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  1. Hi I have a new old stock mk1 gt steering wheel badge for sale. £80. Please ask for pictures. Chris
  2. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to replace a V4 sump gasket without taking the engine out? Thanks
  3. I know a girl in Yate, it's alright from what I've seen (which is'nt alot )
  4. I built mine to exactly how I wanted
  5. These are what I've owned since I was 15 Mk1 Cortina GT (Se Sig ) Mk1 Cortina Fleet 2 Door White Mk5 Cortina 1.6 GL Gold Mk4 Cortina 2 Door White Mk1 4 door deluxe Green Mk1 GT replica Red Mk1 4 door Deluxe Green Mk3 Cortina 2000E Blue Mk1 Fiesta Silver Mk5 Cortina 2.0GL Beige Mk1 4 door GT White Mk1 2 door GT White Mk1 2 door GT red Mk1 4 door GT green Mk1 2 door Deluxe Green Mk1 2 door same as above Mk1 1500 deluxe blue Thats all I can remenber at the Mo
  6. We had a white Christmas last year, I came out the pub at about half 12 and it was snowing
  7. Chris!


    buy a garage beautiful car pity it stays outside I'll put it in the garage once the snow stops
  8. Chris!


    Nottingham at the mo
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