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  1. chinkamon

    Mk1 cortina 4 door

    Cheers retro, I wasn't goin to sell it now, but my friends selling his desoto an I adore the car an can't afford both so the tina has to go but it looks like I might miss out now,
  2. chinkamon

    Mk1 cortina 4 door

    Price lowered
  3. So my mates selling his car and I want it, so now after doing a fair bit to mine it's back up for sale. 1500 1963 pre airflow gt carb and manifold, stainless exhaust manifold custom exhaust. Elec rad fans, thermostat controlled, new horns, new fuel pump, new starter solenoid, reconditioned starter motor, alternator conversion, New fusebox with main circuits rewired (headlights heater etc) other circuits left in place and wiring there to rewire if wanted to. New upgraded headlamps Lotus steels Interiors mint parcel shelf needs trimming to finish Lotus style quarter bumpers, New fuel tank New fuel sender Carpeted boot but easily removed if need be New capri spring on rear and 2 inch lowering blocks Seat belts in the rear not in the front, easily removed if need be. White stripes are vinyl so easily removed if need be 8.5K as that's what I'm buying the other car for Pm me or try to get me on 07584030311 I drive lots so rarely answer straight away
  4. chinkamon

    Is this a scam or is it me??

    I bought a new shed for 30 quid I was so excited at such a bargain that was a scam, can't think how gutted I'd b buying a car the same way!
  5. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223322459480
  6. Don't know if they're any good to anyone but they were pretty much straight when on my mk1 shame to throw them Don't know if they can be rearched Of you're interested let me know an I'll get some photos 
  7. Taken off my mk1 cortina as fitted gt carb and manifold worked spot on and I was going to keep them but they're in the way now so thought I'd see if someone else wants them Collected from Hereford or can post at your expense £50 or offers
  8. chinkamon

    Capri toy car

    Saw this and thought of you.... https://en.shpock.com/i/XB7ZEfVboAvCPbLc/?lft=
  9. chinkamon

    Electric or manual ????

    I'd be interested to see how this goes, you need to be the incredible hulk to undo my back windows 🤣
  10. chinkamon


    Sensible price too!
  11. chinkamon


    Hahaha well I don't think pc plods diesel corsa will have much trouble catching me up 🤔😅
  12. chinkamon


    Ooh I'd only be buying something from the local motor factors, so wouldn't be too worried about jonny law chasing Me 😂
  13. chinkamon


    Well the headlight lens on my cortina are clear glass. I see in halfrauds you can but whiter brighter bulbs etc. But wandered if it is just simple swop in job? I guess the light may get reflected / refracted all over the place if it isn't set up correctly?
  14. chinkamon


    So driving my 2009 mazda 6 Estate in the dark just now, thinking how I wish my works van, a 2014 Nissan primastar had headlights this bright, then wondered how easy is it to install these fancy super bright headlamps in a classic Ford? Mine have been updated to halogen but these in my mazda are super dooper white lights with what looks like a sphere magnifying glass as a lens? An they don't half light up a dark country road. So does anyone know if its a swop that's easily done??? Seen kits on ebay but they're probably crap 😂
  15. chinkamon

    Reverse lights and switches

    Is that on the filler cap??