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  1. Is it me or is this incorrect??
  2. So an update... I fitted the electronic ignition I had from accuspark. Replaced the coil with the one that I ordered with the kit and refitted everything, Fired it up, no difference. Then realised I had the vacuum attached still from the carb so disconnected that an bunged up the hole on the carb an the 1800 to 2200 rev flat spot had all but vanished! Gonna stick the timing light on it tomorrow and stick the emission tester up her ass an see what tweaks need to be done but I think I got it!! Wooooooooo
  3. It's a standard 1500 precrossflow. first with the original single carb, then put a 32 36 dgv jetted for as close as possible, then the 28 36 DCD from the 1500 GT, jetted correctly, All had the same issue, then I bought a GT dizzy off eBay as apparently it is different and fitted yet still the same issue
  4. Ah that's the other thing, I had the original dizzy in there first, then when I found out there was a GT dizzy, I bought a (second hand ) one of those an fitted it, still had this issue? Could they both of been worn? Maybe buy a new dizzy from accuspark?
  5. Hi all So since having my MK1 1500 cortina it's always had a slight flat spot, the original single barrel carb, the 1600 gt carb and the correct 1500 gt carb all have the same issue, if u drive like a loon, it loves it, 0 to 60 is quicker than it should be, it shifts lovely etc but driving like a normal person in traffic and between 1800 to 2200 it isn't happy, I'm running new points and condenser new plugs new leads from non cheap brands. I have a set of accuspark elec ignition I bought an fitted when I first got the car up and running but due to the flat spot I reverted back to points to rule out any my interference being the issue. My question is, A, would this help 2, is buying a new set a good idea or use the set I already have. C, should I keep the points and buy a sparkrite sx4000 unit that runs off points and condenser but apparently auto adjusts ?? Or 4, just drive it like an arsehole everywhere? Cheers in advance
  6. There's only 1 way to improve on buying a Porsche....don't!! Just walk away and buy anything else .....anything!! 😂 I'd prefer this than a Porsche quite honestly
  7. I can solder copper pipes like a pro, anything snaller, no chance! Somehow the smaller it needs to be, the bigger I go 😂
  8. That's a bit beyond my capabilities, my soldering works.... But looks like a 3 year olds playdoh creation 😂
  9. Hello everyone I found the jets in my 28 36 dcd are incorrect I've spoken to webcon but they haven't all the jets I need I need the primary air corrector jet which is 230 The secondary air corrector jet which is 180 And a secondary main jet which is 155 Anyone got any lurking around their garage??! Chink
  10. Thank you guys, Another thing, I'm running a GT carb on a standard motor, is the mechanical fuel pump man enough? Only because I see the delivery pressures are different in my book? 1.25-2.5pounds per sq inch for standard 2.75-4.25pounds per sq inch for gt an lotus?
  11. Hi all So finally decided to bolt my proper GT carb on my precrossflow, however I was asked should there b a sandwich plate between the carb an the manifold, when running there's a little " flutter " and we're tryin to get it running smoothly,
  12. Yep you can get another house so I ain't worried about that, but the car....it's mine ha
  13. No she did say well at least u have the cortina Wen u have the kids (as she's keepin the daily) but it has been put in my brother's name in case tho!
  14. Yes it's quite often the case isn't it, funny thing is I stopped spending as much time on the car because of the comments like are u ever gonna stop working on that thing etc why are you always on that forum, then spending more time together we split 😂
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