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  1. These monaros not the most exciting lookin to some but it stirs something in me, and seeing 1 Bein given some beans around a track 👌 The calibra is similar just wish they had an 8 in them they'd b perfect then. That back end is proper cool in my head
  2. 1 of my favourite cars was the monaro, I had a Vauxhall calibra which I always thought was at least styled with holden in mind, I love the fact that holden came with stupid big motors mostly 😁
  3. I bloody love the holden stuff, went to a customers that had two, 1 pick up and 1 saloon/coupe they were very nice! 😍😍
  4. That's true I've had comments about my illegal lights, they're not yellow flashing lights on the front, that's how they were when made..... Nope. They don't get it?
  5. Yea cos only certain models were called a consul cortina mines a deluxe, it was called a consul cortina until 64 apparently, unless badged as some other trim, I. E. Deluxe, super, g.t etc. I had one guy get his ass out with me not so long back because I got the chrome trim on the side, "your model was never built with that trim, what do you think you're doing" And one know it all took a lot of pleasure in telling me my dash is wrong. Must be out of an anglia or something he said, cortinas were made with round guages you've ruined that car..... (nope he's wrong) Hot rodders are the same, some won't even look at your car if somethings not to the 'correct spec' I just like upsetting those types of people 😂😂I'm a bit like that 😂
  6. Wow I can hear the feminists kickin off already, can u imagine vw posting that today 😂😂😂
  7. Got me new badge on the car this morning, don't ask what happened to the old one, bit of a sore subject I'm looking forward to how many purists it'll upset 😂😂
  8. This won't help anyone in the slightest but.... Rewiring my mk1 cortina, bought a loom from brandshatch speed shop or something like that, generic loom, modern fusebox relays etc each wire labeled every so many inches got the Haynes manual got the wiring diagram, drew circuits out myself e.g. Lighting circuit only on 1 a4 paper, so I could see what should go where, without that birds nest diagram you normally get, ran wires for one bit, when I was happy, pulled out the original, and so on. End result everything works, relays switching loads, nice new safer wires, fuses in place etc but I think I maybe lucky as in my head wiring circuits make sense quite easily, I no some it's complete jargon,. Also no ecu in mine so nice and easy!
  9. Well u have the sun so that's a fair compromise 😂😂
  10. I think if ford sold that now, along with the current trend of resurgence of mustang Camero etc etc it'd be right at home, stick a eco boost motor in there everyone's happy
  11. Got me thinking yesterday if u had a written off new one of these vans, but still had tidy running gear, an a knackered classic Ford, if you were clever enough it'd make one fantastic 'hybrid', modern diesel motor and transmission, classic looks! I'd buy it!
  12. So my big ol nissan van is in the garage, work arranged for thrifty to lend me a brand new van an I cannot believe this thing. I was over taking some slow coaches looked down at the speedo an saw it touching 100 mph! It felt like I was doing 50! It's so quiet so responsive I can't believe it's diesel! So I had a little experiment, changing gear around 3-3500 revs bearing in mind red line is apparently around 4750, out of 2nd at 40, out of 3rd at 60, 4th at 80, 5th 95,, an 6th... Well I didn't go any further, did I say this is van..... 😂 Fair to say these engines have come on incredibly over the last few years!
  13. Out with the kids, see a 4 door is better 😋
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