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  1. Cheers mate yeh the Volvo manifold I just tig a Zetec flange on but I’m sure you could make a adapter with a alloy flange and all matched together nice it was a good gamble lol and they are a turboed inlet any way with throttle body In right area👍
  2. Any body got a legal set cheers
  3. I just remember I did one for a mate running again st170 bottom end with arp rod bolts black top only had head skimmed enough to clean.. gas flowed head with 1.4 mm h gasket I use Volvo 850 turbos to mainly as I’m a Volvo nut and had a few spare t bo’s 😂 inlets I used a Volvo t4 adapted to Zetec and my mate I nodded a rover one my good pics are on old phone
  4. that’s a mint shell mate!!! V jel nice work tho pal
  5. Cheers mate updates stopped as I had a littleun and life but hoping to get on it end of year as I just started my own paint/ fab shop.. but yeh I cut the wings of and thought ohh!! 😂 then thought YOLO yeh mate that’s a sweet shell you got! I always run megasquirt I Zetec turboed a sierra, I used st170 bottom end with arp rod bolts ( forged Rods stock) focus mk1 rs1.4Mm head gasket with blacktop head What I gasflowd was about min12 psi probs min260bhp it had potential.. but Naa this engine stock comp but new pumps gaskets all oe but it’s got arp bottom end bolts But charger will only be running 6 psi ish? For now😂 i try find pics of Sierra if you like cheers again 👍
  6. Oops wrong section 😬
  7. Set of tyres in this size plz any one got a set road legal? cheers
  8. Cheers mate cranks running clock wise the water pump is anti them two pullys are just idelers to give maximum tension on supercharger and then back clockwise around the alternator? I think if you are running ribb asides together and smooth sides together should generally be ok?
  9. Cheers mate yeh I’m hoping it will..
  10. Cheers mate I don’t even kno how it turned out like it? I blame the temp sensor😂
  11. A small update! made a water rail and finnished cooling system and modified rad.. sorry I didn’t mean for it to look like a wang 😂 made alternator, tensioner and idelers brackets to oh and finish making inlet adapter and boost hoses hoping to Probly get back on it soon!!🤞
  12. That’s it Need to get back onto my gt 🤦🏼‍♂️
  13. Dunno mate couple of serious intrested people and then a lot of “I’ll pay you monthly in quavers” people ect 😂
  14. Since she’s still in my possession..
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