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  1. Hi all So finally decided to bolt my proper GT carb on my precrossflow, however I was asked should there b a sandwich plate between the carb an the manifold, when running there's a little " flutter " and we're tryin to get it running smoothly,
  2. Yep you can get another house so I ain't worried about that, but the car....it's mine ha
  3. No she did say well at least u have the cortina Wen u have the kids (as she's keepin the daily) but it has been put in my brother's name in case tho!
  4. Yes it's quite often the case isn't it, funny thing is I stopped spending as much time on the car because of the comments like are u ever gonna stop working on that thing etc why are you always on that forum, then spending more time together we split 😂
  5. Thank you so much col 👍
  6. An only 2 people replied 😭😂 It's ok, it's common knowledge, she's told everyone I'm a c**t 😂😂
  7. Not that any of u realised I was gone but.... I'm back.... Messy break up with the now ex wife, moved into my own house with a drive so the cortina is now getting attention again! So question...... I bought a GT carb off a mate who bought it at a swop meet. It's missing a spring can anybody shed any light on where or how I could find this spring please por favor muchas Gracia's. This spring the pencil is pointing to
  8. So due to a change in personal circumstances, I now will be having to store my cortina on my drive. Question is, have any of you found a proper out door car cover that will protect my little mk1 from our superb winters 🥶 but I'm also looking for easy use, i.e. can throw it on, throw it off easily as I'll be using the old girl and don't want to have to disassemble a storm shelter everytime I wanna pop to Tesco. I seen a few things that I think will do the job but would appreciate you fine peoples input. The bigger steel framed garages as pictured are a no go as it's a single width drive right in front of my front door, but the other 2 pictures I think that general idea maybe good?
  9. So sorry to hear this Marcel, please take care of yourself James
  10. Hey all, Just wandered where the best place to get new bushes from and what you'd all recommend?
  11. I've just noticed its automatically changed f a c e b o o k to retards club!😂😂😂
  12. You sound like youve had prior experience in this 🤭😂
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