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  1. what is the rule of nine never heard that one before for valve clearances, the only thing i can think of is that your referring to is what order to adjust the valves by counting to nine each time, IE no1 open adjust no 8 no2 open adjust no7 and so on,
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know if you can get hold of replacement plastic printed circuit that is found on the back of the MK2 RS2000 Dash Clocks of which there are two fitted im looking for the smaller one of the two, the one that has the circuit for the dash clock lights, does anyone know if you can buy these anywhere, or is it just purely a case of being very lucky and finding a good one on good old Ebay.
  3. Have had an edge one fitted to my pinto for a good few years, i know there not cheap but had no issues with starting hot or cold, which was purchased to replace the standard starter which i experienced starting problems like you have spoken of, its also worth checking out that the battery leads are sufficiently thick enough to carry the power ( mine are 35mm 240AMP ) especial if your battery is located in the boot like mine, plus also make sure that the battery that your using is in good state of health along with a good amount of CCA ( mine is 72ah 680 cca ) hope this will help if you still have any further probs after fitting your new acquired starter, ( hopefully you wont )
  4. Thanks for your reply and help on this subject I'm now getting to grips with what's what and it's looking a whole lot clearer to me. So it's make a list of what to check out once legs are off the car and take it from there and hopefully they will be greatly improved and the drive will be even more enjoyable.
  5. Many thanks for the info. It all sounded too good to be that easy. So seems I've a lot more to take on board before I carry out any refurb just to be sure of all things. Was thinking whilst refurbing to also change springs as I've -1" ones fitted at mo but they seem too hard for the road but don't know their lbs/ft so need to find out what lbs/ft of origanils would be. Plus not sure if I get the original lbs/ft at -1" whether this would alter front ride height to what it is now.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Didn't think is was going to be that easy to be honest. Plus I thought the strut was filled with oil. As you say kyb do an insert would you know where the best place to buy them would be. Also I assume as you say that it's listed under 3lt Capri then the legs are all the same no difference in fit size ( bore ) between these and 2.8 lt ones
  7. Hi all this question has probably been asked before so please bare with me. I'm planning well ahead for winter months to refurb my 2.8 Capri legs as I don't think they have ever been refurbed as I've owned the car for over 20 years so think it's time to do so. Never done this job before so I looking to find a step by step guide on how to. So if anybody can point me in the right direction I would be most greatfull. Would like to find out as much as poss before doing to see what's what if you get me. As I've read a bit about different inserts and all sounds a bit confusing to me at the mo also apart from spring clamps is there any other specialised tools needed. This question has been posted under mk1 & mk2 Escort section but as I've had no replies thought it might be better posted here. For an answer.
  8. Would advise if your going to fit one then I would fit a steel vernier pulley rather than an ally one. As when I had an ally one fitted on my RS2000 it wore so badly that it chewed up the timing belt and hence I ended up with bent valves.
  9. If it's an o ring I would have thought it's the same both sides completely round no flat on one side. It's a long while since I refurbed my calopers but if it's any help I just fitted the new o ring that came in the refurb kit without thinking of which way round it goes but I did apply a light coating of loctite flange sealant all over one face of the calliper before reassembly of calliper. Had no issues whatsoever.
  10. In my opinion it looks like you need to remove your old system first to see if the bends are the same and also see if all other bits in kit are going to be suitable. But think you need to know the length of all the other parts in the kit as well. Plus it looks like it could involve lots of work and could contain more joints than needed in other words opening a can of worms. But I think that for around the same price or plus a few more pounds you should be able to find one that's more suited. But that's just my thoughts on this.
  11. Hi All, Im currently looking to purchase a pair of New MK1 Rear Early Type Eye To Eye Shocks ( the non adjustable standard type ) but cannot find any on the web anywhere only can find the adjustable types like Gaz Spax etc etc can anyone help me to where i can locate a pair. need them to fit a 2 door saloon 1971 year model if this makes any difference thanks in advance
  12. Thanks for that but would you know what thread it's got as I need to know if I've got a tap set to suit or need to get one in order to fit as there's no mension of thread size on the advert
  13. Fine I'm glad we are on the same wave length. Funny old thing this English language LOL Yes it has worried me a bit as to why the fuse should have suddenly blown without having any associated problems with that circuit. Will just have to look to see if I can see anything that would cause this. No dead short that's for sure as new fuse is working fine ( not blowing ) when any of the indicators/brake lights etc etc are in use on that circuit. Just a bit of a mystery ! !
  14. All working now as should be. The fuse that blew was fuse number 6 and it did lose both rear brake lights as it states in your attachment that fuse number 6 controls ( stop light ) which to me reads both rear brake lamps. the same as it states it controls ( reversing lamp ) which there are two fitted one on left and one on right so controls both sides. Or am i missing something. I only can see that fuse number 2 controls L/Hand tail lamp and fuse number 3 controls R/Hand tail lamp so if either one of these blows you would still get the opposite one working. I'm in no way trying to criticise what your saying but this is just the way I'm reading it in my own mind
  15. Think I didnt explain fully in the beginning was not just on about the 8 amp fuse I replaced being the correct ampage was questioning if all of the seven fuses that are fitted in the fuse box should all be rated at 8 amps as per workshop manual as it just seems strange to me that all the fuse circuits in the fuse box should be of the same rating did expect to find possibly 1 or more fuses fitted with higher or lower ampage ratings like what you'd find in your fuse box in your home
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