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  1. You legend posse cheers and Thanks for sorting my subscription! Can't wait, should be a hell of a show!!
  2. I'm on the paid list as (Lynn Millson) but is it to late to put my name on the stand list as i know the deadline was friday but i havent been able to get to a computer? Thanks Ian
  3. Bad news i won't be able to go now! last sunday, i lost 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and reverse only had 5th. Pulled the engine and box out monday nite to try and fix it by this weekend. Got aanother box yesterday and a hoist but the weathers againt's me and its pissing down today and i ain't a fan of working in the rain! so unfortuantly i won't be attending tomorrow but will be at a few meets/shows later on in the year, well with a bit of luck neways Hope everyone has a good meet tomorrow, see ya'll soon!
  4. Hello Ian .... nice to see you on here again ... we were asking where you had got to a short while ago Car all sorted now then? Hey Jo .. i was hardly at home so i never got time to get on the PC, and i've been moving out n stuff so been quite busy but i've got my own PC again now so i should be on here alot more and hopefully b attend some more show/meets which'll be good nearly but the starters motors now died so i need a new one, but not sure if i can fit a high tourque one with my big wing sump? as i proberly won't be able to get the bottom bolt in!
  5. I'm there, first one i'll be goin 2 in a long time! can't wait
  6. Right where do i start? I recieved a propshaft from yukspeed before christmas but it didn't fit as it was tooo long, so i waited to the new year and order my custom prop from baileys. Receieved the prop and it fits lovely, fitted the rest of the exhaust. managed to get the engine running by removing the spark plugs a turning it over for a bit ( to losen the engine up) then put the sparkers back in, tweeked the fuel pressure, and applied the choke and she RUN'S Bad news is that my clutch wouldn't engage as the release bearing was keeping the clutch open at all times. so yesterday
  7. cheers everyone I just can't wait to hear it fire up and be able to come to a meet again.
  8. Come along way since i was last on here. Looking good buddy and keep up the good work.
  9. Thanks for the comments Hi steve how you doin? I got mine from escort tec for a bargain price of £10! I think its a mexico one but not sure, it was well battered when i got it. Fixed it with fiberglass filler but it fits quite snug which was a good thing. Heres a pic how i got it: sorted out the garage today and i'd though i'd take a couple of pics while it was out: Should look completely different with the gunmetal superlites on there (when i can find the money to buy them). I need to get the suspension set up and tracking done as its ajust
  10. Cheers buddy I was lucky it was a straight shell to start with. what you doing to your car? Thanks again Ian
  11. Thats an impressive wheel arch repair wish i could weld that well. keep up the good work.
  12. A bit of an update for ya'll! Alot has changed! the bodyshop finaly finished the outside and the outside looks great apart from very minor blemishes but they can be sorted at a later date. When i got it back the engine bay looked w**k!! so i resprayed it again myself at home with my compressor. sanded the laquer back gave it another good coat of green and some 2pac laquer. Heres a pic after i sprayed it again: I was quite pleased how it came out as i done it outside. Next was to paint the rear axle and fit the new rear suspension. But i broke the O/S shackle mount for the dam
  13. Thanks for the comments I have been a bit slack getting on the computer, I'm not in for long enough to get chance to update my project. I'm always busy doing something for the motor, or skatin (manily, making the most of nice weather) and i sold the metro as well so i have no transport. I've also quit my job at Daron Ford because I didn't see eye to eye with the directors. and... i also NEARLY lost my driving licence due to a mate being stuck in a taxi and i went out looking for him after a few bevvies and got busted for drink drivering which i Honestly can say this was a one off. Luckly t
  14. Wooh a couple of months since i last updated.. not good. Since the last update i've: -Built + timed the engine ready to go in. -Stipped and painted the big wing sump + modifed to make the starter fit. -Stripped and painted leaf springs + Fitted ne bushes -Stripped and painted RS2000 ARB -Painted -Anti dive kit -Anti Tramp bars -WCXM -Engine mounts -Painted the Brakes (Again) -Built the 2.8 legs -Had the top hat spacers machined for the top mounts The shell. -Welded up 3 small holes on the O/S seal, 2 small plates in the O/S spear wheel well and 1
  15. Got some bad news!! :sad: The car isn't going to be ready for the 1st of July. so i'm afraid i'm going to have to drop out. I was sooo looking forward to this run but the cars taken alot longer than first planned and i would rather take an extra couple of weeks to get a better finish rather than rushing it at the end and fookin it all up . sorry to leave it so late but i was hoping to get it done. Hope to god that its ready by Ford Fair.. Webby now has a place now Official List Posse OFU8*** Mk1 Escort 1. Ratman MYV*** MK1 Cortina 2. JamesMk1 KAN6*** MK1 Esco
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