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  1. I'm sure I can make a slight detour one day after 4 mate Yea pm me your address and I'll let you know when I can call by, Cheers James
  2. OK mate let me no wen ur about an ill pop by an pick it up,
  3. Tidy, how much might you want for that my friend?
  4. Yea..... That's my problem, I went to join a while back but they stopped selling the exhaust I was going to buy, so decided I won't really see any benefit unfortunately... Until now 😂
  5. Yea you're right it looks a bit untidy when it's in bad shape
  6. That's not the answer I'm looking for col hahaha
  7. I assume u can't just pull them apart and tidy them up?
  8. Oh really? I assumed they'd be like hens teeth! Next question.... Anyone an owners club member.... 😂
  9. Just rinsing the ol girl off an wondered can I renew /refurbish the bonnet badge?
  10. Haha not far from my work area then 👍
  11. Sounds perfect mate where abouts are you then? I love a locks ice cream 😂
  12. Hi all So as I'm far too tight to buy a proper one I thought I'd make my own, main reason is these genuine ones would need to be adapted to fit my mk1 as the gear stick comes out where the clock would be and the hand brake is in the trans tunnel, so I'd pay a small fortune and cut it about.... Hmmm! plus id like a cup holder being picky, too many drinks have ended up rolling around leaking over my carpets! So, do I look for a 2nd hand knackered one and adapt it (anyone got 1?) or do I just fabricate my own, if I do how did they get secured? Screwed through the trans tunnel?
  13. Any axle noise problems I can help now, I've had loads of information passed my way 😂
  14. Cheers guys that's great advice! 👍
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