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  1. Rally and restoration panels also list one. Not sure of quality though http://rallyandrestorationpanelsuk.com/product_info.php/ford-escort-mk1-square-headlamp-front-panel-p-624
  2. I have not tried Sierra ones but have used these and they were a great fit. http://www.escortrs.co.uk/hingepins.html
  3. Hello All I have purchased a new bonnet stay for my MK1, but the bonnet does not have any holes or brackets. So I was wondering if anyone had a picture of how the bonnet stay attaches to the bonnet, so I can drill as needed. The other question is about the fuel filler. I have no filler flange etc to go in the existing hole on my MK1, has anyone fitted an aero style filler that did not require too much modding to fit? Cheers
  4. Could any one help me with these two queries. Firstly I have fitted a rear brake disc conversion to my Mk1 pinto engined escort. It uses the Sierra calipers and Fiesta solid discs which are 239.5mm. I am looking to get either Hispec or Wilwood front brakes, would the 247mm fronts be big enough or should I go to 260mm? I have bias pedal box with 0.625mm front and 0.700mm rear. Second question is , can any one identify the electronic ignition fitted to the Bosch dizzy that came with my Pinto and can I use it or will I need a new dizzy?. Images below
  5. I have one, it will need recovering but seems to be ok otherwise. See pics below. £20 collection from Swindon
  6. As above freely available from most car accessory shops or see third item down on link below. http://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product/515/category/95
  7. Thanks just what I was looking for.
  8. The previous owner of my MK1 had started turreting the rear and I would like to finish it off. Does anyone know of any good guides for this and also just any sites with general information about this mod? Cheers Roland
  9. Just a short post to say hello to everyone, picked up my project car yesterday (pics below) just a basic rolling chassis (albeit with a 2.1 OHC and twin 40s in engine bay) but supplied with lots of bits and pieces. I have been looking for a solid shell as while I am a Mechanic by trade, I have never got the knack of body work. Just deciding where to start, fitting a handbrake will probably be a good place to start to stop it rolling away. This is my first OSF since I owned a Mk2 RS2000 in the mid 1990's. Currently working my way through the old posts in the Mk1/MK2 Escort section, I am up to page 16 and have learnt lots of useful things already. Cheers Roland
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