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  1. Out with the kids, see a 4 door is better 😋
  2. Got my super rare wheels on the Tina now so the lotus wheels are available. They have tyres on them, all in near new condition, the wheels are silver....with a smidge of silver flake...and a smidge of pearlescent lacquer ( it's all I had at the time) 2 X 185/70 road champ tyres 2x 165/80 passio tyres Collection from hereford really as they weigh loads! Looking for £500 (cash preferred)
  3. Ill be honest I love top gear, it's about the cars, I hated Chris Evans on it, tfi Fridays yes, radio 2 no top gear no. Matt leblanc, odd choice but I do like him. Rory....yea don't remember him. Was very concerned with cricket bloke, take me out bloke and Chris Harris. But I really enjoyed it, seemed like proper banter between them all, Chris Harris isn't doin his shout at the guests whilst driving thing, and concentrating on the cars... I think it works I'm a happy man
  4. Ur a bloody diamond! 👍
  5. I'm guessin ebay then? Can't seem to find any parts shops selling them?
  6. Plus I just got some rare 60s ish racing wheels, wouldn't wanna hide them away haha
  7. I also love this 1, I toyed with an engine swop but my cortina is too good to cut about, so I'd need another one to mess about with an only slightly play with this one! 😂 Plus I really like estates specially when lowered
  8. I've searched for that part number but can't seem to find much listed about it. I've seen ignitioncarparts.co.uk list a 40927a and 40927b but just says: 'Distributor New Lucas distributors assembled in England by Ultra Sparks' No other info about it? Any suggestions on where to buy?
  9. That's amazing thanks so much! It came off a 1500 so just assumed it was right and I can't find any info on the jet sizes for a 1500? Only for standard gt carbs. It runs, BOY doesn't it run! Its bloody quick, but it's idle or flat out lol! It doesn't like cruising at 30 that's for sure,
  10. I absolutely love this! This is what I would do if I could get an estate an had the time /patience /money/knowledge!
  11. That's excellent thanks so much!
  12. Ahhhhhh so.... Would that explain the rough running I have? It's either idle or flat-out? I've googled gt dizzys with no luck, any idea what they were?
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