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  1. Cheers for the pics is that a a frame then or tramp bars I only as as thought tramp bars went on to the tube not middle casing tho doing the same job I guess
  2. Hi all need to fit some sort of anti tramp bars to back of mk2 Tina just wonder if escy kit dose job if so any one done it? If so pics/ measurements plz thanks ben
  3. Thanks for that and yeh bonnet, roof and boot lid are original haha
  4. Going to be a nice project what’s the plans for it
  5. Nice one been done a few years now need to use it more though!! I know I need to change exhaust though I was 18 when I did it hence abit chavvy tail pipe haha
  6. Am I right in seeing that there were reproduction ones being done in uk? Cheers
  7. Thanks for replies yeh burns lovely haha I thought maby for fuel tank noise? As like I said it’s only been on tank side for me
  8. Hi I have had two import 4 doors mk2 escort (small fuel tank) and both had like expanding foam in the arch and only on the tank side? Neither haven’t been mentally rotten just wondering if was a quality ford manoeuvre cheers
  9. I would of thought a rx box would fit in a auto tunnel too as my mk2 Tina tunnel only needed modding where the slave sit, since you could go cable clutch.. and you just use the front of the rx prop welded on to the ford tube
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