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  1. 07453966746 Can send further pictures. It's a non sunroof shell too
  2. Sorry, also, she had a full roll cage fitted, a good one, cost over £1000. I have just removed it but if you want it with the car to refit it that will be included.
  3. I am selling my mk2 Capri 3.0s. She has mk3 bonnet and lights but the wings are mk2 but had some fibre glass added to bridge the gap and then sprayed. You wouldn't notice to look at it as its such a good job but it could easily be removed it you want to revert to mk2. This is a really nice car. its solid, no rust and no rot, she turns heads everywhere she goes and sounds great with no rear silencers. The v6 essex and 4 speed box are in great shape. I have recently had the core plugs replaced, fitted a new kenlowe electric fan and thermostat boss that fits inside the hose and is very accurate. She has 2.8i legs and princess 4 pot callipers and these work great even when hot, this is by far the best stopping Capri I have owned. Axle location fit kitted, goodridge hose, pollybushes. Rare cadiz interior too, all tyres in great shape as are the wheels. I fitted a new heater matrix only to find the resistor wasnt working, a cheap and easy fix! Recently re-cored big header Rad too. A few marks on the body but nothing that made me want to rush out and get a respray, no dents or scrapes. 3.0s Capris are rising in value fast and the mk2 is the rarest one. This car has been kept inside a temperature controlled workshop for 99% of the time since 1999 and was only used for the track in previous years occasionally. The battery is fitted in the boot as at that time the car was fitted with a chevy v8. The car is also lowered -1. This is a great fun car to drive with the long gears and torque from the essex pulling through all gearsy, also it holds the road better than any other Capri I have owned. You really need to come and see it, hear it and drive it! £10500 ono Any other information just ask as I have probably forgotten a few things. Car is located in Dagenham.
  4. Want an Escort!

    1. theloudboy


      When my knee is better I will take u out in mine

    2. Dagenham Darren

      Dagenham Darren

      Thanks mate that would be cool

  5. Hi, Selling my mk2 Granada 2.8i Ghia X Auto. This car isn't your average mk2 rusted and abused. She is solid and in fantastic condition and runs as perfectly with a nice strong responsive engine. She is fully loaded with all leather seats and door cards that are Mint. No rips or worn sides and still nice and plump. You will be hard pressed to find an interior in equal condition. As you would expect from a top of the range car she comes fully loaded, everything is electric, windows, mirrors, sunroof and electric seats. She also has the trip computer and air conditioning that is all working. Also complete with both spoilers. I have recently fitted new ngk plugs, burton leads, new dizzy cap, oil and new filter. I will be selling her with her original wheels but the buyer can have refusal on my bbs replicas for £500 that are 2 months old as are the tyres and have done less than 100 miles. These both stand me in nearly £800. Bad points, small dent on the drivers wing which will bang out and the paint has faded on the boot which is original after all but I do have paint to redo I was just waiting for the weather to warm up, easy enough to do a boot. I am only selling as I am wanting to get an escort and do not have enough space to keep her. Viewing welcome and recommended. She really is an amazing car in great shape. I am looking for £4000 ono. If you would like more pictures please email me. Car is in Dagenham darren@epbcontrol.co.uk.
  6. Irishtorag lol my mother says the same, she and that part of my family are from Limerick! Force of habit I guess, but yes, Derry it is. I joint the Army for a change of direction in my life at that time as things were not going to well, glad I did so, made me the guy I am today. No problem Jo, thought it would help me get to know a few more people. It's nice having family history of the forces, my grandad also served, used to live his stories of places like Korea.
  7. I bet being based in Cyprus wasn't to bad! I was based in Ebrington barracks in Londonderry, Elizabeth barracks in Pirbright, and spent to much time in Salisbury, Dartmoor and Brecon in Wales as well as tours of N.Ireland and Afghanistan and exercises in other places.
  8. I miss it too, but I miss friends mostly, still keep in touch with many, miss some badly that are no longer with us. It was a great time in my life. I also miss being so fit lol
  9. I left 9 years ago now. Say left, it never leaves you does it but I left the big green machine haha. Id seen and done enough, this new chapter of my life is great however, own business, married, wonderful daughters, classic cars, so no regrets
  10. I was reading the post Jo did on Retards Club about traffic to the forum being lower and in truth I have spent a long time on here but have not seen to many places I felt like I could jump in and ad anything to a topic so thought I would start one myself that is more about getting to know other members. I am a former soldier with the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment "The Vikings" served 7 years all over the world from N.Ireland to Afghanistan, was a L/CPL, served as a rifleman and then in D company reconnaissance, done everything from driving scimitar and sabres, wolfs, to ops and well, I wont go on to much.....yet lol. Any other ex or serving forces?
  11. Now have a Granada Ghia X Executive as well as the Capri. Going to use it for the long distance shows :-)

    1. theloudboy


      very nice I saw it on Retards Club


  12. Are you on Retards Club? If so ad me, Darren Groves. ProfiLe picture of me sitting in a pink shirt and cover pic is of my Capri. I can then point you in the direction of a few friends who have v8 their Capris, 1 with a chevy v8 but has done lots of conversions and 2 with rover v8s
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