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  1. Hi guys, I have been busy recently building a new site for petrol heads. The site is a video portal, much like Youtube but for a specific niche'....... Onboard car videos. So, we would welcome people to sign up (you can log-in using your Retards Club account) and upload your media for all to enjoy. All your street driving, trackday, race, rally onboard videos now have a home to share with like-minded individuals. The ite caters for all genres of cars and disciplines but obviously we are biased towards the older, classic cars and osf's. There is also a Dyno-room for all your rolling
  2. sambo

    New site!

    Lol, Jo, if I was here to plug my site, I would have started a new topic! I am just fed up with and sad that forums are losing out because of Retards Club. Its a shame as you dont get the community or vibe as you do with a forum. Just loads of news feeds that you cant keep up with. Anyhow, I will start a new topic plugging my site now though, Jo! (if thats ok to plug here).
  3. sambo

    New site!

    link : http://myrush.tv/ enjoy! post away! You can add / embedd youtube clips that you like too as well as upload your own unique content.
  4. sambo

    New site!

    Hi all, yeah, I still have an osf in the form of a MK2 thundersaloon project. I have been focusing on other interweb things and keeping busy so havent had chance to use forums too much. I have been working on a site called MyRush.tv which is all about onboard footage of your cars etc. Check it out please people, also search for it on Retards Club and give it a like. Its slowly growing but need more support in this infancy stage! The MK2 project is slowly coming along too, having been underneath it with a wire brush and restoring/paint it. Painfull but essential! Sam.
  5. This is my old Alan Mann escort on HT's rollers doing a power run. Enjoy! http://myrush.tv/video/MK1-Escort-Alan-Mann-NA-Cosworth-engine-23ltr/d8b5cf40af4caedf4777ce4f3b8d877e
  6. sambo

    New site!

    Hi all, I havent logged in for ages but I really like the new site format! Well done, it works and looks great. That is all.
  7. Hi guys, I have a full set of Leda adjustable coilovers for sale. These are ready to go, all with springs, alloy eccentric top mounts, hubs, long studs. Springs are 400lb at the front and 200lb at the rear and the rear shocks are damper adjustable. They have a little overspray on them. The calipers are not included. £600.00 Sam - 07952 656046
  8. Hi chaps, I have a set of 4 10x13" wellers for sale. They come with some Avon wet tyres that are ok. They are white with a little surface rust on the outer rim. I'm after £100,000 for them but would take £220.00. Sam - 07952 656046
  9. Hi all, I need some in-car videos for a project i am working on. I only need a few seconds of drag-strip videos. Would anyone be kind enough to grant me permission to use thier video/s??? They have to be POV (In car, helmet cam etc) Just a Youtube link would be sufficient! Thanks chaps, i hope some of you can help me out!! The more exciting the better! I also need, other sport videos, again, must be POV. Anyone into Parkour, bungee jumping, Base jumping, snow boarding, rock climbing, downhill MB'ing??? etc, etc The more vids the merrier! Cheers! Sam.
  10. Has this been confirmed or is it all bullshit? Anyway, if it has gone, its a shame. I think its a sign of the dying scene myself.
  11. What suspension is currently on there? What is the rear end? Axle, IRS? Who built the spaceframe? Cheers, Sam.
  12. Nah... after much thought i have 100% decided to go Naturally Aspirated. Its old skool, makes an amazing noise and will be generally quicker around most circuits that i will go to. Its not gonna be cheap but the whole project is a no compromise build. It will take as long as it takes and it will be just how i want it. Just trying to find a decent gearbox! Anyone got a dog box or sequential for sale?.....
  13. If you have half a brain and the motivation, there's no reason why you cant at least get a half deent paid job. People cant be arsed, the whole benefits culture has been handed down to them for generations and i am sad to say that alot of these scroungers havent the first idea how to hold a job.
  14. Revvy little thing! Its hitting 9000 rpm
  15. I'll have a choice soon enough Pig, Both engines will be at home with me and i can then make a decsion!
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