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  1. Couldnt make this show but a friend of mine had the same 1hour 10mins to get in and 1hour 45mins to get out, hes said he would never go again and was lucky he never boiled over, not like the yank he had next to him, i also think that £14 50 is a lot to pay to get in and makes one hell of a profit, wouldnt even mind if at least some of it went to charity, but if your looking to go to a show with easy entry and easy exit then look here although some of you may have received flyers on this show at barleylands, where every penny goes to Macmillan Essex Nurses, only £5 per car no matter how many is in car, plus a full programme of entertainment thoughout the day, so come on a register please, also advertised on the events shows page, where all other info can be found.
  2. Yes Your Right its in Deepest Essex not far from Sarfend LOL, yes we have loads of space for any amount of cars for an Old Skool Ford Club Stand if Old Skool Ford Members would like.
  3. Hi All, We are now in our 5th year running, and back again for another show our 2nd year running at The Pegasus Country Club, Last year saw a total of 160 cars on show and hoping for more this year,, plus lots of other attactions for the ladies and children, so a real Family Event, plus a full program of entertainment throughout the day, see our website all proceedes are going to The Macmillan Charity again, after we raised £1055 last year which paid for 39 hours of nursing care, so hoping to do better this year, please see attachment for Flyer and Registration Form and Links to our Website, where all other info can be found not only on this years event but from previous shows we have held, so come on and register and support us on the day thanks. https://www.corringham-classic-car-show.com/ Pegasus Car-Show-Flyer-Application (3).pdf
  4. Hi All Ive just found out that as from May 2018 vehicles that are 40 years and over are now to be exempt from the yearly MOT test, yes i know that probably everyone else on here knows already about this, ( but im one that always gets to know about these things last ) my Question which i cant seem to find an answer to on the web about this, is the MOT exemption from 40 years of the first registration date, or is it from the actual build date of the vehicle, and is this to become on a yearly rolling basis ie from May 2018 all vehicles built/registered up to may 1978 and from May 2019 all vehicles Built/registered up to May 1979 and so on in 2020 2021 etc etc. also what are your thoughts on not having to have a MOT for 40 year and over vehicles Good or Bad ? ?
  5. thanks for your reply thats a great shame about not being able to attend the show, but please still put the word around for us, but one to put down on your calander for next year as i think this years show will go down really well to what weve had in recent years, i think the words getting around as its really growing well in size, perhaps we may be able to give Battlesbridge a run for its money in years to come by the way its growing,, would be nice and you never know ! !
  6. Hi All Just a reminder for you to get your registrations in now as times running out, not long to the show, and promises to be our best so far ( we have over 100 vehicles booked in so far ) plus so much more to offer on the day besides just cars, £5 for registering cars, if you turn up un registered on the day you will be charged £10 to exhibit, and yes the most important bit is all monies raised will be going to this years charity Macmillan Nurses, hope to see your registrations coming in very soon and seeing you on the day. Thanks Delbert. Pegasus Car-Show-Flyer-Application (3).pdf
  7. Hi There thanks for your reply, its nice to know that your intending to come to this years show, which promises to be bigger and better than last years, although we did have very positive feedback from everybody last year, but please remember that you do need to book before the cut off date, as any non booked cars after the cut off date and on arrival at the gate on the day will be charged at £10 per car, Delbert.
  8. Hi All, We are Holding another Classic Car Show again this year, with all money being raised going to this years chosen charity, The Macmillan Nurses Charity, this is now our forth year running, and we have a New Venue The Pegasus Country Club Corringham as its growing year by year, Last year saw us with a limited 110 vehicles on show,due to the last minute restrictions put on us by the Springhouse Club Corringham, due to the weather in June, video of the 2016 show is on youtube if your interested to see what went on, but we still had over 1000 paying public through the gate on the day,plus we had craft stalls, trade stalls, bouncy castles bar etc etc and a Band who are returning once again for this years show this year we have an area of over 5 football pitches plus other area to fill with no restrictions applied to us come rain or shine, ( hopefully more shine than rain ) plus a nice selection of trophies to be given out on the day, so we need as many cars Bikes Trikes etc etc as we can get as the skies the limit for numbers of vehicles we can take, so please see the attachment for all further info, and also to print out registration forms as we are receiving registrations for this show now, hope that you can come and exhibit and support us on the day to make this our best show as to date, Pegasus Car-Show-Flyer-Application.pdf Delbert.
  9. Sorry Vista And Theloudboy, just read the post again, probably had my mind elsewhere at the time or was just having another senior moment yet again LOL
  10. Thanks for your reply, please note i will not be meeting anyone anywhere as im one of the organisers of this show, as i will be at the venue bright an early on the day, plus you must be registered and the exhibitor fee must be paid before the cut off date for this show, ( see Registration Form ) so a pass can issued and sent to you in advance, or you be charged a £10 fee for late entry on the day.
  11. Hi All, Just to inform you that we are now holding our 3rd year running car show on 26th June 2016 at a new bigger venue, where we can accommodate Club stands, Craft stalls, trade stalls and much more please see the attachments for more info, if interested please register asap, Corringham Car Show 2016_0001.jpg Corringham Car Show 2016_0002.jpg
  12. Dont know what the above link has got to do with the thread ( or am i missing something here ) but just to add my bit what about Gas and Electric prices shouldn't they be falling as well.
  13. Total agree with ya M8, spoke to Marcus there a couple of days ago ( and yes he knows his stuff as well ) not like other so called specialist insurance companies that ive called in the past, or been insured with, and a very good price and including agreed Value where other companies charge extra for this, couldn"t get my visa card out quick enough when i got the quote LOL so i would recommend anybody looking for insuring their classic go to these guys who really know there stuff just can"t praise them enough
  14. Hi All, I am Hosting a Classic Car Show on Saturday 19th July, at the Corringham Village Hall, Corringham Essex Please see the attachments for full details, If you would like to Exhibit your vehicle then please use the registration form, or PM me with all the required Details that are on the Registration form, Please NOTE ! ! as this is the First Classic Car Show at this Venue there is limited space, so please register ASAP to avoid dissapointment, as im having to make registrations on a purely first come first served basis, Delbert.
  15. Yes i will be there this time after cocking up last time, LOL looking forward to meeting you all,
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