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  1. Shop body shop direct has a spray on sealer can be used with air sealer gun or hand gun . Stays rubbery like original should and if sprayed with correct gun will give factory finish .. especially in joints and under arches ..... Tiger seal fails eventually and yes make sure it's etched under and primed
  2. Condition is unreal. One wing replaced from new from small accident and scrape on one door painted... Rest is in original paint with PDI stickers etc still in place . Says 42650km I think on clock and condition would say it's totally genuine
  3. https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/1978-ford-mk2-escort-/21438819 1978 1.1 escort from Croatia . More pictures if needed . Located in R.O.I co mayo Asking price €9000 Ono Willing to accept £7500 Car now sold
  4. Thank you vista and vat maybe ?
  5. Hi folks I'm in middle of buying a 2door 1978 escort from Croatia ... Does anyone know the way to get nova or how much duty etc would need paid .. Kenny
  6. Looking for interior rear cards in good condition in grey also seats ,matching even MK2 xr2 seats . Kenny 00353876508263 Txt ,call or pm please
  7. https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/1984-xr3i-cabby-/16572207 been a while from online but selling yo get back to mk2 project and anglia kenny
  8. Wouldn't worry about that, if you get stopped = NO speak English, double up in pain when questioned. They'll rust you to hospital infront of everyone else. Sort out temp accommodation for when you come out. Give you some cash to get you by until the full benefit arrives. Home you, give you training so you can get a job. And so on...Great country we live in oh and everybody else wants to aswell. So the motto is if you get stopped ......every cloud has a silver lining......LOL didnt work for me or the excuse the road was greasy when an of duty garda ( cop) was behind me when i set the more door out sideways last week. she followed me took reg and then went to barracks and got an onduty garda and squad car and came back to me. think there is a careless driving case forth coming
  9. a little bit of steering chinkamon and a little bit of a dream she had
  10. unfortunately she needs a license first two cars no license lol
  11. have a look down chart for tappet settings http://www.flissundet.no/Customers/fms/documents/Kent%20Cams/Kent_Cams_Katalog_2007.pdf
  12. i think perfect good choice for fun. As a lot of fords have vauxhall engines and honda why not fit ford engines in other cars, there was a toyota starlet at reto stock drift day with built by toyota powered by ford on the rear window and if i remember properly a 240 volvo all cossie powered up last time
  13. omg now that is sore on the eyes your right hotrodmatt but they do and it makes for a good post
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