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  1. So I got new seal for my mk1 cortina front quarter lights... How the hell do the old ones come out an the new ones go in??? So I guess the glass comes out... But the frame is riveted in.. Do the rivettes have to be drilled out? Or does the glass somehow lift out?
  2. Just to add to the thread 😁 Have my super rare posh new wheels on soon too!
  3. I may be getting confused but didn't you have different bike carbs on there before?
  4. That's definitely them isn't it!
  5. I tried lookin an couldn't find anythin so gave up 😂
  6. Where about? My wheel guy said they're definitely not rostyles as he's sure rostyles were only steel, and these aren't steel
  7. Yea I messaged my friend who makes wheels like new an he said oooo cosmics nice haven't seen them for a while... So was thinkin maybe they are cosmics altho can't find much online about them
  8. So I bought some new wheels don't tell the wife.... But they have cosmic badges an I seen some saying they ain't cosmics etc etc it don't bother me either way but it's nice to know
  9. Yup I agree I quite like the bubble arched look on that tina, hmmm Where's that fibreglass I had.... 😂
  10. chinkamon


    I'll get on it this weekend an post dome photos 👍
  11. chinkamon


    Any thoughts
  12. chinkamon


    Well 3 say the same, And one.... I'm not sure what it says..
  13. chinkamon


    What numbers are what then? Lotus are 881.a I'm guessing..
  14. chinkamon


    How do I tell what wheels I have then?
  15. chinkamon


    So mine are probably repro ones? Still, they look good! 😂 Is there a mark or something which shows what they are?
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