5k Cheers Ben 07506184182
  6. Very nice mate love the colour especially in 4 doors
  7. Yeh tell me about it I’m zetec with k series inlet it’s very tight lol did you use mk2 box? If so pretty straight forward bracket fab?
  8. Cheers for your reply I meant master cylinders lol and thanks for your help so you think to use a bias pedal box ?
  9. Hi all wondering if any one can help me firstly I’m gunner run two remote reservoirs one for clutch (7.0 with rx8 box)? But my next question is what size shud I run on brakes I’m obviously gunner run a hydraulic bias valve, but I want to go rear discs and princess venteted front calipers since they are peanuts my worry Is will it work? cheers
  10. Yeh tell me about it haha I was kidding myself when I bought it back
  11. Sounded like me!! I’m open to offers mate
  12. Naa mate literally went into my mates storage I gotta pick up up it’s such a good shell I’m in two minds to weld and paint it sell it rolling
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